Thursday, February 20, 2014

To Suffer or Not to Suffer

For those of us seeking for peace and understanding of what we are doing on this planet, there are many paths to choose. It is difficult to comprehend that we are right where we are suppose to be as we see the chaos around us.  To understand the knowledge that we create our reality brings us to a whole new level of awareness.  As we learn that we planned this moment in time to bring us one step closer to where we started so long ago, we begin to view the people around us differently.  It is at first very difficult to accept that all the pain and anguish in our life is something we created in our mind.  As we begin to separate thoughts and identify what type they are when they enter our mind, we will be able to start taking control inside.  This level of awareness brings a world that turns our thoughts into reality, at times instantaneously.  Other times it may take longer than we would like but once things appear, we understand why there was a delay in their appearance to begin with.  As the connection to Something Greater grows with this awareness, we will find an inner strength that emerges through our entire being and projects out into our world.  Others will look into our eyes and either look away because they are unable to look into this light of knowledge that is calling them or they will soak it into their being as they make attempts to find it for their self.  With each person we encounter in our day, it is important to remind our self that we placed them into our path for our own awareness.  Even when we think we are helping someone else, we will find that we are really helping our self.  Knowing there is a world within our mind will bring fear of what this means to us.  The fear is not from Something Greater.  Because we are weak when fear is present, we are susceptible to energy sources that can enter in between our thoughts and emotions.  It is our responsibility to ensure that we know which energy sources we are allowing inside our thoughts.  We separated from the Source of All Creation because of our fear and have spiraled down into our current existence.  We keep coming back into human form in attempts to break through the fear based thoughts to reach the voice of love for a pure connection back to this Source of All Creation.  The goal is to return to this Source of All Creation. There are energy sources that have chosen to separate from this light with the destiny to never connect again.  They have made a conscious choice to take a different path full of anger, full of jealousy and full of hatred.  Their intentions are to invade our thoughts and cause confusion and fear.  They can only enter if we allow them inside.  They can enter even when we do not understand who they are.  They will only be able to control those who have forgotten who they are and why they are in human form.  As we become more aware of what is happening in our thoughts we have freewill to go down any path we choose with this knowledge.  Some of us choose to do nothing and fight within our mind as we do not take control because we do not believe there is anything else that lies inside of us.  This level of existence may take several more life times of the suffering that our planet has chosen for the path back to Some Greater.  Time is irrelevant in the unseen world.  The day will come when we will realize that we made this choice to suffer and do not have to take this path to connect with Something Greater.  Some of us have suffered long enough and now stand up for the connection to Something Greater through a different path.  Knowing that the Source of All Creation comes through the voice of love and knowing love is forgiveness, healing, strength, power and knowledge brings us to an understanding that we don’t have to suffer to find this connection.  Our planet recognizes pain and fear based thoughts first and have a strong connection to the energy source that goes along with such thoughts and emotions.  As we become more aware of the voice of love, we will realize that we do not have to be filled with suffering to find it.  There will come a day when we will wake up and question, “To suffer or not to suffer?”




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