Friday, February 14, 2014

The Puzzle

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

The puzzle of life is big and holds so many pieces that we do not know where to put them all for completion.  There may be sections that feel complete and then we find a piece of love in the wrong place.  There may be pieces that are all together and then they will need to be taken totally apart to put back together another way.  As we take each section of our life that is complete, we will one day look at the whole puzzle and find that we didn’t have any of it put together right.  Some of us will want to just keep it together any way, until the day when we realize that nothing fits no matter how we try.  Some of us will even try to take the pieces and make them fit until we see that the completion doesn’t make any sense at all. For those of us who find Something Greater, we don’t take any pieces to try and make them fit anywhere.  We are the ones who wait until the pieces come to us.  We are the ones who know the moment is all there is.  We do not need the puzzle to be complete because we are already complete inside.  We are the ones who accept the piece of anguish as a way to hold the answers that leads us to Something Greater.  We are the ones who take the piece of desperation and open it wide for all to see.  We will not need to put it anywhere as we wait for the answers as to where it is suppose to go. We are the ones who take the piece of pain and give it to Something Greater to hold for us. 

With each piece of the puzzle that fits to make the whole, the puzzle will just get bigger as we stand back further and further to get a better look.  There will come a day when we will be far enough away to see when looking at the puzzle  that we are only a section of a piece that leads to Something Greater that is the whole.  We will then be able to see that all the pieces of the puzzle are important and that each piece brings us one portion closer to Something Greater.  Then the day will come when our bodies will lose the ability to help us understand how the piece of Something Greater fits into our life.  We will question why we have pieces of sickness and even the piece called death.  Those of us who have given the piece of pain to Something Greater will take the piece of anguish that comes with questions of why we get sick to begin with and why we have to die and will find the answers in all that leads us to this moment in our mind.  The puzzle will become complete when we understand that Something Greater gave us all the pieces that brought us to this day.  That is when the sickness and the fear of death will leave us as we find the peace in knowing Something Greater lies beyond our bodies.  Then we will release our fears and face our sickness and even death with the piece of surrender as we accept that Something Greater knows what will be next.  So as we take each piece of the puzzle and go about our way, we must only carry what makes us whole today.

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