Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Voice of Love

We are all on different levels within our mind.  Depending upon the level of pain we allow inside of us determines how much fear we hold.  The more fear we have, the darker our reality becomes.  As we sit alone and listen we can hear the voice of fear and the voice of love telling us what to do.  As the fear prevails, it will seep into a sickness that will gradually cover our entire existence on the Earth.  Each of us planned the time period when we came to this planet.  Our ages, where we live and where we were born add up to the level of awareness we hold.  We have the potential to expand this level of consciousness at a great speed if we choose.  All the planets are aligning for the day when all will see what really lies inside.  There is a world right within our mind.  Some of us are beginning to feel different when we are talking to certain people.  Some of us will begin to hear the song that is just for us.  Then the day will come when we will feel like something is with us when we are alone at night.  That is the day when we will make the choice to learn more about what it is or push it aside to forget.  Because our planet is so unbalanced, the energies go back and forth with great power.  Some of us have killed because the voice of fear becomes so strong that there is no other thought that can enter.  We are at a time when we must go within our thoughts and figure out what all of it is about. The energies that speak to us have a life of their own.  It is up to us to only allow what we want from this unseen world.  Some of us have turned the fear into physical ailment with attempts to get rid of it.  We are the vessels for the spirit world.  They come through our thoughts and we have the freewill to allow them inside.  There are many spirits that can surround us at any given time.  The times we feel irritable and don’t know why may be the times an energy source is trying to enter into our space.  Some of us are beginning to understand how important our thoughts are and have found the voice of love that brings the spirits who want to help us.  This planet is watched by all the universe as we discover this world inside of us.

 There is lots of writing on different ways to bring certain spirits into our life.  We all will find our own way to the voice of love.  Some of us have lived many life times in attempts to awaken the part of us that remembers why we are here.  We planned the paths we will choose in attempts to bring all worlds together for this awakening.  The planning it took for the moment when we realize we are part of Something Greater is beyond our comprehension at this time.  Every moment of every day is one moment closer to this awakening.  Some of us have already reached a level where we see pieces of what the spirit world is about.  Some of us choose to take this knowledge and keep it for our self.  We have planned this time period because we are the chosen for this glorious occasion. We will all begin to remember as we notice the world speaking to us.  Did the dragonfly appear because we thought about it first? Then the thoughts will turn into signs that show up in our day.  These signs will tell us if we are on the right path to this awakening.  Those of us who feel there is no hope and do not want to live the way we are living will hear an echo in our mind that lets us know that we are not alone.  We will hear this voice of love speak to us inside.  The awareness is at its peak when we first wake up.  The voice that first enters our mind upon awakening will tell us who walks with us today.  With each time we look for love within our mind, little by little it changes parts of our day.  Once we see that what we think about comes into our life, we start to see that all the people who hurt us are just reflections of our self.  When we realize that there is a bigger picture that we don’t understand, we begin to search for more.  As we try to figure out how things appear in our life as we think them, a whole new awareness begins.  Listening to the voice of love brings us to a different view of what goes on inside our head.  Then as we figure out that it is this voice that guided us on this path we find that we changed our world from the inside out.


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