Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Answers

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

If we take the time to go within our mind, we will hear a voice that speaks.  It will first be soft with little thoughts along the way.  Then one day it will come as a sight.  It will first be in the night.  We will see how it sparkles within our mind and it will blink but not go away.  We will not know where it comes from but all will calm in our mind.  The thoughts and feelings of fear and pain will look towards this sound that is from within.  It will then go into the sound of the bird and the sound of the wind.  This sound brings a vibrational level that will pull us inside.  There will be days that everything we do will be a conscious effort as we question the coincidences.  Then a song will have a conversation with us and it will carry over into a person.  They will not know that they carry a message at all.  They will stand before us and tell what we long to hear.  Then the day will come when we will understand that all we see comes from within and we can make it whatever we want.  The darkness can come within our thoughts of fear and emerge into our life. There will be those who choose the thoughts of light as they seek for Something Greater that will bring the answers inside.  With each answer that we hear, our awareness will grow.  The flower will radiate on the bush, the rays of sun will shine between the clouds.  We will know that all lead us to this moment as we see the spirit behind the veil.  It will be like a web in our mind that will connect us to our world.  The sound of thunder will then be a message on our search for answers.  We will get the verification that our answers are from Something Greater in the place between our thought and feeling that will balance the two for calmness inside and will turn into certainty in our mind.  The more we pay attention to the voice, the stronger it will get.  The days we cannot hear it are the days to look for the messages in the world around us.  The voice may be in another person.  We will become aware that there is Something Greater at work.  We will look around in wonder as everything becomes that voice in our mind.  When the voice consumes us are the times that we think of nothing else.  The purpose we had before is gone.  We become a messenger for those who are seeking for Something Greater.  There will come a day that Something Greater will spread across the land and all will know the difference.


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