Monday, February 3, 2014

The Veil

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

The curtain between the spirit world and the physical world becomes thinner.  The spirit sees all.  The physical world only sees that which the spirit allows.  The veil will be lifted through your emotions and thoughts.  If you are filled with fear, only darkness will emerge.  With pure intentions through your desperation and humility, you will see glimpses of a language within your world that, at first, will be difficult to understand.  You will be given views that will seem as though they are just coincidences.  With each passing day, the symbolism behind the occurrences will come forth and make you question your sanity.  If you listen, you will hear the voice inside that verifies that what you see is from Something Greater.  From the creation of this world, these moments were spoken.  From our beginning, we accepted each mission with the knowing that each level of awareness would bring us one step closer to the unity of all worlds.  As we lift the veil and see behind the mask that was created for our growth, the truth shines through.  All is relevant.  Look to your world, for the messages that will be many and can be overwhelming.  No one will have your answers.  What you seek lies within you for your understanding only.  Your life is a life that only you can interpret, therefore, your messages are for you alone.  As Something Greater dwells in you and helps you clean out the crevices, all inside will glimmer in the light.  You will find that what use to look like a flower holds new meaning as you welcome Something Greater into the experience.  Each time you welcome Something Greater into your thoughts, your experiences will change.  As the spirit intertwines within your thoughts and emotions, you will understand that you are participating in something beyond your comprehension.  Your day will be full of mystery with even the rays of sunshine holding a piece of new found knowledge for you.  The old will blend with the new and the mixture will create a yearning for more.  Just like the prophets have written, so too shall your words come to pass.  Once spoken, all will accept the truth.  The spirit world opens the curtains.  Those who have accepted the knowledge from Something Greater will understand and remember it was supposed to occur this way.  Those who live in fear will only see the horrors of the spirit world that emerges.  This time has been anticipated since the beginning and with your free will, choice of which spirit emerges into your reality is yours alone. 

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