Sunday, March 30, 2014

Which Way To Go?

The world below and the world above have the middle ground where the pull to both of these worlds lie.
Those who know who live in the middle ground are learning which way to go.
Do you take the land above and find love?
Do you pick the land below and become the darkness that brings you sorrow?
Each day you wake up in the middle ground, you have a choice.
To take the love and grow towards a world that can bring you a voice?
To take the sorrow and find the suffering will wither you away.
To take the moment and know you are here, right where you belong can start your day.
The love is there in the air and wants you to grab on.  
Touch the wind and feel the source that blows against your skin.
The life you love becomes a game as you take the moment in the middle ground.
You decide which way to bend.
Do you dare to compare with a world that’s full of angels?
Do you know that the angels can bring you to your knees?
The making of your sun lies in this world from above.
The making of your anguish lies in the world from below.
The life you live is in your head.
Which way do you go?
Do you dare to find your place and move into the world above?
Do you sit within your misery and sink into the world below?
Take the moment and grab the air and pull in into your mind.
The day will come when you will find it was always there.
If you look into the sky, the gifts will be many.
If you sit in the corner of your mind, it will pass you by.
The time has come when you will know which way you want to go.
The thoughts are strong and the feelings are there as you long for the heaven on earth. 
Those who grab the faith in the wind will see the world above.
Those who sink into despair will find the world below.
The faith will float into your mind and lift you high to say “hello”.
The love will shine inside your mind as you grab for the world above.
Your travels in the middle ground will bring you at a path.
It leads you to  a crossroads as you look within your mind.
Some of you will not notice any other worlds at all.
Some of you will wonder but will not seek for the thoughts that call.
Some of you will grab it as it picks you up when you fall.
All will come to the day when you will know which way to go.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Making of the Moment

The day you remember the feelings behind the wind of winter or spring are the times you find that part of you that never changes.  The part that shines into the sun will bring you to a place inside that reminds you of who you always have been.  You will begin to play past events back in your mind and identify with what you felt inside.  The release of the pain for all your heartache will intertwine with the love you hold today.  The love will be found in the moment with each breath that you take.  As you heal from all this pain, a new beginning appears.  You will then realize that everything was building to bring you the gifts that were promised before you came here.  With each time you hold onto this knowledge, more gifts will appear.  Your faith in this process brings forth the thoughts and feelings that create your reality.  You will realize that you have freewill to allow any thoughts that enter your mind.  As you connect to the knowledge of a power that you find in a world you cannot see, it will begin to emerge in your reality.  The feather will appear when you pray for protection from the angels.  The symbols will come in your physical world through forms that will be surprising as you look for the meaning behind the squirrel that passes by.  You will find all events you see are reflections of a piece of yourself that shine for attention.  The rain will come when you feel the sadness for all you were inside.  Your interpretation of these events will vary from day to day.  You may find joy in seeing the sunrise one day and the next day it goes unnoticed. Each day brings you a part of awareness that emerges into your world.  You are in a time period that brings forth many levels of knowledge that want to come into your current state of consciousness.  This knowledge can be overwhelming as you try to cipher through what you can currently accept as real and what holds meaning for another day.  Your thoughts will make you question what the world around you means as you seek for understanding of who you are today.  As you seek for answers, the messages will be many.  All your life times have brought you to this current level of awareness and you will continue to take each event and combine them with the energy you hold today.  It is like the static in your hair as you see the hair rising from the unseen energy around you.  The spirit world is like the static that you do not see until you view the effects that it has on the rising of your hair.  Those of you who seek will find this world within the way you interpret the events that present them self to you within each moment that you see.  The spirit world lies in the moment behind the making of the moon.  The day you realize the magnitude of this task, you will know just how special the moment really is.  The planning that was done is like the crew behind the making of a movie.  You know what you really are inside.  You have a purpose that needs to be shown and your material things complicate the travels on your path to Something Greater.  You come here to be a part of the beauty that was created just for you and you are trying to bring your awareness of this Greatness into the physical dimension.  Something Greater planned this long ago.  As the director in a movie visualizes the plot in the scenes, so does Something Greater.  The day will present you with many ways to bring you to this awareness.  Your conscious state of existence is based upon what you want to bring out for yourself in the day.  You can take this awareness and do nothing as you sit within the corner of your mind.  The day you look towards the sky and know this all is for you will pull you out of the corner and make you want to know more.  A day will come when the veil will be lifted and you will see how together, the universe orchestrated the making of this moment.  Time becomes irrelevant as you look behind the veil yet see how the summer turns into the fall.  How the old makes room for the new.  There will come a time when this will not be needed and the flower will stay in bloom.  As you become more aware of this knowledge, the making of the moment is seen from a different place in your mind.  You will see the spirit world that brings the rays of the sunshine.  It will start as a feeling and turn into a thought and the window of desperation will open to this world.  The moment will become a connection as you take the knowledge of who you are and blend it with the air.  You will one day grasp the understanding that the path to Something Greater is found in your conscious level of existence that you connect to in an unseen world.



Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Shield of Love

There will be times in our life when we will see changes and experience the emotions of anguish and pain because of the losses that come with these changes. On our search for the God of our understanding, we will be surprised to find that it was all necessary to bring us to today. All the energy is building into who you are becoming on your path towards the God of your understanding.  You may say that you do not need this power until the day you experience such anguish and pain that you have nothing else.  In desperation is where Something Greater lies.  The problems arise for some of you when you become comfortable with your thoughts.  You are here to work through the pocket of emotions that are preventing you from finding out who you really are.  All this pain and suffering is necessary for you to remember who you have always been and will always be.  Even after the emotions of anguish and desperation subside, your energy level changes.  You are now different inside and it will take each experience thereafter to bring this energy into your conscious state of existence.  With good intensions as you seek for love, the pain of yesterday turns into strength and courage for today.  There will come a day when you will understand how all this pain brought you to a level within your mind that you no longer need to suffer with your thoughts.  Events will continue to occur around you and you will see them from a different place within your mind.  You will reach a level of thoughts and emotions where only love lies and the healing will begin.  The move you experience love, the more you will chose love regardless of what is placed before you.  Even when others project negativity back to you, the shield of love will shine a light to change their level of emotions during time with you.  They may not even realize that they are receiving your thoughts of love.  The universal law that love heals will touch a part of them that will make them respond differently to you or turn away in anger as they experience discomfort because of the love you are trying to give them.  Either choice they make will be for their awakening or their spiral down into the darkness of loneliness within their own mind. The shield of love prevents their dark thoughts from entering into your space.  You will feel this power and how strong this shield is as you take each experience and consciously bring it out into the space in front of you.  The more aware you become of this ability, the more you will see how the world around you changes.  The once gloomy day turns into the beauty of the rainbow that shines out during the mixture of the rain and the sun within your mind.  This shield will bring the promises of love in return.  Even in the times that those we love intentionally say or do things to hurt us, the promises that come with the shield of love will project back to them and they will know that something is preventing you from being effected by their words or actions.  Each time you respond to others who project anger, hatred or vengeful behaviors or words towards you with the shield of love, they will have no choice but to lessen these type of responses towards you.  If your time with them results in abusive behavior, you must immediately remove yourself from the situation until you are physically safe.  If your time with them results in verbally abusive behavior, you must remove yourself from the situation until you are capable of setting healthy boundaries for yourself so you can continue on your path towards the God of your understanding.  Some of you have lost your way and have become angry and full of hatred.  The shield of love will remind you that you are lost and when it touches you, you will have to make a choice to fight against it or to surrender to it and recognize that Something Greater is at work as a calling inside will awaken you to who you really are.  Some of you are so full of fear that you will only hear the thoughts that make you think you cannot surrender to this feeling of love.  With anger and hatred, the shield of love will reflect an illusion of what is really occurring as these emotions cause confusion when mixed with love.  A battle within your mind will occur when this shield is up against such emotions as you are forced to identify with what you are thinking and feeling at that moment.  You are in a time period when you are experiencing many emotions all together as you work through life times of negative energy so you can build your conscious level of existence to remember who you are and will always be.  The shield of love can only be used to bring the light of truth into the experience as you seek for protection from dark thoughts that others may attempt to hurt you with.  Their darkness will shine into the light of this shield and the truth of their intentions will be seen.  Each time you use the shield of love, more truth will reflect into the relationships you hold until the day you are given the knowledge of who they really are to you.  Even in the relationships that may end badly, you will see how they gave you pieces of who you are today.  You may realize that the love you once held for them has turned into a sadness for who they really are as the shield shines the truth upon them.  The sadness will for yourself as you realize you no longer live with the illusion of who you once were in this relationship and you are no longer that person.  There will come a day when you will take this sadness and turn it into the strength and courage of who you are today for the relationships that are now in your life.  A time will come when you will take the shield of love to shine into all your experiences and will only receive love in return.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If You So Choose

It doesn’t matter what you look like or what your physical ailments are.  What matters are the thoughts that either shine your beauty or the thoughts that make you physically sick.  If you stop right where you are at this moment and listen to what is going on inside your head, you will find a world that brings you the reality of who you are.  Are you afraid? Are you angry? Are you capable of connecting, with a feeling at all?  Once you can identify with who you are inside, you can take any experience and turn it into a celebration within your mind.  Even if you are sick and think you are dying, you will find that you can take this moment and make it something new.  You can find one thing to be grateful for that can bring forth a loving feeling if you so choose.  No matter how much pain you hold, the universal law that love can heal will occur.  Even when you feel as though you just want to die, love will take these feelings and repair your wounds.  You know love heals, yet you sit in your thoughts of fear.  You say that you have no choices and find reasons to keep the fear that prevents you from healing.  The love is not for anyone else but you.  You are in a time period where you can heal yourself from the inside out if you so choose.  You can question this ability and you can block the opportunity to allow the knowledge that love will bring.  Take your fears and turn them into hope and faith of what love can bring you.  This is all about you and no one else.  It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you or how anyone feels about you.  It only matters what you feel and think of yourself.  As you learn how to find the love inside you, everyone else will want it too.  Take the fear that stops you from loving and know that no one can touch that part of you as the universal laws bring protection that trails behind the feeling of love.  You will find that all kinds of feelings trail after love just as all kinds of feelings trail after fear.  Each emotion will bring you thoughts that will bring forth your reality.  As you look out towards the crossroads within your mind, the awareness of what the emotion of love and the emotion of fear bring helps you make your choice of which path to choose.  Look towards the trail behind love and then look towards the trail of fear.  One path is full of light and the other is full of darkness.  You will notice that the further you go into the path of fear, the darker the path becomes.  You will notice that the further you go into the path of love, the brighter the path becomes.  As you learn that your awareness is constant, even when you no longer have this body, the path you want to travel changes in your mind.  As you begin to seek for understanding, you will find that each time you take a step onto the path of love or fear, your perspective of what is in front of your eyes will change.  You will walk through love and see the miracle of the rain that gives the trees nourishment. You will walk through fear and see the illusion of what the storms represent within your mind.  This is all about you and no one else.  What you see is what you think.  What you think is what you feel.  Love the moment if you so choose or run away in fear.  Take the time to see the beauty right within your mind.  Change the colors that you see throughout your day.  Open your eyes to a different view and you will find a love inside that has a trail of promises that will be seen all around you.  Even on the path of fear, love will shine inside and as you look through the darkness, the light of love will call to you.  Take the moment and see the light that shines back to you through the world around if you so choose.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Right Where You Are

You are right where you are suppose to be in this moment.  Even reading this makes you stop and notice yourself.  Look at your feet, your hands and your chest.  This moment is all you have and all that stuff in your head complicates what you are doing in that body.  Reach out to the space in front of you and notice the things around you.  Do you see a flower that is dying or a flower in full bloom?  You have the ability to take this moment and make it anything you choose.  The day begins inside your thoughts that are guided by your emotions.  Stop the thought and feel the emotion that is behind it.  If you cannot identify the feeling, breathe in and out until you feel the connection.  Allow the peace inside to merge into the thought.  Even in a difficult experience, you have control of what feelings and what thoughts you hold.  That is who you are and nothing more.  You can become the King of your thoughts with the proper feelings.  In between the two lies a force that brings you love or fear.  The balance is needed to remind you of who you are inside.  The spirit of love will bring you one type of feeling and thought while the spirit of fear will bring you another.  You will go back and forth with thoughts and feelings trying to decide who you are and you will find that you are right where you are and nothing more.  Look to the sky and see the clouds that will move for you if you feel the movement as they float by.  See the glow of the leaves on the trees and know they are for you to admire.  Hear the birds sing just for you.  Take this knowledge and go forth into the part of you that seeks for love and know that you are right where you are and nothing more.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Introduction: The Spirit Behind Thoughts and Emotions

Right between our thoughts and emotions lies an entry way into a world that we cannot see but can hear in our mind.  This book explains how this unseen world crawls into our thoughts and emotions and helps create our reality.  The author teaches us how to believe in a world that cannot be seen.  The pages can be used as a reference guide to show how emotions can be turned into a connection with a power that lies inside to bring you a new world, full of wonder and excitement.  There are entries that show how to take negative thinking and turn them into a pathway towards a God of your understanding.  The author brings her own personal experiences into the book as examples of how the information can be used for understanding as we take a look into the spirit world.  It is written from three different perspectives with “I”, “You” and “We” being interchangeable throughout the book. The information that is written from the perspective of Something Greater is a gift to savior on our path towards finding the purpose inside. Emotions and thoughts are broken down to explain how the spirit world enters our experiences and short stories are followed to demonstrate how everything combines together to give us freedom as we learn how to take control of our thoughts.  We learn how the spirit world works inside the mind and how to view what we think and feel from a whole new perception. We are shown how knowledge is gained for wisdom and how the world around us speaks to us as messages.  This book answers questions about the spirit world that have been rejected throughout history and brings forth many more questions about what the spirit really is to us.  The magic of the rising of the sun and the beauty of the storms that surround us can be found within the pages and we are shown how we do not have to suffer with our thoughts any longer.  The author takes us out of our problems and places us on a pedelstal so we can take a different view of what is happening in our world.  The magnificence of who we are and why we are here is explained.  Even on the days that we do not like our self, we will find something in this book that will inspire us to crawl upon the pedalstel and see the beautiful world within the mind.  We are shown how to find a love within that no one can touch and everyone will want.  The information in this book will spread like a fire through the forest as we “wake up” to who we really are in this time period and we will understand how we are protected by an unseen force that covers the sky.  We learn how to join a level of consciousness in the mind to find happiness, the fire of joy and freedom to take control of our thoughts and feelings on the path towards a God of our understanding.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Rippling Effect

The magnificence of our ever evolving creation is beyond our comprehension as we predict the way our planet will evolve.  We can see where our conscious state of existence will take us.  We can look back through history to see how we have changed since the first documented accounts of our creation.  As we look at where we have come from throughout history, we can see where we have been on a global scale as well as in the masses.  As we take a magnified glass and look directly at our self as an individual, we can see a whole other world.  The direct space that is around us projects out into our immediate surroundings.  We have the power to project anything we want into that space.  We can turn the beauty of a flower into the flaws of perfection.  We have the ability to make things and people respond to us depending upon how we project our self out to them.  As we try to maintain in the world around us and balance what we feel and think at the same time, we will be projecting this energy into the immediate space around us.  If we are feeling good about our self and our thoughts are positive, this will radiate from our being and out into the space around us.  Others will say they can “feel” our sadness, our joy, our happiness or our anger.  This energy determines what others will give back to us as they are pulled into our feelings and thoughts.  If we refuse to allow anything to be seen by others that will immediately let them know not to pursue any interaction with us at all.  If we are feeling sad but do not want to tell others how we feel and we say that we are “fine” the illusion of what we are really projecting out to others occurs.  As we become more aware of how the world responds to us, we will seek for ways to improve the interaction we have with the world around us.  This change in our awareness brings forth changes like the rippling effect when a rock is thrown into the middle of a lake.  The more aware we become of this ability, the more responsible we are to the effects we create.  There will come a day when we will identify ways to cause rippling effects in the world around us to improve not only our space but, also, the space that surrounds us.  It will be like cleaning a window as we start with the dirtiest spot first and as we clean, we will see the most magnificent view after all is cleared away.  We will be surprised to find out that the view was always there and we just had to clean our mind to find it.  It will be like seeing a bird nest in the tree that you look at every day and discover that it has been there way before you noticed it. We are ever evolving and we will begin to notice the world within our thoughts as we seek to learn more.  The more we ask for, the more knowledge we will receive.  Each time the sun rises, it is symbolic of a new day that rises in our thoughts.  We can either soak up as much of the love that we can find or we can look for the clouds in the sky that will block this ability and turn away in fear of the unknown.  Do we listen to a world full of hate or do we focus on the space that we can immediately have an effect on?  We start with a feeling that creates a thought.  We stop in between to decide which feeling we will carry forward to create the thought.  With each time we hold on to the feeling of love or the feeling of fear, we bring more of this energy into our essence and ultimately into the space around us.  As we evolve with the energy we choose to bring forth into our immediate space, we are creating the rippling effect that determines our heaven or our hell in our mind.


Sunday, March 9, 2014


As our awareness grows, we will begin to identify the relevance of everything around us.  As we pull things and people into our life through our thoughts, we will become empowered by the verification of what we think and feel that emerges into our life.  We will not forget the times when we could not have one positive thought as we remember where we came from for the gratitude of who we are today as a result.  We will keep the memories of who we were so we can share who we have become because of our past.  We will become empowered by our new found knowledge that we can create our world inside our thoughts and we will feel as though we will burst to share it with others.  As we go back and forth in our mind and see the impact of negative thoughts verses positive thoughts, we will seek only love in attempts to keep the wonderful flow inside of us.  There may be times when we react to situations around us in a negative way and the effects within our world will be surprising as we strive to correct the negative thinking.  With each time we replace the negative thoughts with loving thoughts, the outcome will become more positive.  When we gain control of what thoughts we allow inside our mind, we become empowered to create our world right before our eyes.  The feel of love will burst from inside and the world around us will have to abide by the universal laws that Something Greater created to ensure that love is carried out as we think it into our world.  As we verbalize our needs and ask with loving intentions, it will be created in our reality.  Even those we love will be affected by our thoughts and they will not realize it.  We will begin to notice that the people we think about will be pulled into our world in ways that we will find difficult to articulate.  We will begin to see the symbolism of people in the world around us.  Even in the times that we are thinking about them through objects, experiences or words they will emerge into our reality.  Why did they call right when we thought about them?  The more we notice these occurrences, the more verification we will have that our thoughts are creating the world around us.  We will learn that there are no coincidences.  We will realize that we are creating our world with every thought that we hold in our mind. 

There will come a day when we will be able to hold only love and will not react to negative situations as we take our love and turn the experiences into a positive outcome.  We will begin to realize that we hold the power inside of us and we make our heaven in our world by taking all the negativity around us and turning it into something full of love.  Even in the situations that may show our vulnerability, we will realize that we are opening our self up for love so we can grow on our path to Something Greater.  There will come a day when we will identify love in all situations as we seek for the God of our understanding, regardless of other’s interpretations.  We will surrender to all that this feeling represents to us and we will realize that no one can make us feel or think anything that we do not allow inside of our mind.  The clarity will come as we only listen to the voice of love and we will know that each moment is made to carry this love out to our world.  The empowerment comes with the knowledge that Something Greater dwells inside and it is our responsibility to bring this power forth to others.  Some of us will demonstrate this power through action to help others, some of us will demonstrate this power through words to inspire others and all of us will seek every day for which path Something Greater wants us to travel on our quest to share all we hold inside that is a gift.  We will be instructed to give this gift to those who will accept and hold it for their own.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Vengeance of Love

The vengeance of love can be two-fold.  How can we love yet correct the action of those we love that are harmful to their self?  The attempts to correct harmful behaviors is reflected in our legal system and our law enforcement.  Even when we try to reach out in a loving way to help someone, they may deny that they even have a problem.  Many of us are in denial that there are problems.  As we continue down the path of denial, the consequences become harsher and harsher as the messages in the world around us try to tell us that we are on the wrong path.  With each time we continue to make the wrong choices, the pathway traveled becomes more difficult.  If we look at this on a different level, we can see it happening within groups of people.  We can even stand back further and look at it on a global scale.  There are different levels of problems and different levels of correction that occur to guide us towards the pathway of Something Greater.  Some of us may not need any reminders that we are making the wrong choices.  We are the ones who listen to the voice inside of us that guides us on the proper path. We all have a purpose that must be fulfilled and for those of us who are not listening to the voice that guides us on this path towards Something Greater, we will have many episodes that will let us know  which way to travel towards our purpose and ultimately towards Something Greater.  We cannot escape the path we will travel.  We may go off course in periods of our life, but we will eventually find the path towards love as long as we seek. When we hold love and want to protect those around us, even when they do not want our help, we can find ways to protect our love and protect others in the process.  Just as we protect our self and those we love, Something Greater does the same for us.  Even in the times that we think there is no reason for heartache, those who believe in Something Greater will keep the faith that as long as we only move forward seeking for the promises that Something Greater offers us, we will find that thoughts and feelings will follow.  As Something Greater protects us from any harm, we will believe that when things and people are taken from us in life that there is a greater purpose.  We may not understand why some things have happened or are happening to us or around us today, but there will come a day when we will know that everything was done for our growth.  Something Greater will come with a vengeance to those who try to change our path that is already planned out.  It will be like the storm that covers the sky to ensure that our creator’s plan will be followed out.  There may be times that we will feel as though the rain will never stop and we do not understand why we are experiencing difficult times and then we will wake up one morning to find the most beautiful flowers that have bloomed in our mind as a result of all the rain.  Something Greater will protect the vessels used for creation and that carries over into all areas of our life and ultimately in our world.  As the separation continues between what is “bad” and what is “good” and as the battle rages on in our mind, we will see the separation reflect in our groups and ultimately in our masses.   As more of us “wake up” to this reality, we will merge into our groups for either degrees of love for each other or degrees of fear for each other.  Each of these emotions are playing out in our reality.  As we create our reality, Something Greater already planned the outcome.  As we connect with the energy source we choose to allow inside of our mind and as awareness grows, the two powers emerge into our reality.  Something Greater created this time before we came here.  This beast that is talked about all throughout history that will emerge as great power will reflect our thoughts.  As groups gather for their choice of their reality each of us will go inside our mind to feel the connection with our creator.  The vengeance of love will come forth as the promises emerge into our world.  We do not comprehend what this power that created us is doing in our life and we will seek the faith that all was and is for our awakening to what we are inside.  As more of us find our heaven on Earth, we will reach out to others to show them how to find it for their self.  Some of us are filled with so much fear that we have shadowed our mind and created an illusion of what we see in our world.  Dark forces are hard at work to keep us from love that is waiting inside to show us what is talked about all throughout history.  Knowing that knowledge from the source of love or the source of fear brings us to the cross roads of our reality, the vengeance of love planned for this time since our beginning.  The word was spoken and will be so.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


When our thoughts say one thing and our emotions another, we have choices.  We will remind our self that the spirit world, which is currently in their own battle, lies in the entry way of our mind between our thoughts and emotions as we seek for answers.  If we are not actively seeking for the connection to our creator, we are susceptible to many energy sources within our mind and within the world around us.  As we become more aware of our surroundings and how thoughts project out into our world, we will become conscious on a level that will generate at higher speeds.  It will feel like an intense merging within the mind. Things and people will seem to appear out of thin air.  There will be explanations for the occurrences but we will question how we thought of it first.  The more positive the thoughts, we will find more positive experiences.  As we seek for the connection to love, we will release all fear.  Putting total trust and faith in this process brings rewards that we cannot even put into our mind that will occur.  Our life will begin to change right before our eyes.  Everything will hold new meaning as we look into what our emotions say in comparison to our thoughts.  Sometimes the emotion will be more positive than the thought and vice versa.  As we “wake up” to this knowledge, we will begin to seek the most positive outcome based upon either going with the more positive emotion verses the negative thought or vice versa.  The higher we pulsate, the stronger connections we will have with the world around us.  Similar energy attracts and we will pull things and people into our world based upon what we think and feel.  No one will escape this type of experience as it is the natural process we all must go through to decide if we want to connect with a God of our understanding.  Time is irrelevant during this growth period and it is a universal law that was put into place prior to our arrival.  We will eventually hold only love or fear as we continue to make the choices and gain the energy from these sources which will ultimately provide us with the knowledge to create our reality.  We are aware yet not aware as we feel as though it is a dream state within our mind.  We want to know yet we don’t want to consciously think about it because that will be the day our veil may be lifted.  What does it mean and what do we do with this knowledge?  The feeling of love will not allow us to hold it for our self and the feeling of fear will not allow us to explore this unseen world.  Some of us are at a stale-mate within our mind and have the blind folds on, while others look out into the possibilities of these choices.  As we seek for the God of our understanding, we will push the fear out of the way and give it to this Source of All Creation as we allow Something Greater to use us as a tool for a plan that we cannot comprehend.  We will have to empty our mind of thought and emotion as we give all we hold inside to our creator that will replace all our fears with love as this was planned from the very beginning.  We are like the holes in a colander and as the spirit of all creation flows through us to continue on this path of creation, we each hold our own purpose.  We can choose to ignore this purpose until the day we realize Something Greater is talking to us in our world and we have these choices to make.  With each choice we make in our life, we get closer to this knowledge as we seek for understanding or we turn it away in fear of what this knowledge will mean to us if we allow the thoughts to emerge in our mind.  We will all hear the thoughts for these choices and they will carry out into our reality.  These choices bring forth the separation within our mind and ultimately into our world.  As we go forth in our current pocket of time, we will either deny the existence of our creator and bring it forth into the masses or we will surrender to the knowledge that we are on a pathway that has already been laid out for us before we became consciously aware of what this means to us.  As we play out the choices within our mind, we subconsciously play them out in our world.  As more of us become conscious of this knowledge and make our choice, the masses prepare for the battle to come in our reality.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Day of Our Revelation

As we set boundaries with the type of energy we hold within our self to get the most positive mixture on our journey to finding a God of our understanding, we will begin to see the changes right before our eyes.  We will have periods where we will fall back into a blend within our mind that will bring us negative results.  As we learn the difference, we will have to remind our self of what the past effects were as a result of the negative thoughts.  Each time we catch our self thinking negatively, we will have to consciously remind our self that we are in the mind of Something Greater and that we are right where we are suppose to be at all times.  The more we become aware of the world around us will be a glorious time on our search for Something Greater.  We will begin to tap into a different view of what is happening in our life. As we focus on the positive verses the negative thoughts, we will bring those qualities out into our mind.  It will be like changing the colors of the curtains on a window.  We will realize that we do not have to suffer with our thoughts any longer.  We will then have a choice to push through the fear of the unknown and bring it forth to take each moment and savior the piece of love that we will find inside.  Even when parts are presented in a negative way that projects back to us, we will begin to understand that this is really an experience for our self.  The parts of our world that directly affects us, ultimately, is all about us. Even though we are all affecting our planet as a whole, the parts that we can directly impact are what we have control over and need to focus on.  For those of us that are in a position to make global changes, we have been given an opportunity to influence many lives at one time with our knowledge for a greater purpose and when we do not use this knowledge appropriately, the negative energy trickles down into the thoughts of the masses.  As we begin to realize that our actions impact the very thoughts of another and what that means to us, the choices within our mind occurs and the separation begins. There is coming a time when this separation will become more noticeable in the masses.  We now represent our self as either a “good” country or a “bad” country.  This separation will become the “good” or the “bad” with only that boundary within the masses.  When this occurs, the promises that Something Greater echoes throughout history will occur. The beginning of the end is occurring.  As the separation transpires in each of our minds, we ultimately turn into that energy on a physical level. We are physically reflecting this separation and do not realize it.  With each time we choose the “good” or the “bad” thoughts, we turn into that energy source with the knowledge being withheld from the masses until the day of revelation for us all.  If we look at the universal laws that must be carried out in correlation with our conscious awareness and ultimately our freewill, we will begin to understand the difference between the “good” thoughts and the “bad” thoughts and the impact that these thoughts have on our self and ultimately on our world.  As we become more aware of our thoughts and as many are starting to “wake up”, more of us will be bringing this unseen world into our being.  We are at a crossroads with the very essence of what we are made of.  Many of us are becoming aware that our thoughts hold power.  As we tap into this power, it is a turning point in the world as we realize that we have choices.  When that awareness occurs on a global scale, there will become a struggle with the negative thoughts verses the positive thoughts as everything goes off balance with this new found freedom within our mind.  Do we choose to help others or do we keep this power just for our self?  Do we turn our heartache into love or do we hold the anger of why me?  Reaching out to others brings forth a chain reaction with others in their own lives.  If we hold this power and do not share our knowledge, it turns into something it was not intended to be.  As the mixture sits in our mind, it allows distorted views as to what affect we have on others.  The more we separate from the feeling of love for another, the darker our reality becomes.

 It is taking a great effort for some of us to maintain a positive flow of love as we experience the unbalance on our planet.  As our planet responds through the air and through our weather, we will have to create a balance within our mind.  Groups are beginning to struggle with what is right and what is wrong in how we are being treated. There will come a day when there will only be two groups after everyone has the knowledge that our thoughts create our reality and that we are connected to Something Greater.  We are making the conscious choice to either connect to this Greatness that is all about love or we are going into the emotions of hate, jealousy and anger to connect to the forces that bring us destruction.  We are experiencing it on a global level and it is waking up the masses that seek for love.  The power of love will bring forth a vengeance for the protection of all that hold it within their being.  It is a turning point within the pocket of our time as we know it.  The revelation has begun. There will be a war like no other.  This started out as battle within our self and it will turn into our reality.  The promises that have been documented throughout history are preparing us for the upcoming events.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

We Are In The Mind Of Something Greater

As we learn how to consciously connect with levels of knowledge on our search for a God of our understanding, we will find that many levels can emerge into our thoughts.  It is important to become aware of what our intensions are as we seek for understanding of what this means to us.  As we begin to feel the life force that burns inside of us, there will come a day when we will seek for that connection as often as possible.  The more we seek for it, the more knowledge we will obtain.  There will come a day when we will understand that as we seek for the God of our understanding, we will discover that we are inside this magnificence.  When we view our world from this perspective, we begin to see the connection that expands into the air.  We are inside Something Greater.  We are constantly growing into a conscious awareness of this knowledge.  As we become aware of this information, it brings us to a whole new level.  We will see that this knowledge changes how we view the world around us.  When we realize that the conscious level we are connecting to is aware of our thoughts and can influence what we think, this brings many possibilities. Some of us become insane when we hear the voices and separate from the reality of what they really mean to us.  Mental illness emerges as we try to distinguish between what we interpret as real within our level of knowledge. As we become aware of this unseen world, we will begin to make choices as to what we want inside of our mind.  We are like a drop of water in the ocean as we connect with our conscious level of existence. We will then ask our self what do we want to fill our thoughts with as we discover that we can tap into levels within levels of knowledge.  We will have to continuously remind our self that these levels of higher consciousness know what we are thinking.  Such a level of awareness will bring us choices as we decide if we want to acknowledge that there is such an existence.  Do we really want to entertain this idea and what does that mean? We will open our self up to a level that is full of turmoil if we do not understand what we are looking for.  Dark entities emerge into our thoughts through several doorways that we allow as we open our self up through desires of material things or through the desires to make others think or do things that we think they should do or think.  These are just a couple of ways these entities can enter our thoughts, there are many.  There will be times we will feel as though we have no control over what we are thinking as the thoughts just appear.  As we gain the understanding that we are like a strand in a web and it is up to us to maintain this pathway into the center, we will begin to take control of our thoughts.  To know that we are in the mind of Something Greater gives us the motivation to grow into this knowledge as we seek for the center of this connection.  As we become aware of this knowledge, we will begin to question where we fit into this magnificence and which strand we want to maintain on our pathway to the center.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Connection

With each event that occurs in our life there becomes groups of thoughts that tie into a specific emotion to interpret the experiences.  We have the ability to block specific groups of thoughts depending upon how much energy we put into that group of thoughts.  Subconsciously, some of us have become stuck in a certain level of thinking as a result.  When we become aware that we are stuck and surrender to just what that means, we open a doorway that brings forth one of two types of emotions.  We will either experience a degree of love or a degree of fear.  As we go through this process, some of us believe that because we can connect to a God with no sense of time, we have to grow into a conscious awareness of experiences as a result of our emotions. These emotions create our thoughts which ultimately becomes our reality.  With each group of thoughts that have the most energy in our mind that is the energy that projects outward to our world and ultimately to the universe.  If we view our existence from the inside out, we will see how we ultimately start with the emotions that intertwine with the thoughts.  As we grow within our mind, we connect with the world around us.  It is like the fire that spreads though the forest.  Technically speaking, we can take our thoughts and merge them with a level of consciousness that already exists. The day of this awareness brings us to a level of knowledge where the possibilities are endless as we connect with the Source of All Creation. We have to be consciously aware that we can connect with the God of our understanding.  When we realize that our thoughts and emotions can connect with this power is when the magic appears.  As we progress, it will feel as though our world is surreal because we will then identify with what we think and feel inside.  The fear of the unknown prevents some of us from exploring any further into this unseen world.  Some of us then spiral down into the fear based thoughts and that is where the complications arise.  For those of us who take these fear based thoughts and remind our self that the God of our understanding is trying to create through us, we then give this fear to the Source of All Creation.  Just the fact that you are reading this message means you are seeking for this knowledge.  The more we seek, the more the laws of the universe respond to us.  This level of awareness can be overwhelming as we find the meaning in everything around us.  It will take great effort to piece together this change of our thoughts and emotions as a result.  Some of us go back and forth in our mind as we attempt to release the demons that may have carried over from many life times.  At this stage, we will realize that it is almost like a “curse” as we try to release our self from such negative energy.  As the world around us gives us messages of where we are within our level of awareness, we must remind our self that we are right where we are suppose to be at every moment through this process.  If we find parts of our day that reflect issues or problems like a car accident or physical ailments, we must take note that there is a part within our self that needs attention.  We will begin to understand that the physical world is just a product of what our thoughts and emotions have produced.  As we work with this level of understanding and become more confident in our abilities to distinguish the difference between what is in our physical world in comparison to what is in our thoughts and emotions, we reach a crossroads within our mind.  We will begin to have many questions about what we see, what we hear, what we smell and what we feel in the world around us.  We will become like a baby who sees and touches the water in the ocean for the first time.  We will become aware of a level of existence that changes our conscious awareness forever more.  Some of us view this process like the seed that grows into a tree.  The Source of All Creation will be like the water to nourish us as we grow. Time will be irrelevant as this Source of All Creation allows us to develop into a conscious level of existence.  Some of us will not choose to connect with this source and will deny the existence.  There will come a day when we will all recognize our creator as we cannot stop our awareness from growing.  It is a universal law that energy cannot be destroyed as it just changes form and we will do the same.  As we choose the level of consciousness we want to connect with, the separation begins.  It is like the water that comes from the lakes and branches out into the streams.  We will choose to connect to this Sources of All Creation or we will choose to gradually connect with the level of existence that separates us until we turn into the stream that leads to nowhere.