Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Holy Spirit Prepares for the Days of Darkness

As the energies vibrate at higher frequencies, it will become difficult for those that are on lower signals to keep up. They will begin to be confused with what they hear and see. Those who do not have a belief in the unseen realms will have the greatest struggle. They will become angered easier and act in aggressive ways. Violence will be their solution. Those who reach for the light, love and healing are responsible to guide those in the darkness if they choose to learn a new way to view their realities. The separation of these groups is becoming more defined as the lower vibrations began to self-destruct.

Those who hold discernment with the help from the Holy Spirit will experience a period of pause as the changes occur within the heart and mind. There is no set time for this pause as the energy builds inside each unique form. Subtle changes occur as the Holy Spirit fills those who seek with a new life. As the light blends within the body and mind, each will wake to find that what used to be is no longer acceptable. You will begin to see a world filled with darkness that needs the Holy Spirit’s light. Compassion for those living in the darkness occurs in this stage and you will feel lost in what service you can provide to this world that appears comfortable living in the darkness.

As you look out into a world that is filled with chaos, you will feel like a tree standing strong in the middle of the storms. You will feel like you are being beaten into submission as the storms try to raise doubt and despair in your quest to shine the Holy Spirit into all the darkness. The principles will abide by your honesty, your hope, your faith and your courage. The universe will respond to your intentions that guide your actions. Those in this darkness will become violent in their actions as the homicides and suicides rise rapidly. More are hearing and seeing those from other realms as all timelines blend into NOW. Confusion rises even in religions as nothing fits into a specific belief system.

As all truths shine out because the Holy Spirit walks through the earth, no thought will hide. At first, it will be like a small beam of truth and then the flood gates of this light will shine into the masses as one big stream. All will lose sight for a period when this occurs, and it may seem like the end during this transition. It will awaken even those that seem like the dead. As all blends into ONE, the Holy Spirit will gather those who are filled with this light to rise into the New World that is above this current frequency your consciousness lives within. All will awaken to who they really are as they unmask the soul for all to view.

The outside will then reflect the inside and the body will form into the beauty or the horror of what the soul, the heart and the mind have created. The days of darkness are coming to this planet as the inside mixes to separate for the birth of the New World. Those who live in the darkness and do not want to reach for the light will stay within this frequency. Those who reach for the light will rise into the higher realms which will be formed out of their beliefs in these realms. The rays of light that each live within will determine as a collective which New World their consciousness will be guided towards to further creation. Those receiving knowledge from the Holy Spirit will be inspired to turn the darkness into the light of love. The Creator of All has placed this power into each heart and mind for these capabilities. This gateway was opened by the Creator through the sacrifice of the son. The Holy Spirit walks through the planet to prepare all for the days of darkness that are near.