Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Higher Order Speaks


As the energies are becoming more defined on your planet, you will become aware of how the thoughts form into your view quite rapidly if you have not already experienced this shift. When thinking of someone, they will be seen or will reach out to you soon after the thought of them. There will be a noticeable difference within the sounds and colors as you become tuned to this vibration of knowledge. The possibilities will become endless as you realize you can form these strands of energy into physical matter.

At first it will bring a fluid feel to the knowledge like the waves in the ocean. You will think you understand and then that wave of knowledge will fade away. Each time it comes and goes, it will become stronger during the next encounter. You will then become aware that the emotions and the principles can be put into this knowing as well.  

You will realize that even the healing power of Archangel Raphael can be formed into an actual object or place. Crystals or a specific room in your home can also hold this healing energy. As you expand this knowledge, you will begin to understand that this healing energy can form into an actual entity.

All energies can form into that which you believe. This awareness brings a whole new level of possibilities. You will then realize that if you can form the principles, thoughts, and emotions into physical form, you will need to be careful with what you feel and think. You are capable of projecting what you think and feel into others and can play your greatest fears out and not realize you created the whole experience.

The masses are being controlled to create a level of fear so the dark forces can feed off this fear. Without the fear, the dark forces would not exist. They are the reflections of all fear held. The more fear you have, the more darkness you experience within your world. Even within the pandemic, you can hold a high vibrational level and not experience the fear that the masses are held within. Emotional independence is necessary to stay out of this level that has so many believing that they cannot control their thoughts or feelings.

This is one of the most important timelines in all of humanity. The future is formed from the decisions in this moment. The past provided the knowledge that brings all humanity to this pivotal point in time. Everything has been prepared perfectly for this knowledge like the soup that simmers to mix all together for perfection. All sense the importance and all feel the shift inside.

Those that look for others to provide the answers are the most at risk. The knowing lies inside and the messages will only be provided in the outside view. You are ripe for this harvest and know the time is now to awaken to your truth. We speak through many; we speak through ONE. The spiritual war is now the war for your very freedom. You can no longer look towards others for your truth.

You can no longer look for someone else to take responsibility for you. Hear this trumpet sound and wake to why you are HERE. Everything you say, everything you do, everything you think, and everything you feel brings you to this moment. The body is ready for this change as the spirit moves into the crown chakra and down into the heart center. The soul has been restless with these games the masses are playing and the unity is necessary for the soul to connect with the higher order.

Close your eyes and see the light move through the body and into the soul that sits beside the heart. The third eye is the driver’s seat for the soul’s connection to the higher order. Open the window inside the mind’s eye and see how the body is changing into the crystalline body. This is the light body that radiates out into all worlds, all universes. You can no longer look away and hope it does not show up another day. You are now to take a stand and be responsible for what you know. You can see the path in the mind’s eye that is trying to guide you. Hear the whisper of the voice that reveals your truth. The higher order is speaking to you for the awakening. It is vital for your freedom to listen the voice inside that tells you to take your stand and to speak your truth.