Monday, August 3, 2020

The Flow of Consciousness During the Virus

The year of cleansing is upon you. The planets have aligned to bring you truth. Some do not appreciate the flow of consciousness that streams into the receptors you call the mind during this time. Some have decided to leave this level of awakening and others are preparing for departure. The pressure to allow this knowledge to flow consciously through the body and mind is too great for many. Much chaos has erupted like your volcanos, earthquakes, and weather. The volcano eruptions, storms, quakes, and hurricanes reflect the spirit that is flowing through the masses and across the planet.

Those who are surrendering to this process are feeling the pressure but continue to allow it to build and then release it through the emotions and thoughts. The time to do nothing but allow this stream of consciousness to flow is here. Release the feelings through the thoughts and speak the words as the trumpets sound. Listen to the sounds as this time has been anticipated. We have spoken though this vessel and many others to prepare you. Experience is the key as all listen and must surrender or leave the body. All feel this knowledge seeping to the surface. Many do not want to accept this surrender and the bodies cannot sustain the energies as a result.

The virus reflects this process through the body and across the land. You question why some are not affected by this sickness and others are dying. Some of you planned this time to leave human form through the virus. Some planned to awaken through this virus. Some planned to take the fear and use it to leave through sickness of many forms. Some deny that it is here and are bursting like a dam as the flow of consciousness forces them to face the shadows that lie inside to be seen and felt for cleansing.

We wait with the anticipation to see if you will follow your path into the higher realms. We use many vessels to communicate the messages for your answers that lie inside of you. Know that you are not alone and if you are reading or hearing this message, it is for you. Be still and know that there is nothing to do except be in this moment. Breathe the air that holds this level of knowledge and is changing you in the very DNA you are made from.

We are here to assist you through this transition. We can be found within the stream of consciousness that is within the rays of even the sun. As you become still and feel the heartbeat, you will become aligned with the rise in consciousness that has been planned since your creation. Come into our level within the light that helps you see the darkness. You will one day look down upon the darkness with gratitude as you remember the flow of consciousness during the virus.