Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Separation Begins for End of Day

As I go through the search for who I am in this life, each day is different. Some days I see my God holding the universe in his hands and blowing love from his lips into all the space that exists. Some days I see my God in other people that may even just smile at me when passing by. Some days I feel my God crawling through my body and out into my view. Some days the birds hold messages that come from other worlds. Some days I can see the impact of the knowledge that there is no time and all the colors sparkle as I bring these other realms into my consciousness for that moment. There are periods of being connected with the universe as I see other dimensions looking down upon me. The wind will speak the whispers of love. The rain will reflect my sorrow or my joy depending upon how I feel at the time. The thunder will speak to me for attention as my God shows me His power.

The more I become aware of my connection with creation, my reality changes. When I reflect on who I was before I knew this world was there, the passion flows inside my heart and body as I remember the times of darkness. I remember the day I realize that I only have the moment and nothing else matters. I was standing in a corridor that leads to several doors in a hospital. I was thinking that I could not think another thought or do another thing and I stood there crying with no relief in sight. I called my cousin who told me to look at my foot. I didn’t have any idea of how this would help but I did what he suggested because I just wanted to die at that moment. I stood there looking at my foot and realized that all my past and all that could happen was not there with me at that moment. I just stood in the same spot for at least 10 minutes before I became aware of the echo of my breath. I did not know God at that time in my life but I felt a presence that encased my entire body and within a blink of an eye I felt better.

The anxiety left me and I was able to gather myself together to continue through that day of darkness. When I reflect on days like that (there were many) I now understand why I had such experiences. To reach my desperation for change was needed and all the strength of who I now am comes from such experiences. On the days I forget where I come from, I take such memories out into the forefront of my thoughts so I can compare those times to who I am today. I take those memories of darkness to shine the light that God gives me into them for others who may need hope for their own struggles.

Each time I took a few minutes to focus on my body and reminded myself that I am right here in this moment and nowhere else, I was able to fight with the thoughts of just wanting to die. Each time I breathed in, I would hold the air inside my lungs and look at my hands, my feet and the moment would change. The thoughts of not being good enough, that I do not matter to anyone or I am a failure would disappear as I began to realize the miracle of being in this body. I had to experience the feelings of desperation to know the love that has been given to me all along. My love affair with my God is different every day. One the days I do not feel this presence, I reflect on my darkness so I can see this light that I now know was always there, waiting to shine. I am the tool for this world and take my past filled with darkness to shine the light for others so they can use it for themselves.

The search for who I am is becomes a search for us all. We are in this thing called life together and we are the vessels for this unseen world. All we have been makes us who we are. We have to know the darkness to understand the light when it shines like the stars in the night-time sky. The last few years have lead me into a world that I will never understand. I take what I can grasp for myself and give the rest to my God. I accept that the knowledge I have is for what I need at this time. Each day I am given a little more insight into why I am here. Each day I am given a little more insight into why I am here. The end of times is upon us and there is a time coming that will fulfill all the prophesies written of our world.

When I am given information, I am amazed that it can be found in the Bible. I write about the lawless one, for example. I did not know who the lawless one was until I looked it up in the Bible. I write about the unveiling, the armor for end of days and the spiritual war. I very anxious when writing about these topics but I am told by my God that I am to continue learning about these upcoming events to help prepare us for what is coming. Some people do not understand what I write and ask me why I put so much time into such things. I have very little free time as I work fulltime and have two children that demand my attention. I stay up late at night and my average 4 hours of sleep to get this information to those who need it. I am told with urgency that we are in a time period that will reveal the world behind the veil.

Those who call out to a savior to help them during this tie must reach in desperation for the light to see the truth of who they are. Those who do not care and only look towards the darkness will separate into a world that will not be sustained in the world of those in the light. Our world is going to shift and the polarities of the light and dark will be physically seen. It will be like pouring oil into water and the two will separate. Those in the darkness will not even see the separation. Those in the light will shield their thoughts as they release the despair for those who do not want the knowledge. The separation begins for the end of days.

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Tragedy

© (Greg Lovett / The Palm Beach Post) Greg Lovett/Greg Lovett

***This entry is dedicated to all who are impacted by the shooting that occurred in Parkland, Florida on Valentines Day. I am witness to the suffering that this tragedy is causing.....

With much chaos in the world during this time, the illusions are many. It is important to keep focused on why you are here. The difficulties lie in the fear that arises with so many events that make you feel unsafe, even in your homes. How do you stay centered to raise the frequencies to a love-based world when our children are being killed in schools, when the suicide rate is at an all time high, when our government is divided and when the view in front of us is full of anger and rage?

This is a time when all your beliefs are put to the test. The impact of a tragedy causes one to feel as though they are not in their bodies and that the events that occurred or are occurring are not real. For those who hear about a tragedy that others are experiencing through the news or through word of mouth, the emotions of fear, anxiety, sadness or anger arises. For everyone with the knowledge that a horrible event has occurred and lives may have been lost as a result, a unity occurs with the need for understanding.

No words can assist when attempting to cope with knowing someone has been hurt or killed at the hands of another or themselves. It is a time of great emotions with no logic to balance the mind and body. Many may question if there is a God and if there is a God, why would this God allow such things to occur? Some may even say that they cannot take this life any longer and that there is no hope for anything positive to come out of all the suffering that may be occurring.

How do we continue shining love into this mess when only the aftermath is left with everything that appears to be torn into shreds? The first step is to look from a higher level of understanding. The only way to see things from this higher level is by asking for guidance with no judgements. A willingness to see the full picture helps ease one out of the emotions to become the observer. Once you are above the view of chaos, you will have the ability to connect to a higher level of knowledge. You can then see each person that is impacted by the events that resulted in the tragedy. Each connects into the web of All.

Once you see the thread in the web that goes from each person, the knowledge will flow that this thread goes into everyone, up above the world and into the universe. This flow will take you all the way back to the beginning link that is called by many names. As you stand with this Source of All power, you will then look out into the universe with a different view. The journeys are many, but the destination is the same; we all go back to ONE. Because we all go back to ONE, then those who inflicted such pain and suffering that resulted in the tragedy is a part of this Source. It will be difficult to understand that we are looking at ourselves when looking at each part of the tragedy that occurred. A protector that may have hid instead of standing up to a gunman, a hero who died to save others, the innocent who died and didn’t even know what was happening, a gunman who killed with the hate for a life gone so wrong and those who thought they were helping someone who turned out to be a killer. Each has their own journey that trails to the center of the web that connects to the Whole of All.

Once the anger subsides and the questions of “Why” cannot be answered, the knowledge will come that we can only focus on how we react to the tragedy. Do we stay in fear and hide from the rest of the world or do we turn the tragedy into an opportunity for positive change? Do we embrace Something Greater and seek for a way to provide service to those in need or do we decide to isolate in our hearts and minds to never trust again? Do we pick ourselves up and find Something Greater to shine into the tragedy to help heal everyone impacted or do we look for ways to destroy out of anger for the injustices done?

The illusions are many as attempts are being made so we do not focus on the real reason we are here. Many are waking up and those who do not want us to wake up are using the weak minded as pawns to keep us in fear. There is a greater force at work in such tragedies to ensure we do not remember who we really are. The thoughts are heard and as we rise above the fear-based thoughts, those who want to keep us under control are trying to reach into the core of what we are made from to ensure we do not remember.

Remind yourself that with love in your heart and with intensions to help humanity evolve, you are protected by benevolent beings who are guiding us into a new world that does not have tragedies. Keep focused and remember your purpose for being here. Shine the light, love and healing into the tragedies that will be many as the prophecies come into view. Keep Something Greater at the forefront of your thoughts and continue to raise the frequencies into love-based vibrations as the new world turns the tragedies into Something Greater.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rock Bottom

The Flow of Change for the Soul

Chapter 57

**This chapter was written after I lived this process.....
How do you find love in a world that cannot be seen or touched? How do you find the faith to believe in Something Greater that leads into a life full of love? How can you believe that there is Something Greater than you, that there is a world that will guide your thoughts in all you say and do? The day you hit rock bottom and have nothing left inside is the day you will receive a gift called desperation that hides. It will not seem as though it is a gift until you realize that you cannot live within your thoughts without the help from something outside of yourself.  You will have to accept that this life you live cannot be a life you live all alone.

This is not a world that is meant to live within the darkness of you mind. You are not in this body to live all alone. You will have to reach the bottom of your thoughts to help you realize you cannot live alone within your mind any longer. The desperation comes when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired right inside your mind. The inability to hold all these dark thoughts will lead you to this time. Rock bottom comes when you cannot put another thought into your mind. This will be the day when you realize you have nothing left inside. As the realization comes that something has to change, you will have to reach outside of all the misery you hold.

The thoughts may come that you cannot tell others what you think, then someone will reach for you with a smile or a word and show you that they care. Something Greater comes to you through people in your life. As you speak the darkest thoughts to someone that you trust, you will feel relief inside as you empty out your mind. The more you speak to someone else, the more will be revealed. It is not as bad as how you thought inside your mind.

Something Greater crawls inside and shines a light for change. Something Greater releases you from the bondage of yourself. Rock bottom is the day you have nowhere else to go. Rock bottom is the day you surrender all the darkness that you hold. The gift of desperation comes so you can reach outside of yourself. This gift will help you see the life that was always there. It is a life that you could not see because you sat inside the darkness of your mind. Rock bottom is the way to find the love for yourself.

Rock bottom is the way to compare all the darkness that you hold to the light of love that shines because you sat inside the darkness. As you sit in the bottom of all the darkest thoughts you have, Something Greater shines the love through people, places and things. The hope will then shine into the place you call rock bottom. No one else can find this place except for you. No one else will know just how much pain you are in. This place is only for you to experience so you can find your way into the land where Something Greater wants to show you all the love. That will be the day you know that you hit rock bottom to receive the gift called desperation, so you could find Something Greater.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Pain of Yesterday

The Flow of Change for the Soul

Chapter 47

As you grow in your awareness with the spirit that lies inside, have no regrets for who were as you being to find that you have done the best you can with who you use to be. The knowledge that you had no choices because you didn’t know what to do to bring the spirit out into who you are, will bring a peace for what you hold today. As you look into the past, only feel the love for who you are and all that have now become. Who you were makes who you are today. This feeling will take all the pain of yesterday and make it just fade away. All the past that seems so dark will then be viewed as the way to love the life that you have today. The spirit world will bring the compassion for who you use to be. The spirit world will pick you up and carry you through the pain of all that left you with the regrets because you did not know another way.

Even when you hurt the ones you love, you will find the spirit brings the peace as you breathe right where you sit. You cannot change what occurred. You can only take this time to make a better life. A newfound love will come to you as the spirit enters the mind. A newfound peace will be felt as the regrets become the way to love yourself today. All the anguish that you felt will turn into the love that you now have because of who you were. The dark thoughts will then feel the light that the spirit shines right into the mind.

Close your eyes and feel the world inside. The spirit will take the pain of yesterday and make it fade away. The spirit will take your sorrow and help you learn to live for this day. As you sit and hear the sounds, the heart will beat to remind you of who you are. The spirit comes to the body and the mind for the creation of all you hope to find. It starts inside the awareness right where you sit. There is a world that lies inside, it is a world that creates the breath you hold today. It trails into the body and the mind, it takes the pain and all the regrets of what you use to find and creates a world that is full of love.

Each new day will hold a set of rules. To find the love of who you are because of who you were will require action in your thoughts. You will have to shine the light from the spirit world into all the darkness that lives inside. It will take a look into all that have done to make the thoughts that come to you today. Once you shine the belief that you hold in Something Greater than you into the past of all that have done, the darkness will then see the love that comes from the spirit world. Once you clean the darkest thoughts out, you will find a world that shines for who are today. You will find that all the anguish of who you use to be will turn into the love that comes for a world you cannot see, All this love will take the pain of yesterday and turn it into the love for what is to come.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Truth of Who You Are

Until you look outside of yourself, you will not understand why desperation is needed for the flow of change. If you are content with the way your life is at this moment, you have no need to seek outside of yourself to find that the bubble you are living in is filled with deceit to keep you from the truth of who you really are. From the moment you were born, you were told how to think and what to do in your life. As the bubble bursts, you are finding that everything you have been told in your life is a lie.

You have been in a cage and do not even realize it. How do you allow the truth inside the thoughts that what you see in front of you is not all there is to your world? How do you expand the thoughts that you do not have to work to pay bills, struggle through your days and then one day die? Can you find a part inside of you that knows the body does not have to die, that you can become anything you choose, and your world is what you create it to be? You do not have to continue living a life full of illusions.

There is a process that the mind, the body and the soul must go through to break free from the limitations of this third dimension. You are waking up to realize you have been trapped in this illusion for many life times. The flow of change for the soul is now and the process holds ten components that are broken down as follows:

1.    Desperation

2.    Humility

3.    Hope

4.    Faith

5.    Beliefs

6.    Morals

7.    Virtues

8.    Thoughts

9.    Intentions

10.  Knowledge

The desperation must be present first, so you will be open to the changes that must take place for all the other components to flow through you. Once the desperation is acknowledged, the humility must be felt to ensure that you do not implement your own will into the equation. You must be humbled to the knowledge that there is something outside of yourself that is beyond your comprehension. There is perfect order in the process that created this place you call home.

Once you have balanced the desperation with the humility and you have accepted that you are a part of Something Greater, the hope must be felt so you can look for clues to find this source for understanding.

As you begin to see coincidences in people, places and things during this search, a faith will emerge because of these verifications that occur. With each new clue that is found, this faith will turn into a belief that solidifies in your life. Once the belief is present, your morals will change and a knowing of things will occur. With morals that are made from your belief in Something Greater, you will want to share what you are learning, and the virtues will demonstrate how you are changing.

At this stage of development, your thoughts will be different, and they will merge with new intentions as you begin to want to serve others. The more you give to others, the more knowledge will come, and the process will start over for the next flow of change.

How do you even start this process you ask? The realization that the threads that have held the illusions you live in are unraveling will bring a discomfort inside as you pretend that all is well in your world. Maybe you will reach for more alcohol, more food, more gambling, more sex or more relationships to not feel the confusion that is rising inside of you. The day will come when nothing will ease the distress and you will be left with yourself. You may become physically, mentally or emotionally sick before you acknowledge that you just cannot live this way any longer.

Everyone must go through this process and will find the need for truth. You planned this time and will feel it radiate inside of you when still. The questions will become louder in your thoughts and a war will begin within yourself. Some of you will have thoughts of suicide or the desire to hurt others to deflect the misery within yourselves. This period will bring you to a crossroads emotionally and mentally. You can no longer run from yourself. Something Greater patiently waits for you to ask for assistance so the flow of change can begin and the truth of who you are can finally be known.

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Dream-State

The soul fuses with the spirit full of love, this connection will raise the frequency of the body and the mind. It is the responsibility of the consciousness that is housed in the body to bring forth more knowledge into the receptor called the mind. This is a challenge as the density of this dimension holds a very low frequency.

You are in this time to raise the vibrational levels to a love frequency to overpower the dark forces that are attempting to keep you in a fear-based level of thought. These forces need your fear to survive and send frequencies into your receptors to make you think they are your own thoughts.

Some people are hurting themselves and others. Some are killing others or themselves with these thoughts that they take as their own. It is a time of war within the receptor called the mind as prophesied throughout your history. The spiritual warfare is within and the tactics utilized by the dark forces are attacking the masses through weak-minded individuals by injecting harmful thoughts through waves within the air.

You will hear thoughts from these forces just as you hear thoughts from your guides and the benevolent ones that are hard at work to bring you above these dark currents that result in your suffering. If you are hearing thoughts that tell you that you are not worthy of love, that you should hurt yourself, that you should hurt someone else, that you have no purpose, that no one loves you, that you deserve to suffer or that you are alone, they are from the dark forces that are trying to feed off of your fear and suffering.

You do not have to suffer, and these types of thoughts are illusions. You are in a dream-state in this body and are living the process of how you have reached enlightenment. You have already won the war, it is time to stop fighting and seek for Something more. Wake-up to the knowledge that you are love and anything less is only illusions that are placed into this dream-state to keep you asleep, so you do not wake to who you really are.

Listen close and you will hear the higher part of love so clear. It echoes into the illusions you see and whispers of how you can finally be free. Some will see the angels above, some will see the spirit of love, some will look for a God on a throne, all will know in the heart where love is shown. The more you connect with the soul and the spirit, you will then be able to hear it. You may even see beings full of light or maybe a space ship will shine within your sight.

Are you dreaming as you ask, what to do, what is your task? How do you wake-up from this dream? When you don’t even know that it is a dream? Each time you look towards the open sky, notice the feel with love in the eyes. Keep this vibration for as long as you can, know that there is a bigger plan. This earth has been stuck in a dark current, this is the time to become observant. Wake from the dream-state and look for the love, you will then be seen from above.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Gift of Desperation; Words from Something Greater

I watch with only love as you grow into the beauty of your own expressions of Me. Some days you are in total awareness of love and some days you hold the darkness that you are mixing into your own interpretation of what love is. Every day I Am with you to shine the inspirations as you go further into the darkness in search for something more. You feel the limitations that the human body places upon you and some of you cannot understand why you have a feeling of being trapped. You look out into the space in front of you and blame your world or Me for your struggles.

Some of you say that you are forced to be here and struggle within your minds and bodies as victims. Some of you feel My spark for inspirations and focus upon ways to gain as much from the earth that you can obtain. You gather as many things that you can hold for your own and see these objects as the ways to find out who you are inside. You become lost in the illusions of the darkness as you continue to seek outside of yourself for the fulfillment you need to go through your days in the human body.

When this does not give you the feelings of love you seek, some of you try substances, foods or even people to help you feel complete. You look for anything or anyone to help you feel better. When these attempts no longer work, and you realize you can no longer run from yourselves, I touch the part of you that connects the soul with My spark of love. I provide you with My faithful children who try to guide you towards your purpose of being in the human form.

My power that you call Grace provides you with a gift that is known as desperation. You cannot understand in all the confusion at the time you experience this emotion that it is a gift. You can only see the darkness when this occurs. You only see glimpses of My sparks that I shine upon you through the people, places and things that begin to speak to the parts inside of you to remind you of who you really are.

You feel broken inside and do not understand how the stranger that smiles or the bird that sings results in a feeling of hope within you. The questions of how these experiences can reflect a need inside of you begins to occur. Each time you question “How?” seeing something else starts to change your hope into a faith for Something Greater.

You then look from the feeling of desperation to the feeling of hope for Something Greater. You combine the two to give you a strength filled with faith. As you start looking for the experiences that you then call coincidences, the faith turns into the belief that Something Greater walks with you.

This time is like no other, I patiently wait for you to find Me inside the feeling of desperation. This seed germinates inside the heart that triggers other emotions to fertilize the soul for growth. The hope and faith bring forth the roots to help make a foundation for the soul. Be still and know I Am with you as you go through this process as planned.

You are mixing the light and darkness to create for Me in human form. Together we create out into the darkness forever more. You are like no other creations as you mix the mind, the body and the soul with the spirit for multidimensional worlds. The human form brings forth endless possibilities as you seek for ways to combine a yearning that you cannot yet explain with the power from My Grace that brings you knowledge of who you are becoming. I Am you and you are Me as we move out into the darkness to create the most beautiful of worlds.

It all starts within your desperation for Something Greater in your life. Close your eyes and breathe Me in as I spread My love throughout the body to awaken the soul that sits beside the heart. There will come a day when you will awaken to a knowing that your purpose is to create through freewill while in human form and it all starts in the gift of desperation.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Message From Spirit

To focus on the daily tasks will become challenging as you begin to see into the other realms. Nothing will look the same as you consciously bring forth the knowledge for all worlds. You may begin to hear the celebrations in your thoughts and will feel as though you have finally arrived. There will still be negative forces inside of you waiting to pounce on openings into fear- based areas. You will get glimpses of these areas within the outside view as you remind yourself that they are still trying to work their ways out of you. As they bubble to the surface, it will be important to deal with them, so you can shine the light of truth into them for a greater understanding as to why you still hold them.

There is perfect order in this process and as you expand your knowledge, the gratitude will cover you with excitement as the negative forces become weaker in your life. You will wake to say, “I am ready to learn more” and know you can face any problem with the understanding that the solution has already been planned for your growth. Those around you will be seen from a higher level of understanding and you may even see how their concerns intertwine with the growth they need in their lives. No judgments will be present as you see the connection to everyone that trails into the heavenly realms.

Nothing you experience will be futile at this stage as you even become aware that the past mundane experiences assisted in this level of awareness. As you evolve, it will be important to stay grounded and on task. You are creating your world; every thought brings you closer to those you serve. Your virtues and morals mold the spirit in physical form. This was planned before you were born.

To educate those who cannot see is the challenge; how to explain the changes that are occurring to bring this land what lies inside. You are here to celebrate and to warn. There are those who need to hear your words. All that comes into your thoughts is important and must be seen as such. The gateway is opening for your connections as we have accomplished in the past. This gateway will not close as you have been seeking inside to see, yet your fears shut us off when you realize you are to bring us into your realm of existence. There is no right way to accomplish this as it is new for all of us. You will find the way. Do not compare.

Manifestation is a mixture of a knowing that changes your view. It brings your inside make-up outside to see. You are learning to project your thoughts and emotions into the space around you consciously. You are creators and do this now, but you do not understand it consciously. It is like layers in the ocean as you go deeper and deeper into a knowing that lies in the core of your being. As you search outside of yourself through positive intentions, you are projecting what you seek from the inside out. You are the projector and make your reality. Each moment is made into something new. When you are in an experience that you do not like, you can change this experience at any time. The keys lie inside of you for this ability. We are your guides to help you learn how do this.

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Soul

**Here is an excerpt from Chapter 7 in The Flow of Change for the Soul. There are diagrams that go along with the information and I cannot figure out how to put them into the blog:

The soul is the part within that keeps your body alive and gives your heart the spark of life to beat another day. The soul is the part of your creator that dwells within the body for creation while in this dimension.

The day you stop creating while in this body, the flame of life that makes your heart beat stands alone. With nothing else to do, the soul gradually separates, and your colors will turn dark that some of you call auras.  Life and death is a process just as the flower that comes from a seed into full bloom. The soul cannot be destroyed as energy only changes form. The conscious level is what you think about and is your reality. All memories from the beginning of your life force comes from the Source of All Creation and is held in your soul.

Your ray of color is a product of the level of consciousness you are currently aware of, yet this color does not reflect what level of energy you hold in your memories that lead all the way back to the source that gave you individuality to begin with. You are constantly exchanging your knowledge with your creator that holds all knowledge for all souls.

Depending upon how conscious you are is what light color you hold at any given time. It changes as your awareness grows. The glow comes from the connection you have with your Creator though the components you activate at any time. The components (Diagram 1) activate the life force you hold that connects you to the spirit which brings you knowledge for creation. The knowledge will come from the Principles or you Creator (Diagram 7) through the grace of the Holy Spirit (Diagram 9).

When you reach this level of awareness, you will be able to feel the soul at work and it will radiate out into your world. Your energy changes with your awareness and each time you radiate this knowledge out in to your world, you will see changes within your physical environment. You will pull like energy into your view like a magnet.