Monday, February 19, 2018

The Dream-State

The soul fuses with the spirit full of love, this connection will raise the frequency of the body and the mind. It is the responsibility of the consciousness that is housed in the body to bring forth more knowledge into the receptor called the mind. This is a challenge as the density of this dimension holds a very low frequency.

You are in this time to raise the vibrational levels to a love frequency to overpower the dark forces that are attempting to keep you in a fear-based level of thought. These forces need your fear to survive and send frequencies into your receptors to make you think they are your own thoughts.

Some people are hurting themselves and others. Some are killing others or themselves with these thoughts that they take as their own. It is a time of war within the receptor called the mind as prophesied throughout your history. The spiritual warfare is within and the tactics utilized by the dark forces are attacking the masses through weak-minded individuals by injecting harmful thoughts through waves within the air.

You will hear thoughts from these forces just as you hear thoughts from your guides and the benevolent ones that are hard at work to bring you above these dark currents that result in your suffering. If you are hearing thoughts that tell you that you are not worthy of love, that you should hurt yourself, that you should hurt someone else, that you have no purpose, that no one loves you, that you deserve to suffer or that you are alone, they are from the dark forces that are trying to feed off of your fear and suffering.

You do not have to suffer, and these types of thoughts are illusions. You are in a dream-state in this body and are living the process of how you have reached enlightenment. You have already won the war, it is time to stop fighting and seek for Something more. Wake-up to the knowledge that you are love and anything less is only illusions that are placed into this dream-state to keep you asleep, so you do not wake to who you really are.

Listen close and you will hear the higher part of love so clear. It echoes into the illusions you see and whispers of how you can finally be free. Some will see the angels above, some will see the spirit of love, some will look for a God on a throne, all will know in the heart where love is shown. The more you connect with the soul and the spirit, you will then be able to hear it. You may even see beings full of light or maybe a space ship will shine within your sight.

Are you dreaming as you ask, what to do, what is your task? How do you wake-up from this dream? When you don’t even know that it is a dream? Each time you look towards the open sky, notice the feel with love in the eyes. Keep this vibration for as long as you can, know that there is a bigger plan. This earth has been stuck in a dark current, this is the time to become observant. Wake from the dream-state and look for the love, you will then be seen from above.

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