Monday, February 12, 2018

The Soul

**Here is an excerpt from Chapter 7 in The Flow of Change for the Soul. There are diagrams that go along with the information and I cannot figure out how to put them into the blog:

The soul is the part within that keeps your body alive and gives your heart the spark of life to beat another day. The soul is the part of your creator that dwells within the body for creation while in this dimension.

The day you stop creating while in this body, the flame of life that makes your heart beat stands alone. With nothing else to do, the soul gradually separates, and your colors will turn dark that some of you call auras.  Life and death is a process just as the flower that comes from a seed into full bloom. The soul cannot be destroyed as energy only changes form. The conscious level is what you think about and is your reality. All memories from the beginning of your life force comes from the Source of All Creation and is held in your soul.

Your ray of color is a product of the level of consciousness you are currently aware of, yet this color does not reflect what level of energy you hold in your memories that lead all the way back to the source that gave you individuality to begin with. You are constantly exchanging your knowledge with your creator that holds all knowledge for all souls.

Depending upon how conscious you are is what light color you hold at any given time. It changes as your awareness grows. The glow comes from the connection you have with your Creator though the components you activate at any time. The components (Diagram 1) activate the life force you hold that connects you to the spirit which brings you knowledge for creation. The knowledge will come from the Principles or you Creator (Diagram 7) through the grace of the Holy Spirit (Diagram 9).

When you reach this level of awareness, you will be able to feel the soul at work and it will radiate out into your world. Your energy changes with your awareness and each time you radiate this knowledge out in to your world, you will see changes within your physical environment. You will pull like energy into your view like a magnet.