Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rock Bottom

The Flow of Change for the Soul

Chapter 57

**This chapter was written after I lived this process.....
How do you find love in a world that cannot be seen or touched? How do you find the faith to believe in Something Greater that leads into a life full of love? How can you believe that there is Something Greater than you, that there is a world that will guide your thoughts in all you say and do? The day you hit rock bottom and have nothing left inside is the day you will receive a gift called desperation that hides. It will not seem as though it is a gift until you realize that you cannot live within your thoughts without the help from something outside of yourself.  You will have to accept that this life you live cannot be a life you live all alone.

This is not a world that is meant to live within the darkness of you mind. You are not in this body to live all alone. You will have to reach the bottom of your thoughts to help you realize you cannot live alone within your mind any longer. The desperation comes when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired right inside your mind. The inability to hold all these dark thoughts will lead you to this time. Rock bottom comes when you cannot put another thought into your mind. This will be the day when you realize you have nothing left inside. As the realization comes that something has to change, you will have to reach outside of all the misery you hold.

The thoughts may come that you cannot tell others what you think, then someone will reach for you with a smile or a word and show you that they care. Something Greater comes to you through people in your life. As you speak the darkest thoughts to someone that you trust, you will feel relief inside as you empty out your mind. The more you speak to someone else, the more will be revealed. It is not as bad as how you thought inside your mind.

Something Greater crawls inside and shines a light for change. Something Greater releases you from the bondage of yourself. Rock bottom is the day you have nowhere else to go. Rock bottom is the day you surrender all the darkness that you hold. The gift of desperation comes so you can reach outside of yourself. This gift will help you see the life that was always there. It is a life that you could not see because you sat inside the darkness of your mind. Rock bottom is the way to find the love for yourself.

Rock bottom is the way to compare all the darkness that you hold to the light of love that shines because you sat inside the darkness. As you sit in the bottom of all the darkest thoughts you have, Something Greater shines the love through people, places and things. The hope will then shine into the place you call rock bottom. No one else can find this place except for you. No one else will know just how much pain you are in. This place is only for you to experience so you can find your way into the land where Something Greater wants to show you all the love. That will be the day you know that you hit rock bottom to receive the gift called desperation, so you could find Something Greater.


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