Friday, February 23, 2018

The Tragedy

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***This entry is dedicated to all who are impacted by the shooting that occurred in Parkland, Florida on Valentines Day. I am witness to the suffering that this tragedy is causing.....

With much chaos in the world during this time, the illusions are many. It is important to keep focused on why you are here. The difficulties lie in the fear that arises with so many events that make you feel unsafe, even in your homes. How do you stay centered to raise the frequencies to a love-based world when our children are being killed in schools, when the suicide rate is at an all time high, when our government is divided and when the view in front of us is full of anger and rage?

This is a time when all your beliefs are put to the test. The impact of a tragedy causes one to feel as though they are not in their bodies and that the events that occurred or are occurring are not real. For those who hear about a tragedy that others are experiencing through the news or through word of mouth, the emotions of fear, anxiety, sadness or anger arises. For everyone with the knowledge that a horrible event has occurred and lives may have been lost as a result, a unity occurs with the need for understanding.

No words can assist when attempting to cope with knowing someone has been hurt or killed at the hands of another or themselves. It is a time of great emotions with no logic to balance the mind and body. Many may question if there is a God and if there is a God, why would this God allow such things to occur? Some may even say that they cannot take this life any longer and that there is no hope for anything positive to come out of all the suffering that may be occurring.

How do we continue shining love into this mess when only the aftermath is left with everything that appears to be torn into shreds? The first step is to look from a higher level of understanding. The only way to see things from this higher level is by asking for guidance with no judgements. A willingness to see the full picture helps ease one out of the emotions to become the observer. Once you are above the view of chaos, you will have the ability to connect to a higher level of knowledge. You can then see each person that is impacted by the events that resulted in the tragedy. Each connects into the web of All.

Once you see the thread in the web that goes from each person, the knowledge will flow that this thread goes into everyone, up above the world and into the universe. This flow will take you all the way back to the beginning link that is called by many names. As you stand with this Source of All power, you will then look out into the universe with a different view. The journeys are many, but the destination is the same; we all go back to ONE. Because we all go back to ONE, then those who inflicted such pain and suffering that resulted in the tragedy is a part of this Source. It will be difficult to understand that we are looking at ourselves when looking at each part of the tragedy that occurred. A protector that may have hid instead of standing up to a gunman, a hero who died to save others, the innocent who died and didn’t even know what was happening, a gunman who killed with the hate for a life gone so wrong and those who thought they were helping someone who turned out to be a killer. Each has their own journey that trails to the center of the web that connects to the Whole of All.

Once the anger subsides and the questions of “Why” cannot be answered, the knowledge will come that we can only focus on how we react to the tragedy. Do we stay in fear and hide from the rest of the world or do we turn the tragedy into an opportunity for positive change? Do we embrace Something Greater and seek for a way to provide service to those in need or do we decide to isolate in our hearts and minds to never trust again? Do we pick ourselves up and find Something Greater to shine into the tragedy to help heal everyone impacted or do we look for ways to destroy out of anger for the injustices done?

The illusions are many as attempts are being made so we do not focus on the real reason we are here. Many are waking up and those who do not want us to wake up are using the weak minded as pawns to keep us in fear. There is a greater force at work in such tragedies to ensure we do not remember who we really are. The thoughts are heard and as we rise above the fear-based thoughts, those who want to keep us under control are trying to reach into the core of what we are made from to ensure we do not remember.

Remind yourself that with love in your heart and with intensions to help humanity evolve, you are protected by benevolent beings who are guiding us into a new world that does not have tragedies. Keep focused and remember your purpose for being here. Shine the light, love and healing into the tragedies that will be many as the prophecies come into view. Keep Something Greater at the forefront of your thoughts and continue to raise the frequencies into love-based vibrations as the new world turns the tragedies into Something Greater.

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