Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Truth of Who You Are

Until you look outside of yourself, you will not understand why desperation is needed for the flow of change. If you are content with the way your life is at this moment, you have no need to seek outside of yourself to find that the bubble you are living in is filled with deceit to keep you from the truth of who you really are. From the moment you were born, you were told how to think and what to do in your life. As the bubble bursts, you are finding that everything you have been told in your life is a lie.

You have been in a cage and do not even realize it. How do you allow the truth inside the thoughts that what you see in front of you is not all there is to your world? How do you expand the thoughts that you do not have to work to pay bills, struggle through your days and then one day die? Can you find a part inside of you that knows the body does not have to die, that you can become anything you choose, and your world is what you create it to be? You do not have to continue living a life full of illusions.

There is a process that the mind, the body and the soul must go through to break free from the limitations of this third dimension. You are waking up to realize you have been trapped in this illusion for many life times. The flow of change for the soul is now and the process holds ten components that are broken down as follows:

1.    Desperation

2.    Humility

3.    Hope

4.    Faith

5.    Beliefs

6.    Morals

7.    Virtues

8.    Thoughts

9.    Intentions

10.  Knowledge

The desperation must be present first, so you will be open to the changes that must take place for all the other components to flow through you. Once the desperation is acknowledged, the humility must be felt to ensure that you do not implement your own will into the equation. You must be humbled to the knowledge that there is something outside of yourself that is beyond your comprehension. There is perfect order in the process that created this place you call home.

Once you have balanced the desperation with the humility and you have accepted that you are a part of Something Greater, the hope must be felt so you can look for clues to find this source for understanding.

As you begin to see coincidences in people, places and things during this search, a faith will emerge because of these verifications that occur. With each new clue that is found, this faith will turn into a belief that solidifies in your life. Once the belief is present, your morals will change and a knowing of things will occur. With morals that are made from your belief in Something Greater, you will want to share what you are learning, and the virtues will demonstrate how you are changing.

At this stage of development, your thoughts will be different, and they will merge with new intentions as you begin to want to serve others. The more you give to others, the more knowledge will come, and the process will start over for the next flow of change.

How do you even start this process you ask? The realization that the threads that have held the illusions you live in are unraveling will bring a discomfort inside as you pretend that all is well in your world. Maybe you will reach for more alcohol, more food, more gambling, more sex or more relationships to not feel the confusion that is rising inside of you. The day will come when nothing will ease the distress and you will be left with yourself. You may become physically, mentally or emotionally sick before you acknowledge that you just cannot live this way any longer.

Everyone must go through this process and will find the need for truth. You planned this time and will feel it radiate inside of you when still. The questions will become louder in your thoughts and a war will begin within yourself. Some of you will have thoughts of suicide or the desire to hurt others to deflect the misery within yourselves. This period will bring you to a crossroads emotionally and mentally. You can no longer run from yourself. Something Greater patiently waits for you to ask for assistance so the flow of change can begin and the truth of who you are can finally be known.

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