Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Pain of Yesterday

The Flow of Change for the Soul

Chapter 47

As you grow in your awareness with the spirit that lies inside, have no regrets for who were as you being to find that you have done the best you can with who you use to be. The knowledge that you had no choices because you didn’t know what to do to bring the spirit out into who you are, will bring a peace for what you hold today. As you look into the past, only feel the love for who you are and all that have now become. Who you were makes who you are today. This feeling will take all the pain of yesterday and make it just fade away. All the past that seems so dark will then be viewed as the way to love the life that you have today. The spirit world will bring the compassion for who you use to be. The spirit world will pick you up and carry you through the pain of all that left you with the regrets because you did not know another way.

Even when you hurt the ones you love, you will find the spirit brings the peace as you breathe right where you sit. You cannot change what occurred. You can only take this time to make a better life. A newfound love will come to you as the spirit enters the mind. A newfound peace will be felt as the regrets become the way to love yourself today. All the anguish that you felt will turn into the love that you now have because of who you were. The dark thoughts will then feel the light that the spirit shines right into the mind.

Close your eyes and feel the world inside. The spirit will take the pain of yesterday and make it fade away. The spirit will take your sorrow and help you learn to live for this day. As you sit and hear the sounds, the heart will beat to remind you of who you are. The spirit comes to the body and the mind for the creation of all you hope to find. It starts inside the awareness right where you sit. There is a world that lies inside, it is a world that creates the breath you hold today. It trails into the body and the mind, it takes the pain and all the regrets of what you use to find and creates a world that is full of love.

Each new day will hold a set of rules. To find the love of who you are because of who you were will require action in your thoughts. You will have to shine the light from the spirit world into all the darkness that lives inside. It will take a look into all that have done to make the thoughts that come to you today. Once you shine the belief that you hold in Something Greater than you into the past of all that have done, the darkness will then see the love that comes from the spirit world. Once you clean the darkest thoughts out, you will find a world that shines for who are today. You will find that all the anguish of who you use to be will turn into the love that comes for a world you cannot see, All this love will take the pain of yesterday and turn it into the love for what is to come.

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