Friday, February 28, 2014

Right Before Your Eyes

The magnificence behind the making of our day is beyond our comprehension.  If you think you have it all figured out, look into your thoughts and search for that part that brings you answers.  We know nothing.  The pain of this realization is two-fold.  We are but a speck in this universe yet the impact of the knowledge that the sun rises for us to admire brings forth the realization that each part of our world down to our thoughts is planned out in a dimension that we know nothing about. When we began to realize that with each time we notice the bird singing to us or the leaves blowing in the wind, we see pieces of this creation hard at work to get our attention. We open up the flood gates within our mind that something is at work in all we do.  Forces that go back and forth within our mind bring us to a place that when we become conscious of these thoughts, even then we have choices that will ultimately bring us to the day when we will all recognize this power behind what we are made of inside and outside.  Our uniqueness brings forth worlds within worlds that we only hold.  What we do with these worlds is up to us.  Look to the setting of the sun and the rising of the moon with the knowledge that it is a gift for us to see this power at work as we seek to bring it forth inside of our self.  Why would you want to do anything but follow such magnificence?  The alternatives are to emerge into the darkness that waits to destroy this power of love.  Something Greater will reach out to pick us up off the floor to heal our wounds.  When that day arrives, we will find that this power has surrounded us our whole life and we were just not aware of it right before our eyes.  We have strived to become conscious of this power for many life times in our attempts to come to this level of knowledge.  We are at a time period that brings forth the power of All Creation like never before.  Know the view you have of the world around you gives you the opportunity to bring forth higher levels of consciousness as you gain more courage, more knowledge and more wisdom.  Know that no one can crawl into your mind without your permission unless you do not have the understanding of what is happening right before your eyes.  Know that when you see the darkness in the clouds that it is calling to a part of yourself that holds that feeling of loneliness.  Know that when you see the colors that burst from the pedal of a flower, it is the awareness of the beauty that lies inside of you. Know that the wind blows to remind you of this power that speaks to you in the trees.  Know that there is a love waiting right inside of you to open you to the reality of who you are.  Know that only you hold a purpose with this creation and no one else.  Release the fear and move past the outer edges of creation.  Move to the center within yourself to gain the power that shines the light into this darkness.  Know that this power is capable of making the storms turn into the sunshine that will reflect the beauty right before your eyes.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

To Create

As our awareness expands, we will seek for understanding of what lies behind the sun and the moon.  Where does our existence come from?  With no time and no space that holds the Source of All Creation what does that mean to us?  Where do we fit in with something that holds the power behind the creation of the water and the wind?  If we are made in the image of our creator, why are we here if creation is not even in our time?  If we are from the Source of All Creation then what does that mean about us?  We are here to further creation and with each time we allow fear to prevent us from creating, we lose a piece of our connection with Something Greater.  Some of us take this thought one step further and look at it as if each time we give up the piece that connects us to Something Greater a piece of us dies as we separate inside of our mind.  The longer we keep negative thoughts in our mind, the larger this separation becomes.  The negative parts within our thoughts are like the parts of us that have died and need cleaned out to make room for something new.  The parts we want to keep that are from our past will then blend with the new.  We will then make choices as to what we want to create on a conscious level as we take control of what we want in our mind.  As we make the decision to release any thoughts that are negative, we gain knowledge from Something Greater.  We have a purpose with our connection to Something Greater and if we do not use it, we will become the dying as we lose the nourishment that keeps us alive from the inside out. Many of us have stopped creating.  Many of us do not even know that we have allowed the demonic forces to enter our thoughts as we go about our day.  Some of us are asleep as we walk through our life with only thoughts of what we are suppose to do next.  We have been given freewill to allow the creation of anything we so chose to come through as the vessel for the spirit world.  Even when we do not think we are part of anything, that is the choice as we sit inside of our mind.  We have the opportunity to create our heaven while in these bodies. As we seek for this reality, it begins by looking into our world from a different perspective.  We are made in the image of our creator who also made our universe.  The times we forget the significance of this knowledge are the times to look towards the sky and remind our self that the power behind all creation brought us to this moment.  There is a separation that is happening inside of our thoughts and the illusion that we are alone results in the disconnection from Something Greater that will ultimately lead us into a hell that has been written about all through history.  So, as we separate the thoughts in our mind, what do you choose?  To create for your heaven on earth or to slowly cause your life force to disintegrate right before your eyes?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Changing Our Thinking

We will know which voice is speaking to us inside our head by the feelings we get when we hear them.  Does your stomach turn when you think about certain things?  Your emotions tell all.  Your thoughts become a product of these emotions.  Some of us turn our mind into nothing but fear because we never dealt with the emotion of fear in our past.  Right between our emotions that form our thoughts lies an opening where we stop for the power that gives us the strength for these thoughts.  This opening is where the voice of love or the voice of fear lies.  This is where we can start to change our thoughts.  We think certain thoughts based upon the feeling that merges with either love or fear.  When we focus on certain emotions and thoughts, we make choices as to which action will be taken as a result.  As we begin to ask “Why do I feel this way?” we become more aware of how groups of thoughts and emotions work.  We will be able to re-direct what we ultimately decide to bring forth into the action behind this mixture of thought, the force that holds love or fear and the emotion.  Do we really want to think about someone who may of hurt us in the past and bring forth all the thoughts and feelings that they bring into our mind? We can turn a good day into a bad day within an instant with what we think about.  Our reality is where we are in our mind.  We choose to take action based upon our interpretation of what we feel and what we think at any given time.  Many of us are asleep and have not activated the conscious presence of the force that is love based.  Fear based thoughts are much more easily accessible within our mind.  Love brings forth angelic forces.  Fear brings forth demonic forces.  For those of us who seek, we will open a flood gate of knowledge about our self and the world around us depending upon which force we allow into our mind.  If we seek for love, we will find the excitement that comes into play as we see the response in the world we encounter at any given time.  When we are consciously aware of why we are responding to a specific thought the way we are, we can then implement the force inside of us that brings forth change if needed.  As we identify the difference between our thoughts, we can then begin to make choices and take control of what thoughts we want to have within our mind. Question your thoughts as they enter and take control of how your day is going to turn out for you. Change your thoughts and you will change your life.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Middle Ground

So if we are living in the middle ground and we can channel spirits from levels below us or above us, what does this mean exactly?  If there are laws in place what are they?  What is it we hope to accomplish during the little bit of time we are in these bodies? Even with our own spark of life inside, we are only conscious of a small part that gets us out of bed or off the couch.  We can welcome as many thoughts as we want but we will only be thinking consciously of one specific thought at any given time.  As thoughts are generated from what we feel, the complications arise.  We are inspired or chastised in our thoughts and emotions at any given time.  Our freewill gives us the opportunity to listen to either voice.  As we make decisions, we allow this negative or positive force to enter.  We then take our thoughts to a different level as we allow more and more of this force inside of us. We can become angry at the drop of a hat.  We can become sad for no reason at all.  We will pick up on these type of frequencies rather quickly.  We can choose to remain on a specific frequency for several life times until we become the murders or the suicides.  Even if we can justify in our mind how we intentionally hurt another in any way, we are giving up pieces of the angelic force that inspires us.  With each time we lose that connection, we obtain a stronger mixture of the negative force.  Even when we die, we take this force with us.  It is the spark of life inside that is like the fire burning from a candle.  The fire goes where ever the candle goes just as our spark of life that carries our consciousness.  Remember, energy cannot be destroyed as it only changes form.  As we connect with specific levels of consciousness, we create that reality.  We can heal from a specific level of consciousness.  We can take several different frequencies and combine them to make our own special mixture.  Some of us do this now and do not realize that when we mix passion with either love or jealousy the outcome will be different for each.  As we consciously learn which mixture produces specific outcomes, we then began to have freewill as we decide which one we want to experience.  We may play out the need to love with heartache for many life times until we consciously realize what the patterns are.  When we begin to make a conscious decision of the choices in our life as we gain knowledge that we will have specific outcomes because of these choices is when we will either become more enlightened or we will spiral down into the levels of existence that some call the fallen angels.  Because we are on the middle ground, we have the option to go either way.  Some of us are dangling from a thread and know there has to be a change as we look towards anything to help us get through the day.  As we go back and forth in our mind, we are not capable of understanding what is happening behind the scenes.  It is time to learn how to take control of what this unseen world is doing so we can go to the next level of awareness.  First, we must realize that we are in a position of power over these spirits unless we break the universal laws that are in place for the protection of all.  The universal law that we get back the type of energy we give to others will always play out in what some call karma.  No one escapes these laws.  There is perfect order in this process and we all will learn these laws through the voice of love or the voice of fear. Our inspirations will be on one side cheering us on while we will hear the calling from the underworld telling us that we are not worthy.  As we take control and abide by these universal laws with good intentions, the middle ground becomes the pathway into the angelic forces that have to help us when ask.  For those of us striving to connect with the God of our understanding, we must reach for everything that surrounds us to help in this task.  A large number of us do not share any thoughts at all and do not ask for assistance as a result.  The universal law that if we ask we will receive must be viewed when seeking for the God of our understanding.  Some of us will choose to sit in our misery until the day we do not have any connection with this Source of All Creation.  It is our choice as we sit in this middle ground.  We will be here until we either gain control over our consciousness for enlightenment or we seep into the underground where the demonic forces emerge into our reality.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Angels and Demons

This is the story of how I built a bridge within my mind that helped me walk out of hell and find a heaven right in front of me.  The day I could not function the way I was in my life became the day I surrendered.  I had nothing else.  As I walked through my days and listened to the promises that a God of my understanding talked about in the Bible and in the Twelve Step Program, my life began to change.  I had no hope for the longest time and would look at the foot in front of me to get through my days in the beginning.  When I accepted that this is right where I am suppose to be in my life, I began to wonder “Why”?  All the resentments of where I had been and all the misery of who I was would not let me rest for even a moment.  I would go days without sleep and still wasn’t’ sure if I just wanted to live or die. As I began to reflect back on who I was and where that left me for today, I began to seek for the promises that so many people around me talked about.  Then the day came when the prayer I created to try and find this thing called hope appeared in a painting.  I was on my hands and knees reading my prayer in a painting that I thought I had made up in my mind when I realized nothing was at all what I thought.  I slept in a twilight state that night and woke to a presence that covered the air.  As I walked my dog the next morning, it felt like someone was watching me.  A voice that was above me walked with me and told me to begin writing as much as possible.  I knew that things felt different in my mind and I had to do something with all these thoughts.  So I started writing and equations of thoughts and emotions began to spill onto the paper.  I even broke down emotions and thoughts into steps and defined them.  I was working the Twelve Step Program at the time and was analyzing my entire life.  As I wrote every day, a flood gate opened up and I wrote about things I did not understand.  I would study what I wrote and compared the words to other’s viewpoints. 

As I worked the Twelve Step Program, I gradually saw all the promises of this program come into my life. The courage and the strength lit a fire inside of me to share this knowledge with others.  As I wrote, worked the Twelve Steps and studied the world around me, I realized that I am a piece of something else that I may not be able to see or understand, but I know it is there watching and guiding me all the time.  Now as I progressed with these type of thoughts, I began to hear about the angels and demons that are noted in the Bible. I began to realize that something that I didn’t understand was in my thoughts.  I could write things and not know what I was writing all day.  If I stopped writing and went back to it later, I could pick up right where I left off with and finish writing the information that poured out of my mind.  The words I wrote baffled me.  I had a Catechist instructor and an author who wrote several books on the Bible look at my writings.  They told me that my writings were found in the Bible. Why was I writing about things in the Bible?  How was I doing this as I did not know anything about the Bible?

I could not figure out how angels and demons fit into the equation for the longest time.  As I prayed and studied, one day I wrote “The Battle” and my perspective of what and where our thoughts come from changed forever more.  As I learned about a war that is talked about in the Bible between God and Satan, I began to study the book of Enoch and other writings with references of what these fallen angels are and why they will never be able to return to what some of us call heaven.  It took me several months to put it into my mind that there are entities that enter our thoughts and can control us based upon what level of awareness we hold inside.  I was one of those people that allowed my thoughts to control me for many years.  As I became more aware of what was going on in my mind, I realized that there is a battle right inside of my thoughts.  Even on the days I was capable of feeling good about myself, thoughts would seep in to remind me of all the things I have done wrong in my life and I would spiral down into the feeling of worthlessness within seconds of these thoughts entering my mind. As I began to separate these thoughts and as I learned about angels, I began to see that if I asked for help from the God of my understanding, I could maintain positive thoughts for longer periods of time.  Then the day came when I was capable of maintaining a feeling of love all day as I worked the steps in the Twelve Steps.  As I wrote every day, knowledge started to pour into my mind of what love is and what fear is and how angels inspire and how demons destroy.  As I began to appreciate how powerful our thoughts are, I began to gain the knowledge that if I am full of fear, negative thoughts emerge into my mind.

I counsel people who have attempted suicide, who have addictions, who are dying and who just feel they have no purpose in this life.  As I complied all my experiences with patients and in my personal life, I realized that there is something at work on our planet that a lot of us are not aware of and we have allowed our thoughts to control us.  As I defined love and fear based thoughts, I began to place the angels and demons into the equation.  Many suicide attempts that I have counseled over the years have told me that they did not want to hurt their self and that the thought “just came to me”. 

As I started gaining control over my thoughts, my life began to change.  I began to gain the knowledge of why everything in my life unfolded the way it did and why I experience such turmoil in my mind.  All the promises from the Twelve Step Program were coming true for me.  I began to release the resentments and began to understand that the experiences that resulted in those resentments were to help bring me to another level of awareness.  It all is relevant and has a purpose for my growth.  As I released the negative thoughts, knowledge poured into me faster than I could comprehend.  My world became a playground and I could not wait to see what the God of my understanding had for me every moment of everyday.  I began to notice that my world responded to me based upon my level of excitement.  As I watched the people around me that were still in turmoil within their mind, I began to see their fears had even emerged into physical ailments.  I began to look at fear from a different perspective and questioned if the God of my understanding did not hold fear and is only full of love, then where does this fear come from?  Then the day came when I received the knowledge that the fallen angels are real and they come into our thoughts to create illusions of our world.  Their goal is to keep us from finding love so we do not connect with the inner peace that leads us into a greater understanding of what God is inside of us.  I recall the day I came to this understanding as I saw fruit bats, butterflies, dragon flies, parakeets and vouchers swarm around me on my patio.  I heard a voice inside of me say, “They know I know”.  I didn’t know what that meant at the time and said it over and over that entire day.  I now understand as I know that it is my responsibility to share what I have learned. 

We are at war within our thoughts that come from a world very few of us have been given the knowledge to understand.  We are not alone and angels and demons are real.  Some of us choose to ignore them and do not even realize we are being controlled by an unseen world.  Slowly, as those of us who are tired of being tired wake up, we will begin to realize that we are in a battle for our life on this planet.  The unseen world is emerging into our reality moment by moment.  Once we are aware of this world within our mind, we cannot go back to sleep.  Because our planet is so unbalanced, the suicide rate continues to rise as many of us loose this battle.  My hope is that those of you who see me as someone who has lived the hell and knows the demons inside, will see that we do not have to suffer any longer.  There is Something Greater at work in our life calling to us for the change that is coming.  We can choose to pretend that it is not there and look the other way as everything around us falls apart or we can begin sifting through our thoughts and taking control of what we want and what we do not want inside of our mind.  As we take control, we will then be able to help others learn how to do the same.  It all starts inside of each and every one of us.  “Seek and ye shall find” (Matthew 7:7).


Friday, February 21, 2014

The Foot In Front of Me

There are times in our life that we feel like we are walking on a wire and either way we fall off will lead us into insanity.  These are the times to look at the foot in front of us.  Some of us may be fortunate enough to never have experienced such a feeling of not being in control of our thoughts.  For those of us who have been there or who are there right now, the foot in front of you has a great meaning behind it. 

I found that as I looked at the foot in front of me and thought of nothing else, I did not think and was purely in the moment.  As I look back on that time period, I recall when I stopped thinking and when I just looked at my foot and saw nothing.  Everything just disappeared for that one instant and my thoughts were gone.  The more I did stop and look at my foot, the more I found that I felt better.  I wasn’t thinking of my past or my future and all the things I could have done or all the things I should have done.  I was in the moment looking at me.  As I trained my thoughts around this experience, I began to find acceptance as I looked at the foot in front of me.  Now as I look back, I know it was a message to myself to focus on right now because that is all we have.  As I sifted through all my thoughts, I found pieces of them everywhere within my mind.  As I tried to separate them to figure out what they were, they went all the way back to either love or fear.  As I learned about a God that was of my understanding, I had to consider what everything was that fits into all the theories ever made by man. I read and studied the theory of everything.  With each time I calmed my mind, questions would arise about how life is for me.  How did I reach the point where I had to look at the foot in front of me and what does the moment mean anyway?  The day I realized something was talking to me in my world made me look at that moment where I focused on my foot again.  With each time I looked at each moment and realized that all of them together makes me who I am today, the foot in front of me takes a different meaning.  It brings me to the moment that is the essence of my existence.  Everything I am is right in front of me spilling out for all to see from the inside.  As I looked at the world around me, I began to see messages of who I was inside.  The butterfly and the dragonfly appeared everywhere as I thought about them.  I then became fascinated with how our thoughts can bring things into our reality.  When I explored how energy works, I discovered that energy cannot be destroyed, it just changes form.  There is something talking to me in my world and in my mind.  At one point, I thought that I had went insane.  I write all these thoughts down that consume me.  I wake up in the middle of the night with a voice telling me what to write.  Words flow from my fingers with some of them making no sense at all to me.  As I share the information with a select few to see what I write, I was at first startled to find that they are parallel with the Bible.  I feel this presence with me all the time and at times feel like I am two people. Some days I can see myself walking down the hallway.  I feel that someone is with me at all time.  I discovered that this is called the Holy Spirit. That is a story for another day.  I began reading the Bible and piecing together what I wrote.  I go back to the moment when I first really looked at the foot in front of me and how I strive for that feeling at all times now. I now learn a whole new world as the Bible introduces me to angels and demons.  The journey into that world will be shared as well, but for today, it is how I took my thoughts and stopped them from over taking me as I looked at the foot in front of me.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

To Suffer or Not to Suffer

For those of us seeking for peace and understanding of what we are doing on this planet, there are many paths to choose. It is difficult to comprehend that we are right where we are suppose to be as we see the chaos around us.  To understand the knowledge that we create our reality brings us to a whole new level of awareness.  As we learn that we planned this moment in time to bring us one step closer to where we started so long ago, we begin to view the people around us differently.  It is at first very difficult to accept that all the pain and anguish in our life is something we created in our mind.  As we begin to separate thoughts and identify what type they are when they enter our mind, we will be able to start taking control inside.  This level of awareness brings a world that turns our thoughts into reality, at times instantaneously.  Other times it may take longer than we would like but once things appear, we understand why there was a delay in their appearance to begin with.  As the connection to Something Greater grows with this awareness, we will find an inner strength that emerges through our entire being and projects out into our world.  Others will look into our eyes and either look away because they are unable to look into this light of knowledge that is calling them or they will soak it into their being as they make attempts to find it for their self.  With each person we encounter in our day, it is important to remind our self that we placed them into our path for our own awareness.  Even when we think we are helping someone else, we will find that we are really helping our self.  Knowing there is a world within our mind will bring fear of what this means to us.  The fear is not from Something Greater.  Because we are weak when fear is present, we are susceptible to energy sources that can enter in between our thoughts and emotions.  It is our responsibility to ensure that we know which energy sources we are allowing inside our thoughts.  We separated from the Source of All Creation because of our fear and have spiraled down into our current existence.  We keep coming back into human form in attempts to break through the fear based thoughts to reach the voice of love for a pure connection back to this Source of All Creation.  The goal is to return to this Source of All Creation. There are energy sources that have chosen to separate from this light with the destiny to never connect again.  They have made a conscious choice to take a different path full of anger, full of jealousy and full of hatred.  Their intentions are to invade our thoughts and cause confusion and fear.  They can only enter if we allow them inside.  They can enter even when we do not understand who they are.  They will only be able to control those who have forgotten who they are and why they are in human form.  As we become more aware of what is happening in our thoughts we have freewill to go down any path we choose with this knowledge.  Some of us choose to do nothing and fight within our mind as we do not take control because we do not believe there is anything else that lies inside of us.  This level of existence may take several more life times of the suffering that our planet has chosen for the path back to Some Greater.  Time is irrelevant in the unseen world.  The day will come when we will realize that we made this choice to suffer and do not have to take this path to connect with Something Greater.  Some of us have suffered long enough and now stand up for the connection to Something Greater through a different path.  Knowing that the Source of All Creation comes through the voice of love and knowing love is forgiveness, healing, strength, power and knowledge brings us to an understanding that we don’t have to suffer to find this connection.  Our planet recognizes pain and fear based thoughts first and have a strong connection to the energy source that goes along with such thoughts and emotions.  As we become more aware of the voice of love, we will realize that we do not have to be filled with suffering to find it.  There will come a day when we will wake up and question, “To suffer or not to suffer?”




Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Playground

There are times in our life that we will find the need to stand up for our self in situations that we identify are wrong on our behalf.  As we become stronger and begin to walk with authority in our day, we will find that the way we use to allow others to treat us is no longer acceptable.  As we find the power of love in our life, we will begin to like our self and will want to be treated with respect by others.  With the voice of truth, we will begin to speak out when injustice is done to us. The thoughts in our head that bring us fear or confusion are not from the voice of love.  When we get a strong feeling or thought about something someone did to us and feel the need to vocalize our truth in the situation, we must first ask our self what our intensions are with this person.  Knowing there is a bigger picture that we cannot see helps us release any doubts of fears about what is happening and about speaking our truth. We must accept that no matter what we say to others, they have their own journey to travel and we do not have any control over what they think or feel in the situation.  What we have control over is how we feel and what we think about in situations that cause us fear or confusion.  As we learn that emotions such as anger, jealousy and hatred are fear based emotions, we can then identify these energy sources within our mind.  We may even feel as though we have no power over thoughts within our mind and lash out at others as a result.  We may reflect back later on what occurred and wonder how we even thought some of the things we said. The day will come when all thoughts will have a purpose for us and we will understand that we have control over what we think and how we feel about what happens to us.  As we become more aware of these thoughts, we will be able to separate them within our mind.  They will be able to be put into two categories; love or fear based thoughts.  Knowing that the voice of love brings power, strength, healing, forgiveness and knowledge, we will want to seek for this voice and cast aside the voice of fear that brings hatred, jealousy and anger. 

The days we cannot find the voice of love and we are consumed with fear base thoughts are the days when we must remember that we are part of Something Greater and the thoughts of fear are not .  Some of us take it one step further. As awareness grows, we begin to understand that thoughts come from the unseen world and we are the vessel.  We have control over which spirits we allow into our mind when we become aware of this ability.  We can call to these energy sources for more thoughts as we seek them.  Those of us who choose to explore these energy sources have found a whole new world on our planet.  Some of us are stuck in the fear base sources that cause a dark reality.  Some of us have chosen a path that leads to the magic of the day.  We find that the world is like a playground and when something complicates things for us, we must remind our self that there is a bigger picture at work that we just do not understand at this time.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Voice of Love

We are all on different levels within our mind.  Depending upon the level of pain we allow inside of us determines how much fear we hold.  The more fear we have, the darker our reality becomes.  As we sit alone and listen we can hear the voice of fear and the voice of love telling us what to do.  As the fear prevails, it will seep into a sickness that will gradually cover our entire existence on the Earth.  Each of us planned the time period when we came to this planet.  Our ages, where we live and where we were born add up to the level of awareness we hold.  We have the potential to expand this level of consciousness at a great speed if we choose.  All the planets are aligning for the day when all will see what really lies inside.  There is a world right within our mind.  Some of us are beginning to feel different when we are talking to certain people.  Some of us will begin to hear the song that is just for us.  Then the day will come when we will feel like something is with us when we are alone at night.  That is the day when we will make the choice to learn more about what it is or push it aside to forget.  Because our planet is so unbalanced, the energies go back and forth with great power.  Some of us have killed because the voice of fear becomes so strong that there is no other thought that can enter.  We are at a time when we must go within our thoughts and figure out what all of it is about. The energies that speak to us have a life of their own.  It is up to us to only allow what we want from this unseen world.  Some of us have turned the fear into physical ailment with attempts to get rid of it.  We are the vessels for the spirit world.  They come through our thoughts and we have the freewill to allow them inside.  There are many spirits that can surround us at any given time.  The times we feel irritable and don’t know why may be the times an energy source is trying to enter into our space.  Some of us are beginning to understand how important our thoughts are and have found the voice of love that brings the spirits who want to help us.  This planet is watched by all the universe as we discover this world inside of us.

 There is lots of writing on different ways to bring certain spirits into our life.  We all will find our own way to the voice of love.  Some of us have lived many life times in attempts to awaken the part of us that remembers why we are here.  We planned the paths we will choose in attempts to bring all worlds together for this awakening.  The planning it took for the moment when we realize we are part of Something Greater is beyond our comprehension at this time.  Every moment of every day is one moment closer to this awakening.  Some of us have already reached a level where we see pieces of what the spirit world is about.  Some of us choose to take this knowledge and keep it for our self.  We have planned this time period because we are the chosen for this glorious occasion. We will all begin to remember as we notice the world speaking to us.  Did the dragonfly appear because we thought about it first? Then the thoughts will turn into signs that show up in our day.  These signs will tell us if we are on the right path to this awakening.  Those of us who feel there is no hope and do not want to live the way we are living will hear an echo in our mind that lets us know that we are not alone.  We will hear this voice of love speak to us inside.  The awareness is at its peak when we first wake up.  The voice that first enters our mind upon awakening will tell us who walks with us today.  With each time we look for love within our mind, little by little it changes parts of our day.  Once we see that what we think about comes into our life, we start to see that all the people who hurt us are just reflections of our self.  When we realize that there is a bigger picture that we don’t understand, we begin to search for more.  As we try to figure out how things appear in our life as we think them, a whole new awareness begins.  Listening to the voice of love brings us to a different view of what goes on inside our head.  Then as we figure out that it is this voice that guided us on this path we find that we changed our world from the inside out.


Monday, February 17, 2014

The Moment

The life we picture in our mind may not be what we have.  We will try to understand what all of it means.  As we reflect back on our life and compare it with today, we will see the innocents of yesterday.  There is pain in knowing that all we were is not at all what we are.  The innocence of what we thought to what we think today is gone.  What we use to think was all there was with hopes of more along the way. A time will come when we will see that each moment is its own.  Nothing from our past is present unless we let it come into our thoughts.  If we think of yesterday, that is what we relive until we let it go.  The voice of yesterday has already spoken.  The voice of today can make a change and look into the moment.  Who we live with in our head brings us today. We must take the moment and cherish what it is.  When we look at what we have we will see another world that brings us love.  We can choose to see the fear of what may happen because of yesterday or we can look for Something Greater that makes us notice the day.  We will find that as we talk to the voices in our head, they choose our reality that sees the love or the fear regardless of what others see.  We have a world within our self and it is up to us to make it something that is full of magic or full of pain.  I choose to look around my world for Something Greater that talks to me in the day and shows me how to find the magic in the moment.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Light of Truth

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

**This is an entry from 20 pages that I hand wrote within an hour.  I didn't know what I was writing until I read it back to myself.

I come to you with a message that all will hear some day.  The words were spoken long ago.  The time has come for many of you to take the path into a world that you have heard about but do not understand.  Between your thoughts and emotions lies an opening that leads you into the unseen.  It is always there waiting to open into your mind.  This opening will be unavoidable as it seeps into your thoughts.  You hear it at times but do not recognize that it is there.  Some of you hear it calling to you at night.  Some of you hear it in the world around you.  For those of you who refuse to recognize that it is there, you will find a world full of fear that emerges into your life.  A change is coming like nothing before, it is in the air as you go about your day.  You may hear something that speaks to you inside or you may see things that others do not see.  You may look at others and know that something is being exchanged between you that makes you have a feeling that you do not understand.  Your world is colliding with the unseen and the time is near when it will show itself for all to see.  The prophets have spoken of a God that exists.  A God that will be seen by all your world.  You can choose to ignore it as you have freewill.  There is a darkness that is spreading across your world. The fallen angels are walking across your land to bring it to you all.  You will recognize these angels that have emerged into human form by what lies behind their eyes.  This time has been spoken in another place.  You will remember when you look inside.  These angels will make you think that they are full of love, but you will know that they are not who they say they are if you listen to the opening between your thoughts and feelings.  The time is near for the Creator to shine the light of truth.  This light brings the unseen out into your world.  The truth will begin to shine from your thoughts that give you knowledge.  You will not like to hear some of what you learn.  It will be your responsibility to take this knowledge from your mind and share it with your world.  If you choose to do nothing, that will be your choice. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Puzzle

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

The puzzle of life is big and holds so many pieces that we do not know where to put them all for completion.  There may be sections that feel complete and then we find a piece of love in the wrong place.  There may be pieces that are all together and then they will need to be taken totally apart to put back together another way.  As we take each section of our life that is complete, we will one day look at the whole puzzle and find that we didn’t have any of it put together right.  Some of us will want to just keep it together any way, until the day when we realize that nothing fits no matter how we try.  Some of us will even try to take the pieces and make them fit until we see that the completion doesn’t make any sense at all. For those of us who find Something Greater, we don’t take any pieces to try and make them fit anywhere.  We are the ones who wait until the pieces come to us.  We are the ones who know the moment is all there is.  We do not need the puzzle to be complete because we are already complete inside.  We are the ones who accept the piece of anguish as a way to hold the answers that leads us to Something Greater.  We are the ones who take the piece of desperation and open it wide for all to see.  We will not need to put it anywhere as we wait for the answers as to where it is suppose to go. We are the ones who take the piece of pain and give it to Something Greater to hold for us. 

With each piece of the puzzle that fits to make the whole, the puzzle will just get bigger as we stand back further and further to get a better look.  There will come a day when we will be far enough away to see when looking at the puzzle  that we are only a section of a piece that leads to Something Greater that is the whole.  We will then be able to see that all the pieces of the puzzle are important and that each piece brings us one portion closer to Something Greater.  Then the day will come when our bodies will lose the ability to help us understand how the piece of Something Greater fits into our life.  We will question why we have pieces of sickness and even the piece called death.  Those of us who have given the piece of pain to Something Greater will take the piece of anguish that comes with questions of why we get sick to begin with and why we have to die and will find the answers in all that leads us to this moment in our mind.  The puzzle will become complete when we understand that Something Greater gave us all the pieces that brought us to this day.  That is when the sickness and the fear of death will leave us as we find the peace in knowing Something Greater lies beyond our bodies.  Then we will release our fears and face our sickness and even death with the piece of surrender as we accept that Something Greater knows what will be next.  So as we take each piece of the puzzle and go about our way, we must only carry what makes us whole today.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

About The Author

There once was woman who was diagnosed with cancer.  She stood at the mirror and looked at herself with despair.  Her beauty was gone and she no longer knew who she was inside.  She tried to look into her eyes to find some answers.  All she found was tears of sorrow that kept streaming down her face.  She felt no love from anyone and she didn’t even like herself.  She wanted to die but she was afraid of death.  She withered away a little everyday as she lost her hair and lost so much weight from not eating.  She never told anyone how she felt because she didn’t think that anyone cared. She wasn’t sure if there was anything out in the world that was listening to her cries at night.  She didn’t really know how to pray but thought she would try it.  Every time she felt the pain of living inside and every time she felt sick from all the medications for her illness, she would pray to a God that she didn’t understand.  Then one day when she was sick and didn’t care if she died, she prayed for peace and said to herself that she cannot live this way any longer.  She had heard about a God that was suppose to help when asked.  So she cried with all of her desperation for something to give her the strength to get through her days.  Then one day as she helped someone get a picture in a store, she saw the words that she had been praying for so long.  She heard a voice that told her to write everything down that she thought from that day forward.  As she wrote the words that came, they were like none ever before.  Now she never spoke before about how bad she was feeling and as she wrote the words that came to her, they were how to find Something Greater.  She was scared and all alone but knew the words were special.  She wanted to write all the time to make sure she didn’t miss anything she thought about.  She started out writing about thoughts and emotions.  As she wrote, she realized that when she was at her desperation, she recognized the painting’s words as a message for herself.  She wasn’t sure what it meant, but she had nothing else to try.  Her mind was in such turmoil that she began to write.  The words became messages from Something Greater.  Some of it she did not understand, but knew that they were important.  As she worked with such determination to write the thoughts that now were messages, her life began to change.  All the despair and all of the pain began to leave her.  When she looked in the mirror she saw the light behind her eyes that seemed to speak back to her.  She wanted to share this new found strength to anyone who would listen.  As she spoke and told her story, she began to heal.  The scars were now battle wounds that were left upon her body and she knew that the war for her life lied within herself.  All her life she had let someone else tell her what to do.  All her life she lived in fear and never thought of herself.  As she wrote, she started out wanting to spread this message that Something Greater was at work and she knew how to find it.  As she told her story to others, people began to want to know how she went from being so sad to so happy.  Then one day, as she looked in the mirror, she realized that she was different.  She was not sick anymore and she was full of love.  She wanted to share this knowledge with anyone who would listen. She found Something Greater and she wants to tell others that they can too.   

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Mirror

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

Emotions are a product of several qualities and attributes that have been given to you from Something Greater in combination with your freewill.  The key to what you seek lies within the mirror.  What you see looking back at you is what projects out to other people.  Your material things only cover your wounds.  You must look at the darkness within yourself to understand the light.  As you learn that all negative emotions trace back to fear and all positive emotions trace back to love, you are at a cross roads within yourself.  All emotions are important and should be viewed as a gift.  Knowing you are the vessel for Something Greater to come into this dimension brings great responsibilities.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ask To Receive

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

I lie in the crack between your thoughts and time.  I am like the rays of sunshine that can only be viewed if you position your eyes within the rays of light that shine at any given moment.  Even on the days it is cloudy, you will know that I Am there as the sun sits behind the clouds and patiently waits to shine out to all who will notice. I Am the inspiration behind the music to guide your knowledge.  I Am the inspiration behind the pictures to paint as you capture My essence within the strokes you place onto the canvas.  The inspirations for your words come from Me and this guides you into what you decide to allow into your thoughts based upon the level of energy that you hold.

There are groups of emotions that flow through you at any given time.  Each group of emotions will bring forth certain thoughts.  As thoughts form from these emotions, the energy becomes stronger.  Once you have taken the energy from various pockets of emotions and mixed them with certain thoughts, this combined energy spreads out into your physical world.  It does not matter who the person is who made the song that holds the words to get you through a difficult thought or who painted the picture that left you mesmerized.  What matters is that the song or the painting was made for you at the right moment to give you more knowledge about who you are on your path to Me.  The more you notice My presence, the more you will understand that I created all the universe to bring you to this time.

All the universe must respond when any of My young seek help and ask in My name. I will give you the knowledge to know what you need so you can give to others that which was planned prior to coming into this dimension. I will not help you unless you ask.  When you ask with your true intensions to improve your life or others I will bring you the blessings you seek.  My laws assure you that if you ask in My name, you will receive that which you ask for.  Do not hold expectations or question how you will receive what you seek. Look for the answers that are promised to come through your thoughts that will seep into the world around you for your messages.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Volcano

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission. 

With your emotions that form into desperation, you will begin to surrender to the acceptance that you are not alone.  I will first speak to you in the bird flying overhead or in the stranger that smiles as passing by.  There will come a time when you will open the window to Me and become like the lava that spews from the volcano as your thoughts and emotions seep into the land around you.  As you begin to change your thinking, your emotions will follow.  Like the lava from the volcano, your thoughts and emotions will come out into the world.  Depending upon how much strength you have within these thoughts and emotions is how much power the lava will have inside of you.  Depending upon the mixture of the thought and the emotion is how the lava will look when it pours out into the world.  You can take certain elements to change the lava and even stop the far edges of it from spreading into the world if needed.  Just like the lava from the volcano, you determine how far you go into the world around you by your thoughts and emotions.  Depending upon what you think, the emotion will form for the world to see.  If you have no strength behind this mixture, nothing will spread out into others.  If you lie dormant with these type of thoughts and emotions, they will build inside until they have nowhere to go and they will internalize in the body.  Just like the lava that lies in the volcano, the thoughts and emotions will lie inside.  Physical ailments will emerge as this mixture with no strength tries to pour out in attempts to find relief.  With My strength, you will build the foundation to bring this mixture out into your world so you can see if it is like the lava.  You will then know when you need help to stop anything from seeping into the parts of you that may be harmful.  You may need someone else to put the water on your thoughts to stop those that can turn into a fire that may explode in your mind.  There may be thoughts that you are uncertain about and someone else will point out the beauty behind them once you have verbalize them.  With each time you take your thoughts and add the emotion for all to see, you will begin to find the mixture of truth that brings the beauty from within.  The mixture of confusion will bring two separate paths to choose.  Each mixture will bring you different results.  You will find that if you take the thought of seeking for Me, the emotions of love, joy and happiness emerge.  Each time you take the mixture from Me, you will go further and further into the world as you share this for all those around you.  You will then find the strength to take what you have learned and help others who still sit in the corners of their mind ready to explode like the volcano.  With each one of you who take your knowledge to help another, the thoughts and emotions will build across all the world touching each and every one of you.  Like the lava from the volcano, you will form the land around you into a new world full of the mixture from Me.

 All the universe rejoices with each one of you who find Me.  The awareness of this knowledge will be at first overwhelming as you begin to see Me everywhere.  My gifts will turn into the knowledge to guide your path to Me.  The feelings of acceptance and gratitude will give you the strength to seek more of Me as the truth of who you really are in your mind and body emerges.  I gave you freewill to allow as much of Me into your life that you want to experience.  I will come in your thoughts and emotions just like the lava in the volcano full of love. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Battle

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission. 

You came here to bring all worlds together and dark entities do not want this to happen.  If you succeed in this task, there will be no more darkness and these entities do not want the light to shine.  Each mind that is lost brings this battle between the darkness and the light to the attention more and more to the rest of the universe.  Your body is unique and very special.  The worlds you can bring together will create more love.  This light is not wanted by the darkness some of you call Satan.  Knowing thoughts and emotions are from the spirit world, it is important to remember that these dark entities represent thoughts and emotions of anger, hatred and all that goes along with such negativity.  Just as Something Greater represents love, these dark entities are the essence of fear and hatred. Do not down play the potential of what this darkness is capable of in your world.  It comes as a thief in the night and preys upon the weak and sick.  That is why you must keep strong and not allow any negative thoughts into your mind.  It will start as a feeling and grow into a thought as the illusion that you do not matter grows into all you are in this dimension.  If you succeed in bringing all worlds together the darkness will lose power and will cease to exist.  With each person that dies from a terrible death, the light of hope and faith dims.  

The battle between good and evil will play out into your reality with how many of your masses are in turmoil.  In your news, in your associates, in your friends and in your family.  It all forces you to feel the pain inside so you can open the doorway to divine love.  You will see the wall in your mind that you are climbing over as you reach the understanding of all the worlds at work in your life.  You are the result of many worlds that form you.  Your inspirations pull all worlds together for creation.  The spirits come to you based upon your thoughts.  The masses come together to create from thoughts as a whole.  Your thoughts behind closed doors alone are different.  The spirit behind the masses is full of anger and this projects into your world.  If you each have love to project back when this feeling arises, it will reach out with light and compassion.  Just as the constant love of a parent for their child reflects into the child, your love for the world around you will bring all worlds together for this union.  With the light shining towards all worlds to see, protection comes as these dark entities do not want any part of this divine love.  They will look for dark spots in your mind and life to project negative thoughts as they strive to carry their darkness into your reality.

Inside Out

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

Faith will bring you strength.  When you have strength, you can balance your thoughts and emotions to gather knowledge.  You get your thoughts from the spirit world.  Your illusions are when you look at yourself from the outside-in.  It is now time to view your world from the inside out. You have a universe inside of you.  You can choose to ignore the miracle of that and say your world is insignificant to those around you or you can experience a whole new perspective from your world inside. Knowing thoughts are from the spirit world brings you to a whole new level of understanding.  If the unseen is guiding your thoughts, who is it?  There are many spirits wanting to share your gift of freewill.  You will only know the spirit world through who you identify them with.  Because thought creates and because thoughts can be considered spirits, you can also consider your thoughts as creating yourself into human form.  Technically, you create yourself that goes back to the source of all knowledge.  If you created yourself in human form, then your thoughts intertwine back to yourself.  With each new level of awareness, it is your responsibility to teach others what you know.  You have a gift that you came here to share and because of the negative emotions that are on your planet, you have clouded your mission.  It is not to be found in your material things.  It is to be found in you.  Some people go their whole life not understanding why they are here.  Knowing you are only here for a certain amount of time and knowing there is something other than you at work here results in some people with denials of even death.  Some people refuse to even discuss it and live in fear their whole life.  How can you deny the gift of only being in this body for a little while? 
***This is from my third hand written book that is all about the spirit world.  I would be woken up in the middle of the night and write pages on this topic.  This entry is dated 8/29/13

The Feather of Truth

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

There once was an angel who lived all alone way up in the sky.  She would watch the world at night so no one would see her fly by.  As she touched the hearts of those in pain to heal them, she would take some of it as her own.  She would keep this pain inside of her and would not try to let it show.  No one knew the despair she was in and she didn’t think anyone cared.  One day she became sick and was unable to shine her healing light to the world below. Her pain became so great that she could not fly.  The other angels who watched from a far came to be by her side.  Some of them laughed and just flew away and thought that she didn’t matter.  Some to them watched with interest just to see what she was going to do, “Can she get up or is she going to stay there and let the world go by?” Only one angel out of the bunch whispered in her ear, “You have to let go of all of this pain and figure out which is your own.  All of the people that you have helped in your work have to take their own hurt to carry and you cannot keep it as your own”.  As the angel listened to the words and sat in the cloud so high, she began to see that all of her pain that was so great inside was her efforts to prevent others from shining through their pain.  They were now stuck in the middle of this feeling and no one felt good at all. She realized that she was not helping and that she was making things worse for all.  She cried out in agony and flew to each and every one, she gave them back their pain and began to understand what happened.  She told them to take it and see what was theirs so they could find the light that wanted to give them love.  She smiled and said, “We all must look at our self to find out how to take what pain is ours and turn it into love. This pain will make us strong someday so it all will make sense as the light from afar will come and give you love.  This light of love will heal your pain and show you why you had to feel it to begin with.  If you choose to keep the pain in your heart, the light of love cannot shine through.  Without this love, you will become sick. Your body will become clouded inside and the darkness of fear will set in.  You will begin to feel it all around and sickness will spread throughout your mind and into your heart.  Once your heart becomes ill the rest of your body will then feel it too.  Those of you who hold it inside will one day find that you will not feel right.  Each time you do not listen to your pain it will turn inside.  You will then have a sickness that your body cannot hide and you will feel like you will want to die.  If you just ask for help from the light from far above, you can be healed as you see that this light is always there with love”.  As the other angels watched and saw this angel shine so bright, those who laughed and those who watched when she could not fly decided to see what this angel had done to make everyone feel so much love.  As the angel told how she gave all the pain back to those who owned it, the other angels began to understand that they had done the same thing to others.  As everyone began to give their pain back to who owned it, the world below and the angels in the clouds began to feel the love that had been blocked by all their fears. 

Then one day the angel who ruled the world from far above saw the love that radiated across the land.  He wanted to find out what happened for such a joyous time.  Everyone told him how one little angel that had sat in the dark for so long had showed them how to spread the love by ensuring that each had their own fear to overcome.  Once they conquered their fears inside, they were able to find the love from above. The angel who ruled all of the land looked in wonderment, he asked, “How could one little angel accomplish such a task?” Then from above where no one could see there was a voice that spoke to all of the angels loudly, “I have watched as all of you laughed and would not help the angel who sat in the dark for so long.  I waited to see if you would go to her when she was hurt.  I waited to see who would show her how to release her fears when she could not fly.  The angel who whispered in her ear and told her what to do was I.  I watched as you went about your way as if she didn’t matter.  I gave her the strength to go and be an example to others.  She even gathered the strength to go and teach you how to help yourself so you could then help others.  I was the one who wouldn’t let her fly.  I took a feather out of her wing so she took the time to see that she needed to take care of herself and that she needed to let others take care of their own needs.  When I gave her feather back to her so that she could fly, I gave her the feather of truth so she could speak her thoughts to others.  She began to recognize that the time she sat in the dark was the time that gave her the strength so she could share what she had learned with you.  Now you all have been taught a lesson because of her experience and all of the land from far and wide is learning a new found happiness. You have freewill to take what you have learned and make it what you chose.  If you continue to think that others do not matter after what happen here today, you will be the ones who will sit in the darkness with no one there to help.  Now take this time and all enjoy the love that you have been given and know that no one is better or worse and you all will learn from each other.  There will come a day that all will receive the feather of truth.  That will be the day when you will find how to spread My love to others.”