Saturday, February 8, 2014


** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

There once was a rainbow that shined in the sky.  He touched the corners of the land that crossed from side to side. His colors radiated for all to see.  Those who looked towards the rainbow high in the sky were instantly changed forever as it was like none other.  One piece of land far to the corner of the rainbow could not see the shades of light.  The rainbow knew that without his light, the land that was dark would be filled with fright.  He took some pieces from each of his colors and placed them into the dark.  The colors were small and shined to the land that sat within this darkness. The rest of the land around this spot shined so bright.  The fragments of colors that were in this darkness tried to shine for all to see.  As the colors spread across this place they tried to reflect some light.  They tried to reach the parts of the land that sat in total darkness.  They became sick as all around refused to allow them to shine. The fear in this land was too strong and smothered the colors of the rainbow. As the rainbow watched this happen from far above, he knew what he must do. He sent a color that came to this place and tried to give them some strength.  The rays that were sick from the darkness took this color from above.  It was different from any others and showed them how to love. This color that came from far above told them that they were there to help the darkness find some light and to help the land find love.  They were told that it would not be long before they were able to come home but they had work to do and must be strong.  The rainbow said to the colors below, “See if you can share your light for all to see until the day when you can come home to me”. Then the day came that the rainbow saw parts of this land was filled with his colors. He smiled and knew it was time to bring his children home and there was nothing left to do to the land. He brought the color that was different with him that help them when they were sick. Together they shined into the darkness until there was nothing but their light.  The rainbow looked toward the piece of the land that continued to sit in the dark.  He gave them a choice to gleam with the rest but some of the land refused.   The rainbow said that they had this choice and he had to take his light home, “I sent some help so long ago to try and give you light.  My children who wanted to come to your aide became so sick.  Your fear blocked their love that came from above so I sent my son straight from my heart so he could give you hope.  You continued to sit in the darkness and not accept the help.  Now I stand before you with my children all together.  We are here to help you shine with the rest of the land. For those of you who refuse to shine, we must now go home”.  The parts of the land that refused to shine sat in the darkness and was never helped again.

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