Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Changing Our Thinking

We will know which voice is speaking to us inside our head by the feelings we get when we hear them.  Does your stomach turn when you think about certain things?  Your emotions tell all.  Your thoughts become a product of these emotions.  Some of us turn our mind into nothing but fear because we never dealt with the emotion of fear in our past.  Right between our emotions that form our thoughts lies an opening where we stop for the power that gives us the strength for these thoughts.  This opening is where the voice of love or the voice of fear lies.  This is where we can start to change our thoughts.  We think certain thoughts based upon the feeling that merges with either love or fear.  When we focus on certain emotions and thoughts, we make choices as to which action will be taken as a result.  As we begin to ask “Why do I feel this way?” we become more aware of how groups of thoughts and emotions work.  We will be able to re-direct what we ultimately decide to bring forth into the action behind this mixture of thought, the force that holds love or fear and the emotion.  Do we really want to think about someone who may of hurt us in the past and bring forth all the thoughts and feelings that they bring into our mind? We can turn a good day into a bad day within an instant with what we think about.  Our reality is where we are in our mind.  We choose to take action based upon our interpretation of what we feel and what we think at any given time.  Many of us are asleep and have not activated the conscious presence of the force that is love based.  Fear based thoughts are much more easily accessible within our mind.  Love brings forth angelic forces.  Fear brings forth demonic forces.  For those of us who seek, we will open a flood gate of knowledge about our self and the world around us depending upon which force we allow into our mind.  If we seek for love, we will find the excitement that comes into play as we see the response in the world we encounter at any given time.  When we are consciously aware of why we are responding to a specific thought the way we are, we can then implement the force inside of us that brings forth change if needed.  As we identify the difference between our thoughts, we can then begin to make choices and take control of what thoughts we want to have within our mind. Question your thoughts as they enter and take control of how your day is going to turn out for you. Change your thoughts and you will change your life.

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