Monday, February 3, 2014

Enjoy the Trip

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

Each time we scatter on our way to get to the next place, person and thing we are to do, we get one step closer to the realization that we just keep doing “more”.  One day some of us will wake up and see that the moment has been missed.  With each moment that we forget, the trip becomes about the next thing, place or person we are to go.  Our thoughts and feelings become confused as we push away the moment.  Confusion causes our feelings to become uncertain.  With uncertainty, dark thoughts emerge as our fears take over.  We lose our connection to Something Greater as we become preoccupied with fear.  If we look at the moment,  we will allow our thoughts and feelings to balance so we can gain new knowledge that Something Greater will bestow upon us.  We will then allow our self the opportunity to hear the little voice inside our head that speaks to us through the world around.  As we begin to notice the beauty that starts to reflect back to us, the world will start speaking all around.  As we notice what lies before us, we will find that each time we listen to what is being said, we will hear the answer inside our head.  With each time we see a stranger that seems to smile back at us, another piece of Something Greater shines through.  With each time we feel the blessings from the falling rain, we will hear the voice of Something Greater grow louder in our mind.  We will want to share this new found knowledge with everyone to learn.  With each person that understands our words, they will take a piece and make them as their own.  One day those of us who start to understand that Something Greater is inside of us, the world around will respond and we will be surprised.  We will find that as we seek for the bird up in the sky, it will fly by.  Then one day all the confusion will be gone and we will know the voice inside is Something Greater within our mind.  Each time we listen with interest, it will come through stronger with love.  All the anguish and all the pain that lies doormat within our thoughts will be released as we search for Something Greater.  We will want this feeling of love like never before.  We will find that to seek this new found joy, we will have to feel the love that brings the voice of Something Greater for change.  As we share with all who will listen to our words, Something Greater will spread across the land.  One day we will wake up and see nothing but the love and the world around us will want it too as they look towards us.  Then the day will come that our body will become old. As we look back on our life we will realize that each moment prepared us for the knowledge that the voice of Something Greater inside our head will live on even after our body is gone.  For those of us  seeking for Something Greater, the trip will continue into the unseen land that holds another view to see.  So as we go about our day, remember Something Greater shines through to prepare us for the next trip that all leads back to Something Greater.

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