Friday, February 28, 2014

Right Before Your Eyes

The magnificence behind the making of our day is beyond our comprehension.  If you think you have it all figured out, look into your thoughts and search for that part that brings you answers.  We know nothing.  The pain of this realization is two-fold.  We are but a speck in this universe yet the impact of the knowledge that the sun rises for us to admire brings forth the realization that each part of our world down to our thoughts is planned out in a dimension that we know nothing about. When we began to realize that with each time we notice the bird singing to us or the leaves blowing in the wind, we see pieces of this creation hard at work to get our attention. We open up the flood gates within our mind that something is at work in all we do.  Forces that go back and forth within our mind bring us to a place that when we become conscious of these thoughts, even then we have choices that will ultimately bring us to the day when we will all recognize this power behind what we are made of inside and outside.  Our uniqueness brings forth worlds within worlds that we only hold.  What we do with these worlds is up to us.  Look to the setting of the sun and the rising of the moon with the knowledge that it is a gift for us to see this power at work as we seek to bring it forth inside of our self.  Why would you want to do anything but follow such magnificence?  The alternatives are to emerge into the darkness that waits to destroy this power of love.  Something Greater will reach out to pick us up off the floor to heal our wounds.  When that day arrives, we will find that this power has surrounded us our whole life and we were just not aware of it right before our eyes.  We have strived to become conscious of this power for many life times in our attempts to come to this level of knowledge.  We are at a time period that brings forth the power of All Creation like never before.  Know the view you have of the world around you gives you the opportunity to bring forth higher levels of consciousness as you gain more courage, more knowledge and more wisdom.  Know that no one can crawl into your mind without your permission unless you do not have the understanding of what is happening right before your eyes.  Know that when you see the darkness in the clouds that it is calling to a part of yourself that holds that feeling of loneliness.  Know that when you see the colors that burst from the pedal of a flower, it is the awareness of the beauty that lies inside of you. Know that the wind blows to remind you of this power that speaks to you in the trees.  Know that there is a love waiting right inside of you to open you to the reality of who you are.  Know that only you hold a purpose with this creation and no one else.  Release the fear and move past the outer edges of creation.  Move to the center within yourself to gain the power that shines the light into this darkness.  Know that this power is capable of making the storms turn into the sunshine that will reflect the beauty right before your eyes.


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