Monday, February 17, 2014

The Moment

The life we picture in our mind may not be what we have.  We will try to understand what all of it means.  As we reflect back on our life and compare it with today, we will see the innocents of yesterday.  There is pain in knowing that all we were is not at all what we are.  The innocence of what we thought to what we think today is gone.  What we use to think was all there was with hopes of more along the way. A time will come when we will see that each moment is its own.  Nothing from our past is present unless we let it come into our thoughts.  If we think of yesterday, that is what we relive until we let it go.  The voice of yesterday has already spoken.  The voice of today can make a change and look into the moment.  Who we live with in our head brings us today. We must take the moment and cherish what it is.  When we look at what we have we will see another world that brings us love.  We can choose to see the fear of what may happen because of yesterday or we can look for Something Greater that makes us notice the day.  We will find that as we talk to the voices in our head, they choose our reality that sees the love or the fear regardless of what others see.  We have a world within our self and it is up to us to make it something that is full of magic or full of pain.  I choose to look around my world for Something Greater that talks to me in the day and shows me how to find the magic in the moment.


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