Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Battle

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission. 

You came here to bring all worlds together and dark entities do not want this to happen.  If you succeed in this task, there will be no more darkness and these entities do not want the light to shine.  Each mind that is lost brings this battle between the darkness and the light to the attention more and more to the rest of the universe.  Your body is unique and very special.  The worlds you can bring together will create more love.  This light is not wanted by the darkness some of you call Satan.  Knowing thoughts and emotions are from the spirit world, it is important to remember that these dark entities represent thoughts and emotions of anger, hatred and all that goes along with such negativity.  Just as Something Greater represents love, these dark entities are the essence of fear and hatred. Do not down play the potential of what this darkness is capable of in your world.  It comes as a thief in the night and preys upon the weak and sick.  That is why you must keep strong and not allow any negative thoughts into your mind.  It will start as a feeling and grow into a thought as the illusion that you do not matter grows into all you are in this dimension.  If you succeed in bringing all worlds together the darkness will lose power and will cease to exist.  With each person that dies from a terrible death, the light of hope and faith dims.  

The battle between good and evil will play out into your reality with how many of your masses are in turmoil.  In your news, in your associates, in your friends and in your family.  It all forces you to feel the pain inside so you can open the doorway to divine love.  You will see the wall in your mind that you are climbing over as you reach the understanding of all the worlds at work in your life.  You are the result of many worlds that form you.  Your inspirations pull all worlds together for creation.  The spirits come to you based upon your thoughts.  The masses come together to create from thoughts as a whole.  Your thoughts behind closed doors alone are different.  The spirit behind the masses is full of anger and this projects into your world.  If you each have love to project back when this feeling arises, it will reach out with light and compassion.  Just as the constant love of a parent for their child reflects into the child, your love for the world around you will bring all worlds together for this union.  With the light shining towards all worlds to see, protection comes as these dark entities do not want any part of this divine love.  They will look for dark spots in your mind and life to project negative thoughts as they strive to carry their darkness into your reality.

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