Sunday, February 2, 2014


** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

If you cannot identify when a relationship or connection with someone else is causing you to loose yourself in a negative way, you will encounter experience after experience with greater pain.  Some people develop a need to "numb out" as they avoid their reality and addictions occur at this stage.  As you continue staying connected to such pain with another or you avoid the reality that you have to change something in your life, you look for more ways to "numb out".  You have lost your purpose at this point in life and you have become preoccupied with every way not to think. You seek more of what helps you forget all your pain. At this stage, the only way to disconnect with such thoughts and feelings is through a traumatic experience.  It may take some people several traumatic experiences before they can realize that they are a separate entity and can make their own choices.  The feeling of hopelessness may occur.  When you feel no life and no meaning to anything, you reach a level of pain that is at it's greatest.  The anxiety alone will make it difficult to focus.  Some people cannot function or perform their everyday tasks.  Something Greater will be watching and trying to give you signs in your life that you are going down a dark path.  You will not be listening as you become obsessed with the need for your addiction.  It will take much strength to verbalize your thoughts and feelings and Something Greater will surround you with people and experiences to help you through your day.  The person who compliments you in the hallway may trigger the feeling that someone is listening.  With each new experience of this awareness, you will seek more.  You will realize that you cannot live without this feeling of needing Something "more".  You won't know what it is, but you will look outside of yourself to find it.  This is the beginning of your connection to Something Greater.  Verbalizing your thoughts will result in action around you.  The connection will "pull" you without realizing it.  You begin to have a motivation for something better in your life.  You will realize that you are tired of being tired and refuse to feel the pain any longer.  The desperation opens you to everything around you.  Something Greater sees that as the opportunity to reach out to you so the little voice inside can stir.  Desperation is needed for the realization of Something outside of yourself.  It activates the part of you that wants Something more out of your life.  You begin to see things at work around you, guiding you in a different direction.  You let go because your mind is so tired and you stop trying to understand it and just "go with it".  You are on auto pilot as you feel like you are floating through your day.  Ensure that you have found that one person that you are comfortable with to discuss your thoughts.  Once you verbalize your thoughts, you will find that things are not as bad as you thought. At this stage, remember Something Greater brought you together with this person to learn.  Keep in touch with what you feel and reflect on pain verses enjoyment.  You ultimately are responsible  to know what to surround yourself with for your growth in the physical world.  You have freewill. Something Greater will be watching and guiding you on your path.  Remind yourself that there is a current of situations that are flowing around  you that are a result of your past decisions and thoughts.  This is where you learn responsibility and discipline.  You must clean up your life so you can see the results of your connection with Something Greater.  You will wake up one day and realize that you want to feel all the things that brought you to this moment and the addiction will no longer be in the front of your mind.  You will find the path to Something Greater has lead you away from the feelings of "numbing out" and your new found desires for Something "more" has turned into a whole new You.

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