Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Middle Ground

So if we are living in the middle ground and we can channel spirits from levels below us or above us, what does this mean exactly?  If there are laws in place what are they?  What is it we hope to accomplish during the little bit of time we are in these bodies? Even with our own spark of life inside, we are only conscious of a small part that gets us out of bed or off the couch.  We can welcome as many thoughts as we want but we will only be thinking consciously of one specific thought at any given time.  As thoughts are generated from what we feel, the complications arise.  We are inspired or chastised in our thoughts and emotions at any given time.  Our freewill gives us the opportunity to listen to either voice.  As we make decisions, we allow this negative or positive force to enter.  We then take our thoughts to a different level as we allow more and more of this force inside of us. We can become angry at the drop of a hat.  We can become sad for no reason at all.  We will pick up on these type of frequencies rather quickly.  We can choose to remain on a specific frequency for several life times until we become the murders or the suicides.  Even if we can justify in our mind how we intentionally hurt another in any way, we are giving up pieces of the angelic force that inspires us.  With each time we lose that connection, we obtain a stronger mixture of the negative force.  Even when we die, we take this force with us.  It is the spark of life inside that is like the fire burning from a candle.  The fire goes where ever the candle goes just as our spark of life that carries our consciousness.  Remember, energy cannot be destroyed as it only changes form.  As we connect with specific levels of consciousness, we create that reality.  We can heal from a specific level of consciousness.  We can take several different frequencies and combine them to make our own special mixture.  Some of us do this now and do not realize that when we mix passion with either love or jealousy the outcome will be different for each.  As we consciously learn which mixture produces specific outcomes, we then began to have freewill as we decide which one we want to experience.  We may play out the need to love with heartache for many life times until we consciously realize what the patterns are.  When we begin to make a conscious decision of the choices in our life as we gain knowledge that we will have specific outcomes because of these choices is when we will either become more enlightened or we will spiral down into the levels of existence that some call the fallen angels.  Because we are on the middle ground, we have the option to go either way.  Some of us are dangling from a thread and know there has to be a change as we look towards anything to help us get through the day.  As we go back and forth in our mind, we are not capable of understanding what is happening behind the scenes.  It is time to learn how to take control of what this unseen world is doing so we can go to the next level of awareness.  First, we must realize that we are in a position of power over these spirits unless we break the universal laws that are in place for the protection of all.  The universal law that we get back the type of energy we give to others will always play out in what some call karma.  No one escapes these laws.  There is perfect order in this process and we all will learn these laws through the voice of love or the voice of fear. Our inspirations will be on one side cheering us on while we will hear the calling from the underworld telling us that we are not worthy.  As we take control and abide by these universal laws with good intentions, the middle ground becomes the pathway into the angelic forces that have to help us when ask.  For those of us striving to connect with the God of our understanding, we must reach for everything that surrounds us to help in this task.  A large number of us do not share any thoughts at all and do not ask for assistance as a result.  The universal law that if we ask we will receive must be viewed when seeking for the God of our understanding.  Some of us will choose to sit in our misery until the day we do not have any connection with this Source of All Creation.  It is our choice as we sit in this middle ground.  We will be here until we either gain control over our consciousness for enlightenment or we seep into the underground where the demonic forces emerge into our reality.


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