Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Fish Called Surrender

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

There once was a fish named Surrender.  He met a turtle named Acceptance.  Each time the fish swam to the shore line, it saw the turtle.  The fish would admire the turtle basking in the sun.  One day Surrender called to Acceptance and wanted to feel the sun on the land with him.  The turtle called back to Surrender and told him to come up to the shore line and he would pull him out of the water with his teeth.  The fish was scared that Acceptance would eat him until the turtle agreed to be gentle.  With each tug that Acceptance made as he pulled the fish from the water, Surrender became wounded.  As Acceptance pulled Surrender upon the shore line, the fish cried out in pain.  He told Surrender that if he had not struggled so much when he pulled him from the water, he would not be wounded.  As Surrender sat on the shore line, the fear of the sun began to cause the wounds to get larger.  Acceptance noticed and took the water from the shore line and began to cover Surrender’s wounds with the water.  As Acceptance sat beside Surrender, they became friends.  Each day the turtle would go to the shore line and pull the fish out of the ocean.  Surrender began to get stronger and did not struggle as he allowed Acceptance to pull him in and out of the ocean to bask in the sun.  They would talk for hours and Surrender told Acceptance all of his fears.  With each fear that Surrender told to Acceptance, he found that his fears were not so scary once he spoke them to his friend.  One day Surrender had no fear and jumped up onto the shore line to sit next to Acceptance.  Surrender said that he had no more fear of basking in the sun and now knew how to get back into the water because Acceptance had showed him how to do it by himself.  As their relationship grew, each time Surrender became afraid, Acceptance would show the fish how to get rid of his fears.  The day came when Surrender and Acceptance decided to live together.  A crab called Honesty came by.  This crab began to talk to Surrender and Acceptance.   Surrender told Honesty his story of how Acceptance helped him conquer all his fears.  As Honesty listened to the story, a bird called Strength flew by and heard the fish.  When Surrender was finished explaining how Acceptance had helped him, he saw Honesty, Strength and a squirrel called Courage all standing in front of him full of awe and wonder.  They all became friends.  One day Surrender, Acceptance, Honesty, Courage and Strength were talking together as friends always do and they saw a snake go slithering by.  This snake wanted to eat the fish.  Surrender was brave with all his friends and yelled out with the help of Honesty for the snake to “Go Away”.  The snake just laughed and said that Honesty and Surrender could not hurt him.  As Acceptance, Courage and Strength heard the snake laugh, they all came together and picked up the snake and threw him into the ocean to never be seen again.

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