Thursday, November 5, 2015

There Are No Coincidences

The Flow of Change for the Soul is on hold...........

This entry is difficult for me to write as I feel defeated. I have struggled to get this next book out to you with urgency and had every intention to have it published by December 2015 as promised. Unfortunately, I cannot financially afford to get the editing done at this time. I have completed everything except the editing. Westbow is the publishing company that did my first book and I wanted to utilize them with this book. They did not feel comfortable in doing the editing on this book because there is a chance of “obscuring or even changing the author’s intended meaning in the sake of conceptual clarity”. As a result, I searched for the “right editor” and found that I cannot financially afford to complete this final stage of the book <sigh>. I have put every spare dime I have into this project and need to take the time to recover from what I have already spent. I estimate that in about 6 months I should be back on track to invest in an editor to assist me with the word changes that are needed. I have seen a vision of the book as I wrote the words and know that my God wants it published.

I think the information will be helpful to those who seek to heal themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. The words written are how I healed myself and the diagrams are visions that came to me as I wrote the process I went through to heal from cancer, Lupus and suicidal thoughts. I will publish the book but it will not be in the time-frame I had initially planned. I know that God has a reason for what is happening and when the answers come, I will share them with you. Thank you for the support as I go through this period of “waiting” as I learn patience. I will continue writing and sharing with you through this blog, the videos and my thoughts of the day on Facebook.

I do not share my writings for recognition. I share so I can grow spiritually on my pathway home to my God. I am saddened yet feel empowered in this stage of my growth as I hear God cheering me on. I do not question “why” and only look towards “how” I can keep my faith as I walk through the shadows during this time period.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Up-date on the next book

I have passed the first phase with the publisher. I spent the entire day learning how to convert my drawings into PDF format. That was not easy to understand but once I figured it out, it went quite smoothly. I have 48 images to share in this next  book and could have put more in but decided that all my other information can wait for another book. I did change the title after much thought. It will be called:

The Flow of Change for the Soul

This book is how I changed and as I feel it inside my very soul, I could not leave it out of the title. I will hopefully have the book ready for sale by the holidays. I will be doing a book signing this time and will combine both books into this event. For those of you planning to attend, I look forward to meeting you. I will have a date and time as soon as my images are reviewed and the editing is complete. This will take several more weeks which leads me to think that it will be Christmas time. It will be a good time for those of you in the snow to visit sunny South Florida. For those of you who cannot travel, I will try to keep you posted through this blog and my fan page on Facebook.

I thank my God everyday for bringing me to this glorious time in my life. If you would have told me two years ago when I wanted to give up on life that I would be looking forward to what lies ahead for me, I would have never believed you. All my days of darkness are now filled with the light from all the love.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement you have given me. Some days when I write, I hear myself asking, "what will those who visit my blog think of this?"  Now that's a big change from wanting to die, huh?

Something Greater Than You

The Soul Inside the Body You Are In

The Creation of You

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Seperation for End of Days

It is amazing to me to see where I come from in comparison to who I am today. I hope you find the change in my writing as exciting as I do. It is difficult for me to reveal myself but my God tells me that it is necessary. Hope you can find something you can identify with on your own journey.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thoughts of Dispair

I was given the knowledge of what I have been doing with all these videos  today. I have struggled for two years with why I have to do them. I have spent many sleepless nights doing them. Now I understand that the type of format this video is in, is what I have been working towards all along. I am excited to see what God reveals to me next. With acceptance I move towards truth. This could become another book!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We Are Not Alone

I tell you some of my past in attempts to help those who may feel hopeless understand that "We are not alone"

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Miracles In God's Name

This video is an entry I wrote as I interpret how the miracles started occurring in my life when I became aware of God.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Reality Above Your Own

I get up at 5:15am every day to ensure that I have time to write what ever God places in my thoughts for that day before I go to work. I patiently wait for God to tell me how to present what I write for those who may find the information helpful on their own journeys. This entry is opening me into the possibilities of how all time occurs at this moment. It brings me to another level of understanding on my search for my God. I hope you find it as useful as I do: 

Sunday, August 30, 2015


**I have been receiving questions and comments from those who appear to be trying to "correct" my information. I come from a world that does not have a God and when I was told to write I did not understand what God or the Holy Spirit was. The first two weeks after my  first encounter with God, I floated through my days feeling as though there were two of me. I wrote this entry on 9/28/14 and did not understand it. I woke this morning with the passion to put it on my blog and stand strong in what I am doing for the God of my understanding. I am the vessel for what God gives me and that is all I know. For those who take my words and try to twist them into something other than what they are intended to be, that is between you and the God of your understanding. I pray for light, love and healing for all who read my words:
How do some of us feel a presence that surrounds us like the mother who holds her child full of love? How do some of us feel the grace that is bestowed upon us while others sit within the misery of their minds? Are there chosen who are born with such a thing? Do they know that they are graced with the presence of this love? What makes them different in their thoughts that makes them want to shine? What makes them know that there is Something Greater that makes them feel alive?

Don’t look towards what one may have that surrounds them in their life. It is only found in those who want to give their self. Maybe they will smile at you as they pass you by. You will feel the love that shines out from within their eyes. You will question “What do they know so I can understand?” They will look as though they have found heaven within their minds. You will want it for yourself as you sit all alone. The desperation for this love will make you want to search. Then the day will come to you when you will find it for yourself. You will be upon your knees when thoughts are at their worst. This presence will come to you and wrap you in the love. Then you will find that it was there with you all the time.

Even in the times of your life when things seem dark inside, you will find that it was always there. It is the part that holds your thoughts and carries you through the day. It shows you all the choices that brought you to this time. You will be given grace to see that you were never alone. The grace will touch you through desperation and will fill you up inside. It will come to you when you are empty and when you have nothing left to give. It will show you that you choose to keep yourself alone. You will be given the knowledge to learn how to become the vessel for this love. It will pour into you and will flow out into your world.  If you keep it for yourself, you will not be able to get more. You will then be alone as you sit within your thoughts.

You are given grace from a source that only comes to you. The grace will come through gratitude that will build you into love. It will start when you are empty inside so that it can fill you up with love. A feeling will creep inside of you and make you question “how?” It will make the raindrops sparkle and then a rainbow will appear. The clouds will move aside in your mind and the sun will begin to shine. The love will come about the time you look into your eyes. You will know that something’s there as you feel the love. You will question how does it turn your darkest thoughts into the light of love?

Then the voice will speak to you like a whisper in your thoughts. The more you listen to this love the more will be revealed. You will know that grace is there and fills you up inside. You will question was it there all of this time? Did it come when you were desperate and did it just appear? Why were you chosen to feel such love that lies only in your mind? How do you show others that there is Something Greater that speaks to you inside? Then you will be told that it is up to you to take it out into the world.

At first you will look to someone else to tell you what to do. Then the voice will speak to you and tell you that all you need is right inside of you. You will then be told that you cannot keep it all for yourself. You cannot feel the grace that comes without the thought of giving it to those within your world. You will question if you are good enough to show it to anyone else. Then the voice will tell you that you are here right where you stand as the vessel for this love. You were made just for this task and it is up to you. You are the action behind the grace that comes from an unseen world.

It will touch your thoughts that start with a feeling that you cannot explain. The grace will touch your thoughts inside that will bring you gratitude. You will feel the part of you that was always there. That is when you will know that the grace waited for this day. You will see that it was always there as it speaks to you inside your world. It may show up as the beauty from a flower that you see. The colors will glow within your eyes as the grace shines into your thoughts. You will want to share this knowledge that was given to only you.

Everyone will have the choice to feel the grace inside. It will start the day you seek for the gratitude within your life. It will come through your desperation as you seek for Something Greater. The grace will be the force that touches you from an unseen world. This force will reach inside of you and place the grace inside your heart. It will spread from your heart and go straight into your feelings. The thoughts you hold will catch a drift of the feelings that it will bring. Then your thoughts will become the words that you must speak into your world. The grace will start inside the window of your desperation.  You will be told that you have to share it with those who are in need. Something Greater will give you words through a touch of grace. No words will be able to explain what you feel inside.  

The grace waits for all to empty their thoughts to experience another world. It is a language that Something Greater will speak to only you. Grace will come like a hand full of love and will whisper inside your heart. It will come to only you and will not make a sound. You will have to make a choice as you sit within the misery of your mind. Do you empty all your thoughts and see what you will find? Do you deny the existence of your creator that can show you a different world?

You have the choice to create what you want right within your mind. The grace will come about the time that you seek for something more. The grace will come and touch your darkest spot inside. It will shine the light of love and show you who you are. You will want this feeling to stay with you forever more. The grace will give you the knowledge that your Creator comes to life right inside of you.







Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What About Reincarnation?

As you grow in your relationship with the God of love, your foundation will become stronger with the belief in this world. The more you believe, the more you will experience the darkness that tries to seep into your life. As you walk your path seeking for the light that God beacons, you will see many trails that call to you. They will appear bright and beautiful. As you grow spiritually some of you will find that the path to enlightenment will lead you on a search within the documentation that has been written throughout history. Many books are written with different interpretations of what God wants you to be during your time in this body. Many religions have been created with what each thinks is the way to find the path to enlightenment. Many deaths have occurs over the belief or lack thereof in God. For those who seek to find a book that tells the story of a Creator that heals, that casts out demons, that protects, that loves unconditionally, that gives you hope, that raises the dead, that gives you ever-lasting life, that controls the water, that controls the wind, that controls this planet, that does miracles and came in human form to be sacrificed to forgive all your sins, you will find the words that God provides in the Bible to guide you. The Bible will be your manual and will lead you towards a light of total utopia.

As you learn the story of creation and how the battle among the angels resulted in Lucifer being cast out of heaven, you will begin to question what role you play in the middle of this story. The Bible tells of how there will be a battle on earth between Lucifer and God during the end of days as we know it. It is written that Lucifer will shine a false light into the world and as you seek for the true light, it will be vital to your spiritual growth to arm yourself with knowledge.  On your search for understanding to abide by the rules that the Creator of All placed into the Bible to help you grow spiritually, many questions will arise.

You will look at the path behind you that brought you to this point of your journey and you may think that you cannot combine your current life with the expectations the Bible places on you for a relationship with your Creator. The days it becomes too great to understand, pray for light, love and healing. You will need to remind yourself that the spirit world makes this world and as the darkness seeps into your thoughts, you will need the light from your creator to shine into your thoughts to take the darkness and turn it into the most glorious of creations.

The teachings in the Bible are a guide. What knowledge you are given from this book will be different each day. The light of the way comes from the instructions in the Bible as you seek for what you can take as your own. God is not confusion and when confusion occurs when reading the Bible, it is a sign that you are blending your new found beliefs with the darkness of your past. The spirit is ever evolving in this time period. It takes your current mind, body and soul and molds you into what you are intended to be during this time period. All the memories from all your ancestors will be rolled into who you are today. Subconsciously, you will know this and it will feel as though you have lived many lives. You will know in your soul that you are always a part of your Creator and each time the soul goes into another body, these memories will slowly surface as the spirit blends with this part of you in this dimension.

Your soul never dies as it is the part of your Creator that lives for this current state of existence. You are experiencing at this moment. The soul is like the baby who grows with the mother’s guidance. As your soul evolves and carries all the memories in your blood line while in the body, the darkness comes to prevent you from growing. When you were created, the intent was for you to live with the love from your Creator to share in this dimension. Each time the body dies, you seek for another opening to further your spiritual growth.

Humans all go back to the Garden of Eden so, techniquely, we can connect with everyone currently living on this planet unless the fallen angel’s creations stand before you. As you evolve, you will know who they are when they stand in front of you. As you remind yourself that this dimension is created by the spirit realm, you will seek for guidance with the help from your Creator. The Bible speaks of one life while on this planet, yet we are all connected to the Garden of Eden. One body lives but all souls can be traced to the beginning of our creation. As the soul grows, more awareness occurs. The type of connection you hold with your Creator determines how much of your memories you carry over into this dimension. Your memories will assist you as you seek for your mission while here. Many do not believe we can reappear in this dimension once the body dies. The soul then sleeps as they live with the belief that this is their only chance for redemption. These beliefs are what they need at this time as they grow spiritually with the God of their understanding. When you can remember other lives in search for your Creator many things must be considered for such memories


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Preface for The Flow of Change

My writings are controversial for those who look to see where my words come from. All I know is that the voice I hear is full of love and helped me heal myself from the inside-out. I look back on who I was before this world came to me and I never want to go back into the darkness I once held in my thoughts. I have found that the more I share what I receive, the better I feel.

I share my story with anyone who will listen so I can receive more knowledge and ultimately heal all my wounds that go all the way back to my beginning. I go back to when I only knew fear so I can heal for all those who search for ways to heal themselves.

The Flow of Change is my interpretation of how I changed from the inside-out. This book can be viewed as a manual for those seeking for Something Greater. If used properly, you can heal yourself through the 10 components that are identified and placed into several diagrams throughout the book to show the process in picture formats. The diagrams would flood my thoughts and I could not draw them fast enough. As I wrote, the pictures would just be there on the paper and I would look in disbelief at what I would draw. At one point as I wrote, I saw the words already typed into a book. The more I write, the better I feel. I read the words written and look in awe as I continue to seek every day for a stronger relationship with the God of my understanding. Some days the information flows through me so strongly, I have to put it into a video format because the urgency to share overwhelms me.

The videos and my blog have been the fastest way for me to share and my blog alone has been viewed in 15 different countries and still counting within the year that I created it to date (1/11/14). Over 10,000 views have been recorded on my blog and I feel satisfaction in fulfilling my promise to the God of my understanding that I would attempt to spread the words given to me to the entire world.

The first day I heard the voice speak to me was a life altering event. I was told that I would be given words to write that have never been written before. Little did I know that I would find not only words but a view into a world that I continue to seek answers from every day. For those skeptics out there who do not believe in the world I write about, all I can say is that I have been changed and healed by the belief that this world is there. My lupus is in remission and physicians involved in my care say it is a result of the chemotherapy I took when I went through treatment for cancer. I know this treatment could not have healed me in an instant, but that is what happened to me. Those who watched the change in me would ask what I was doing as they said I looked better than they have ever seen me look. My answer was and still is:

“I found God” and “God found me”

I listen inside my thoughts and God or someone from God speaks to me to tell me what to write. You may ask how I know it is God and my answer is that creation is a part of God and as I look back on what I was before I knew there was a God, I see how the God of my understanding has taken a broken and miserable person and created a whole new mind, body and spirit. How can I know God without knowing what God is not?


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Shield of Love

I was told that I should put the book in an audio format. That would be a whole other project that I think would be way over my head! This entry is in my book and I put it out there for those who are trying to set boundaries in relationships on their search for the God of their understanding.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Bloodline

***I am trying to decide on a publisher for my next book. I have everything together and have a friend helping me make some final changes. As I work full time, have two children and seek to publish a second book within a year of publishing the first one, I have already started writing a third book <sign>. It looks like it is going to be about the end of days. It is beyond my ability at this point to understand why I am writing this type of book but the words are incredible. Here is something I wrote a couple of days ago that I was told by my God to share with you tonight:

The bloodline that you hold goes back to the beginning of your creation. God cleansed the earth and started the blood line over with Noah and his family. As Lucifer comes through your blood which is the life-line in this dimension, you will need to have the cleansing of Jesus blood to ensure that he does not enter. That will mean that all the blood back to your entire family’s blood line will need to be looked at as needing cleansing. You will need to ask for the forgiveness of your entire blood line or Lucifer will lie in the parts of your blood from your ancestors. The spirit can only enter you with permission. If your ancestors gave this permission, it will be up to you to rebuke what your ancestors have done. Parts of the darkness your family line holds can even end up in your DNA. That type of mixture with Satan’s darkness will attract a dark type of energy consciously or unconsciously. Most of you have a blood line of some darkness. Those who become violent in a well-rounded family have the darkness that can trail all the way back to your family’s first encounter with darkness. When you go into this darkness to relieve yourself of this path, there will be much chaos all around you.

When you have been touched by the Holy Spirit, all this darkness will leave for a time period that only you will experience. When you realize that power outside of yourself is real, you will have many thoughts. You will know that something very powerful lies inside of you like a hungry bear that wakes up from a long winter’s nap. You will know you are forever changed and can never go back into the darkness that you carry from within your blood line. How do you release all this darkness you ask?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Armor for End of Days

The Unveiling

This is a chapter from my new book The Flow of Change. I feel so strong about the words in this entry that I had to put in into a video. I do not feel worthy to be the one to read it but I needed to share it and no one else could say it the way I heard it in my head when I heard the words in my thoughts.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


I was praying this morning and was told to put this up for someone who needs it today.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Sunlight of the Spirit

The spirit surrounds you in the air, in the sun, in the wind, in the sounds and in the thoughts and feelings you hold. When you do not think this word is there, know you cannot have this body without the spirit. The awakening occurs through each moment you seek this world. The life you live is a choice and the day you realize the suffering sheds away like the dead skin, your new beginning shines through. The emptiness is then filled each day you seek with the knowledge that you are in this body for a purpose. The magnitude of knowing this body is here for this moment only and all the past just brought you here for this awareness will bring joy like never before.

All the relationships that ended poorly will then be seen as the way you have grown on your path to the God of your understanding. Each relationship has a beginning and an ending unless you are currently in the middle of one. The beginning is always filled with excitement and as this emotion balances out through the course of the relationship you will experience a shift of love a need to get out of the relationship. As the decision to get out of a relationship that was once full of love occurs, there is a morning period for all you were with this person.

You may end up in several of the same type of relationships until the end becomes a new way to find happiness for the next relationship. It will be vital to look at only your part in the relationships that have ended in your life. It may be difficult to do when the other person has done things to hurt you. The thoughts of anger will come and go as you attempt to put all that occurred into the perspective that all these experiences occurred for you spiritual growth.

It will be important not to judge the other person as you attempt to look at what you did throughout the relationship. You will find the parts you played that resulted in reactions from the other person that may have caused anger. You will go back and forth in your thoughts and feelings as you try to find meaning in the relationships that ended full of anger and hurt. As you seek for your path to enlightenment, you will have many dark trails as you try to find the meaning in relationships that ended on negative terms.

Prayer will play a vital role on your quest for peace. The anger may make it difficult to even consider praying for happiness for someone who may have hurt you, regardless of what role you played to cause the end of a relationship that was once filled with love. Prayer will be a way to release your anger so you can move out of the darkness that covers your path to Greatness. Each day you say a prayer for the person you are angry with, you will begin to find that your role in the relationship will begin to seep into your thoughts. You will be given the knowledge through prayer of why it is vital to your spiritual growth to focus on only your part in the experiences that occurred with the person you once loved.

You will have to release any judgements you hold of the other person’s decisions and you will have to focus on the decisions you made only. The only way to release the hurt and anger you hold because of what someone else did is to focus on keeping your path clear of anything that prevents you from finding the sunlight of the spirit.

You will find that the more you pray for happiness for the person whom you think caused you so much hurt, the more you will understand what you did in the relationship. Even in relationships that may have been abusive, you will be given the knowledge of why you were in this situation. With each time you release the anger of what happened to you in relationships that ended full of hurt and fear, the path will become brighter on your journey to enlightenment.

When you are able to take responsibility for the things you said or did to others that was hurtful to them regardless of what they did to you, a little more of the sunlight of the spirit will shine through. To verbalize your wrongs becomes the beginning of a whole new relationship with the God of your understanding.

If you admit your wrongs, you are releasing the negative energy that you hold with others. There will come a day when all your past will blend with who you are today for only the love of who you will be tomorrow. The freedom of acknowledging your wrongs to those you have harmed will bring forth a connection to the God of your understanding that you have never known before.

Even when your path seems full of darkness, the sunlight of the spirit can be seen through the shadows. There will come a day when all the darkness will turn into the brightest of days as you release the darkness of the past through the light of truth that shines through so you can see, feel, taste, smell and touch the sunlight of the spirit.

The Journey by Lisa Hynes.• In The Mind Of Something Greater

The Sunlight of the Spirit by Lisa Hynes•In The Mind Of Something Greater

Monday, June 15, 2015

The View Within The Light..

** This if for the front flap of the book The Flow of Change. It is a section from the last few entries in the back of the book:

There is no other person or thing that can replace the space that you hold. Your body that connects to your mind combines to bring forth a specific energy source that the spirit gives you because you are you. No one else will ever receive what you get from the spirit because of your unique mind and body. You are truly forming your body through how much of the spirit you allow into your mind and body. It is continuously flowing through you and the day is coming that you will know it is there as the sparkles will be seen like flashes of colors with forms that may even look like snowflakes for some of you. The knowledge will pour into you as you feel the connection with this source. The times you do not see it or feel it or hear it or smell it, you must visualize this light source that connects you like a web.

 The flow of change is here right within the air, you will begin to remember all you have locked inside your mind. The time has come to open the window into this unseen world. You will begin to see the change within the air you breathe. You will begin to see the colors sparkle in your day.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


**Some parts of The Flow of Change even scares me. This chapter came to me after interviewing a Catholic priest who has done "lots" of exorcisms.............
Time is irrelevant in the spirit world and this force, that is what you call evil, can cross all boundaries the universal laws establish if you do not become knowledgeable in preparation for what is to come. This force has latched on to the very essence of the masses. It does not discriminate on gender, race or status in society. The purpose of this source is to turn all loving thoughts into hate, jealousy and fear. It has great power on your planet as it sits in the very air you breathe. It has been formed into people that hold great power in the masses. It will guide your blind into the snake pits as it reassures you that you are supposed to do so. It can form into those you love or the stranger who kills those you love.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Purpose


**This is the intro to The Flow of Change.  I would love some feed back........
This book is to help prepare the ones who believe in Something Greater.  As the masses build into the two groups of love and destruction, the two groups will explode into the war of all history. It will build in the individual thoughts that will separate even the mother from her child. The anguish that the masses are building into will enter into everyone’s thoughts as planned. It is important to remember that you planned this time period to experience this occasion.  As you process this knowledge, look into your eyes so you can say it to yourself. These words written will one day be your saving grace for the masses that play this planned event out. As the thought of this seeps into your mind, remember you have this book in your hands for a reason. From the beginning the thoughts have been building to this time period as it will always be.
These words are to activate the warrior inside of you on the quest for Greatness ever more. Each of you came here to give this time period the part of Greatness you hold. Do not look into the world until you understand what you hold. If you go within yourself to see who you are, it will trail all the way back to the beginning thought. Once you grasp onto this task, the knowledge will seep into your mind so you can understand what is to happen next. Do not look for others to hold your answers. They will be trying to do the same thing. The planets are aligning to bring to you the energy that you need to get the answers you seek. You feel it now yet look away in hopes that it will not show up another day. You will one day be forced to reach inside your desperation to find this Source of All Knowing. Those who are in this desperation will open up the part inside of them that will pour so much knowledge in that they will have to compose their self so others do not think they have stepped into insanity.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


***Here is a few paragraphs from a chapter in The Flow of Change I felt the need to share. Someone needs this today:
You are in a time period where you will not be able to maintain all the energy that surrounds you alone. The universe expands and brings your awareness to a level that requires assistance. Those of you who choose to walk alone and deny that the spirit world exists are at great risk. All the universe waits for the day when you become consciously aware that you are not alone, even in your thoughts. You may react with anger at first as you question why you cannot have thoughts alone. The day will come when you will realize that you are a part of Something Greater and your thoughts are not for only you. You were created with the task to bring the spirit world out into physical form. You were made to share this dimension with all worlds.

If you hide your physical form, down to the thoughts you hold, the laws of the universe will ensure that creation occurs through you like the ocean that beats against the rocks. The dark world within your thoughts will fight to keep you hidden. The spirits from the dark world will bring forth destruction just as the spirit world that creates will bring the light of love. It is your responsibility to bring forth the parts of this unseen world that you desire into your thoughts to either hide or to create.
As the universe is in constant motion, so are you. Some days you will be moving at a high pace within your thoughts and feel like you can conquer the world. Some days you will have no energy and will have difficulty getting through the tasks at hand. Each day will require your verbal requests for assistance.
Be aware that who you ask for assistance from will determine the outcome in all your affairs. You will have to empty your thoughts to allow this unseen world inside. You will have to look inside your intensions before asking for assistance. Just as the flower needs water for nourishment to grow, you need the spirit to live.

Friday, May 1, 2015


**I almost have all of the information put into the computer for The Flow of Change. I just wanted to share this entry. I have diagrams that go with this chapter that I cannot figure out how to put into the blog. I hope you can get something out of this without the diagram.... The knowledge that Something Greater is in your mist even when you do not feel a connection will begin to show up in your day through others and through symbols that are meaningful to you. Some of you will see the cross or the Star of David that will verify your belief that Something Greater walks with you in the day. You will begin to see others that hold the darkness you had when you didn’t know there was Something Greater. You will find that as you share your new found knowledge others will want it for their selves. The more you share, the more you will feel burn inside of you. Acceptance that you are here right where you stand and nowhere else will do comes like waves from the ocean. As you grab a wave of this knowledge, you will blend it into the air around you. This stage of awareness will fill you with peace as you feel the presence of pure love surround you as it swirls around in your thoughts. It will take great effort to remain consciously aware that the spirit lies inside your body and blends into your thoughts. You can choose to feel this source at any given time. It can touch a thought or a feeling that brings you to your knees. It can enter just to make you question if you have went insane as you become aware of the air around you that seeps inside your thoughts and pulls you up into a conscious state that you are aware of within the entire room. This stage of development requires you to ensure what your intensions are as the unseen world surrounds you for attention. This stage is very important as you must become conscious of what this presence means to you at the time of awareness. Do you feel love or is there an under lying feeling of dread? If you look into your thoughts, the things mixed in will tell you if any fearful thoughts are present. You will have to look into your intensions at any given time to know which spirit walks with you. Each new day will require the practice of identifying your intensions for that day. If you wake with a heaviness and you cannot identify why, the under-lying fear of who you are will be underneath as you block the presence of pure love.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Love Yourself

 ***This entry is for me and I put it on my blog for those who may also need it ...

The guilt of what you have done to others is a product of times when you were unable or unwilling to perform with love for yourself. Without the feeling of love, you may even subconsciously sabotage your own happiness. Even when others give you compliments, you will be unable to feel worthy of them without the feeling of love. When you can find the love for who you are at this moment, the guilt will blend into this feeling and you will know that you did the best that you could do in situations that have negative impacts on others. With each new level of awareness, you will begin to take more responsibility for events that cause others difficulties.

Knowing that you are reaching for Something Greater to be the best that you can be for this unseen world will help you forgive yourself in times that you made decisions which resulted in hurting others. The realization that you are learning from each experience you have for enlightenment will help you take this new found knowledge to your next level for even more love.

All the things you did that brought you to this understanding will help you accept that you are growing like the flower looking for the sun. The past events that cause you guilt will then become the storms that nourished the flower for growth. You will become stronger because of the guilt as you take this knowledge and blend it into who you are today. The love will blend into the guilt so you can turn all the confusion, all the pain, all the anger and, for some of you, even the hate into a new found love for yourself.

As you look for the path towards enlightenment, salvation or peace of mind, you will look ahead to find the obstacles in your path are becoming fewer. All the guilt, all the anguish and all the emotions that cause your fear will only be there so you can compare them with who you were when you did not know that there is Something Greater in your life.

Your level of awareness is ever evolving as you work to bring the spirit world out into this dimension through your mind and body. As you allow this spiritual presence into your life, the love will shine because of this world as you learn how it blends into your thoughts that trail all the way into your heart.

That will be the day you find you were always loved by this world and you were just trying to find the way to love yourself.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Mixture

**This is another entry I felt the need to share from The Flow of Change. This information cannot be shared without the author's permission.

Those that are awakening will feel different but everything will be the same in the outside world. You will question your sanity as you wake up one day and feel like you are connected to the very core of your being and other days you will feel despair at the idea that your thoughts are meaningless in the overall picture of such a vast universe. You will question if you even have a purpose. This stage of development will be a time to go within your thoughts as you find others do not understand when you try to share your experiences. This will be a period of temperance when all your essence is mixing into the next level of awareness.
The mixture of your new awareness will be two-fold. You will be different inside and will bring forth this new mixture out into your world. The uncertainty will not blend well with those around you that know who you were before the discovery of Something Greater. Much resistance will be in the air with those you love in particular. How do you now believe that the spirit lies in all around you when you were once in such anguish? The process of enlightenment comes not through one event that changes you forever more. Even those who felt as though a bolt of lightning hit their very soul struggle with the everyday tasks that are expected of them. The task of bringing this unseen world out into your every thought takes great effort for everyone who is in human form.

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Spirit

**This is an entry in The Flow of Change.  This information is for review and cannot be used without permission from the author
The spirit is awakened into this time period and your body is the vessel for the battle of all history on your planet. As you become aware of this knowledge you will begin to see the outer edges of others that will project from another dimension. Some of you call this glow auras. Those who see the colors around others have begun to awaken. For those who do not believe in such abilities, the day will come when you will have to acknowledge this process to move forward for you spiritual growth and ultimately your well-being while in this body.  Just as you learned that your earth is not flat, you will learn that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

As the awareness grows some of you will see the dead yet they will be alive and well. Others will hear the dead in their thoughts and they will feel their presence. Some will smell the spirit or taste the spirit while others will not experience any such occurrences. Some of you already experience these events. Knowing that the veil is being lifted will seem as though it is the end of time as this event has been documented throughout history.

Why I wrote the book

Monday, March 9, 2015


** This information is for feedback from the author and no part can be shared without permission from the author.
--Just wanted to share a section I am working on for the next book. I see pictures in my mind for the Flow of Change and I am trying to learn how to draw the diagrams on the computer which is challenging for me. I look forward to any feedback on this information:

All will mix their very essence into this dimension until the day the body goes back to the earth in which it came from. The fear of having no form to identify yourself with has even caused uncertainty in the most enlightened during their time in human form.

The thoughts that there is Something Greater will make you question why you have to die and why are you here to begin with. As the universe expands to one day contract back into ONE, so shall your consciousness as you experience the spirit in human form.

The school ground of life will bring you many opportunities for spiritual growth. You can take the lessons of life and turn them into a flow for enlightenment or you can flunk what you call tests and repeat the same subjects life-time after life-time until you consciously become aware of what you keep repeating so you can graduate from the current form called human. The fear holds your thoughts that you are nothing without this body until you move past this fear. The shedding of your fears will be like the layers of an onion. The more you peel the fears away, the closer you get to the soul.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


**As I was putting the information for The Flow of Change into the computer, I wanted to share an interesting section and would love some feedback:

Everyone comes into this dimension to bring more of this unseen world out into the conscious state of existence. The resistance comes because of your gravity that holds all of your fears. This source of power is conscious of your thoughts and feeds off of the individual streams within your mind. It grows stronger as your world collides with the unseen world. The end result will be like none before on your planet, yet these laws play out in all creation. The ever- ending flow of the darkness that creates because of the light will play out inside your thoughts. It is the natural order of creation and as you become conscious of your fears that go back to the beginning, the battle brings you choices. The first reaction will be to resist such thoughts as you become fearful of being without this body to find such a world that lies only in your mind. You will question if it is possible to bring such a world out into your life.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Help Me Prayer

 I woke with God telling me to put my prayer in a video. I dedicate this video to those learning to pray. This prayer is for the God of my understanding:

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Uncertainty

The Flow of Change to be published in 2015 

You are made in the image of your creator. Look into the mirror and your eyes will tell you who you are. All you hold inside of you brings forth a piece of the power that Something Greater is. You project a part of Something Greater in human form. You hold a certain presence of this power that others can feel and some can see. The power that you produce holds a level of Something Greater that those around you will either want to be a part of or will want to detach from at any given time.  The power you put out to others will be received through what is called frequencies. Your specific frequency is based upon how much conscious energy you hold of Something Greater. You are on your own frequency within the universe. You have your own mixture of thoughts and emotions that make up your specific frequency. Others can be on your level within this specific frequency. The feeling that you have known someone before or they feel “familiar” is a product of your current level of energy that is connecting with theirs. This may be a conscious connection or an unconscious connection. You carry this mixture within your soul. As this mixture becomes conscious within the soul, so shall you within each life you live to bring forth more of what you consciously project into this dimension.
Even though the body turns back into the dust, your consciousness will continue to evolve within the soul. Those who do not believe that there is Something Greater are at a crossroads. Those who know there is Something Greater and do not search for more are at a crossroads. Those who follow the path with Something Greater will see the new world that your prophets talked about so long ago. Any path you choose will lead to one of two destinations; love or fear.
Ultimately all the knowledge will be given for your choice. Even when you do not choose, you have made a choice. Do you reach for Something Greater to see what you can be? How does it come to change you inside? The more you gather your thoughts together and hold them in the love, the more you feel a pull from above. It will make you want to share with everyone you see. Even on the days of doubt, speak the words of love.
The more you hold the feeling of gratitude, the more your awareness of this unseen world will grow. Something Greater comes to you to chain the fear that prevents you from holding a connection with this Source through love. As you separate the fear and the love, the end becomes the beginning. That will be the day you see behind the veil. The conscious mixture that you hold inside will pour into the blood. The darkness and the light within will fight inside your soul. It will blend you into the love or into the fear you hold. If you are sick and want to hide from all that you can be, you are at a crossroads of uncertainty.
Do you believe in a world inside that can heal your thoughts? Do you believe that something’s there to show you another world? The mixture blends before your eyes so that you can see how this unseen world forms into who you are. The veil will lift to show you how the darkness and the light that lies inside your blood will blend into how much of Something Greater you consciously hold within your thoughts.
The more you hold the thoughts inside that there is Something Greater, the more you will blend this unseen world that some of you call the spirit world into the view you see. That will be the day you find that all your affairs are a way to feel this world that lies inside of you. This world will touch your heart through the raindrops that fall. It will be in the wind that blows upon your face. All you think about will be how to find more of this new found feeling that brings you love. The feeling will be like none you have ever known before.
The spirit will come to you in the form of grace. It will touch you heart and make you feel as though you have skipped a beat. Then your body will feel a tingling throughout that you cannot explain. The spirit world will crawl inside the body that you hold. It will be a glorious time as you let this world of love travel through your blood. At first you will feel the weakness inside, then the love will blend into the mind. As the mind and body mix this source that comes from above, all the darkness that you hold will seep into the ground below. You will look inside this feeling and find a voice that speaks. It will tell you that you are chosen for this glorious time. You will then began to heal with the thoughts of love. It will shine the light into the darkness that you hold.
You will find the more you feel the gratitude because of this new found feeling of love, the more the spirit world will reveal to you. The wind will blow inside the trees. You will know this world is there within the sounds. Then you will feel a pull inside your stomach as you begin to heal. The flow of change will come to you because of the feeling of love. All the uncertainty that you hold will feel this shift inside. Then you will speak the words of love to see how it changes all your affairs.
The spirit world is watching to see what you will do. The world above will speak to you as you feel the love. The world below will call to you to remind you of who you were before you knew the difference. As you seek for Something Greater, the knowledge will come to you. The battle will occur inside the thoughts where all the spirits watch. It is a time to seek for who you want to be.
The love will pull your thoughts inside to make you search for more. The fear will call within the darkness that will crawl around your feet. Hear the sound that calls to you to blend this world inside. The uncertainty will mix within your mind. Which world do you decide to find? The uncertainty will be the sign for change. The new world will appear within the love. The fear will sit inside the thoughts of who you were before you knew this unseen world was there. The day will come when you will find the uncertainty is the beginning of the end. The flow of change will become the mixture of your love or fear. Your uncertainty will make you question if there is Something Greater inside the love. That will be the day you feel the tingling inside as Something Greater begins to heal your mind. How do you take the uncertainty to heal your mind and body? It will start on the day your desperation brings you to your knees. That will be the day the uncertainty turns into the courage within your flow of change

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Peace Within

All the thoughts you hold will trail back to either love or fear. All the anger, jealousy, hatred, anxiety and even sadness will come from a feeling of fear. All the fear together is a result of not allowing the love to enter into your thoughts. The fear will feel as though you have no control in your life. Some of you wake with the fear of living another day. Some of you cannot control the thoughts of fear that enter your mind at any given time.

Anxiety consumes some of you and the need to find relief may come in a substance or in alcohol. It may even come in food or in others. The day will come when there will not be any relief. The thoughts of fear will be there calling in the background to prevent you from hearing the thoughts of love. The anxiety, the anger and the hatred will begin to scream inside your mind as you look for the thoughts of love. No matter what you do, some of you cannot find one thought that tells you there is love.

You may look as though you have it all together from the outside looking in. Others may even say they admire your life. The day will come when you will take all these thoughts of fear and you will cry inside for something to relieve your anguish of life. The pain may become so great that some of you may even want to end this thing called life. You will be at a crossroads which will become a feeling that you cannot live this way any longer. All you will think about in your life will bring you nothing but misery. You will even want to hide from yourself. All your thoughts of fear will make you want to do anything to not be alone.

The day will come when you will be faced with the person who sits inside of you. The desperation will appear within the thoughts of fear. It will reach into your soul and touch the part of you that has always been with you. It may even feel like a pull within your entire body as the desperation tells you that you are right here and nowhere else will do. You will know that this is how it is supposed to be so you can feel this moment. That will be the day you realize you are in this body for a reason. All your past brought you here and all you are is here.

As you really look at who you are for the first time, the air will change as you breathe it in. You will feel a presence that will make the air feel thick as the wind begins to speak to you. You will remember that you have always been a part of this feeling as you bring it out into your thoughts. Then a sound will come to you because of who you are. Some of you may hear a voice or may even see the colors change around you. The smells will tell you that you have connected with the making of the moment. Then as you feel the pull inside, you will look towards the sky. The love will shine inside this moment right before your eyes.

The desperation will open up to a feeling that will make you think your heart could burst from your chest. Then is when you will find the part that has always been with you. The humility will rush through your veins as the desperation touches your heart. The desperation will lead to the grace that comes from Something Greater. The grace will touch your heart that will remind you of the purpose you have in this life. As you go onto your knees because there is nowhere else to be, you will surrender to a world that will bring you peace. That will be the day you find all the thoughts of love. Everything will change for you within the blink of an eye. All your thoughts of fear will crawl into the corner of your mind to wait for another time when you doubt this feeling of love. The love will shine into your thoughts and you will begin to breathe.

You have found a world inside that will bring you peace. The stillness in the air will tell you that you are a part of Something Greater. You will begin to feel it pull from within your heart. The peace will flow from inside your soul and will spread into your body. The feeling of love will come to you and blend within your thoughts. Once your thoughts and feelings together find this peace within, the spirit will come through the grace that Something Greater brings to only you. The grace will come through the feeling of gratitude and nothing else will do. The more you feel the gratitude, the more you will search for love. You will be given the knowledge that tells you Something Greater is inside the thoughts of love.

The peace will come inside the moment right where you stand today. The peace will flow into the view that shows you there is Something Greater that walks with you throughout the day. For some of you, it will first show up in the bird that sings within the tree. Then the sound of the song will carry into your soul. Each time you listen to this sound, you will feel the peace. That will be the day you find all your fear brought you here so you could find the peace within.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Search for More

Your fear sits on one side of your thoughts giving you all the reasons why you cannot reach for Something Greater. Your thoughts of love reach for you on the other side and softly give you hope of something more. As they stand to face each other right within your mind, you will sit in the middle of uncertainty of what you want to find.

The fear will make you want to hide from all that you might be. The love will call inside the fear and cheer you on for more. If you let the uncertainty mix within the fear, you will blend your thoughts inside with a world that will tell you not to care. If you take the love you hold and listen to the sounds, you will take the uncertainty and mix it into hope. The two together will bring you faith where all your courage lies.

The courage will become a shield that will make you search for more.  The fear will chastise all you do and tell you not to try. The love will blend into the thoughts to make you question “Why?” As you stand in the middle of the fear, you will look for more. Then your view will show you how to find the courage for more. If you let the fear you hold cover your thoughts of love, your world will look as though the fear has covered the view you see. If you take the faith that shines inside the light of love, Something Greater will sparkle inside and make you search for more. You will feel a peace inside because of who you are. That will be the day you find the gratitude inside. It will guide you towards the love for all that you can be.

Do you let your uncertainty blend within your fear? Do you find the courage because of what you see? The hope will bring a faith to you because of what you believe. The fear will take your uncertainty and make you want to hide. The love will pull you into the thoughts of all that you can be. As you look for Something Greater within the view you see, you will find the uncertainty will make you search for more. The fear will call within your thoughts to tell you not to look. Which do you find within your view as you stand right where you are today?

Do you mix uncertainty with the thoughts of love? Do you let the fear inside tell you not to search? Something Greater will say hello within the view of love. It will sparkle inside the sun and in the rain that falls. Then the wind will touch your skin and you will breathe it in. The faith will bring a belief for you as you search for more. This search will start the day you take the desperation that you hold because the fear is all you know.

The desperation will come to you without the thoughts of love. It will hold the thoughts of all your fear that sits inside your mind. The fear will sound like an echo in your thoughts as you feel alone. Then you will go onto your knees because there is nothing else to do. The humility will come to you to tell you that you are loved. That will be the day you find you cannot live without the thoughts of Something Greater. A sound will call to you inside and you will feel the peace. You are here right where you stand and nowhere else will do. This sound will come to you in the form of gratitude. It will tell you that you are not alone. It will speak into your thoughts that will come from a feeling of love. It will calm the thoughts you hold and you will find the thoughts of love. Some of you may even hear a voice that will speak to you inside. The love will come in many forms as you search for more. It will become a quest for you as you look for more.

Was there a message in the picture that held the words you needed to read? Did someone sing to you in the song and tell you that there is Something Greater? The more you search for peace inside, you will question if there is Something Greater that is speaking to you inside your day. You will find that as you search for understanding, you will like the way you feel when you think there is Something Greater that walks with you throughout the day. Then the day will come to you that you will not question if this unseen world is there. You will get the answers you seek from the stranger who passes by. You will find the peace you seek inside the view you see. That will be the day you find your fear has turned into the courage to search for more.