Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Battlefield


The force of evil comes to you right inside your fear. It takes your thoughts and twists them into words that you will hear. It will take the light of love and turn it into a storm. This force will crawl inside your loved one and make you hate the world. It knows your darkest thoughts and sees inside your soul. It knows what you desire and makes you question “more?” Even on the days you feel at peace within your thoughts, it will twist the truth you hold and turn it into a lie.

You cannot under estimate this force that knows what you believe. It will smother all your thoughts and make you wish to die. It answers by many names and comes inside your dreams. It makes you think that your world is dark and will fill you full of hate.

There is a force that wants your anguish to empty you inside. When you learn that this force is real right inside your mind, you will become aware of a world that will make you seek for love. The only way to fight this force is to find the love you hold. The day you feel this force inside, you must seek for Something Greater. The love will free your thoughts of fear for all you are today. The love will shine into the fear that makes you want to hide.

You must view your thoughts inside as a war within your mind. You must put an armor on when you have the thoughts of fear. The shield of hope and faith is there with the sword of honesty. The serenity will gallop by like a horse that will bring you peace. That will be the day you become a warrior within your mind.

The force of evil will try to take the anguish that you feel and bring destruction to any thoughts of love that you may hold. It will bring a feeling of hate and misery inside. When this force comes to you, your thoughts will fight inside the darkness. The fear will take any love and try to make it hide. The light of love will not be seen as you look for peace. This force will reach inside your heart and shred the thoughts of love.   It will take any love that hides inside your heart and it will place an arrow right into the middle. The force of evil comes when you are sick and feel alone. It will bring you thoughts of hate and all this feeling holds. The more you hate the world around you the more this force will grow. It will be in the shadows and cover any love that you may find. It will twist your world around and tell you that you do not matter. It will make you think that no one cares for you.

The day you are at your worst is when this force will be strong. It will take your fear inside and suffocate your thoughts. Some of you will feel as though this force has taken over. It will make you think that you do not have any control within your life. It will even make you sick and make your body weak. It will come in many forms to bring you to your knees.

No matter what you have done or what you think inside, this force will tell you there is no use to try and find the love. In your desperation is when Something Greater comes to you. This force will know that if you seek inside your desperation, the love will come to you in the form of gratitude. The more you seek for Something Greater the more this force will fight. Your mind will become a battle field as you search for peace. When you feel the desperation Something Greater will be there. It will be waiting to bring you love to show you a different world. Through the anguish that lies inside all you think you have done, a feeling of humility will bring you to your knees.

As the force of evil speaks through every one you love, you will hear a sound inside that will bring you peace. The love will come to you when you are at your worst. The love will shine inside the fear and tell you who you really are. No one else will hear a thing, it will only come to you.

The love will take your desperation and turn it into hope. The hope will bring the faith to you with all that you believe. The hope will come from something you will see inside your day. The hope and faith will become a shield to hold up high as you stand in the middle of the battlefield right within your mind. It will form inside the gratitude for all you are today. When you discover that Something Greater was always on the battlefield that started in your heart, the force of evil will tell you lies and make you feel alone. The force of evil will make you question if what you hear is true. The force of evil will make you think that nothing matters as it sits inside your fear. Even when you feel the love on the days you are at your worst, this force will make you question “Why?” Once you hold the shield of hope and faith because of what you feel, the sword of honesty will come to you to shred the thoughts that lie. That will be the day you feel serenity inside. Like a horse that gallops around you, the love will bring you peace.

As you stand in the middle of the battlefield right within your thoughts, Something Greater will say hello within the view you see. That will be the day you find the battlefield is in the thoughts you hold.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Darkness

The Video is my best yet:  http://youtu.be/wCKe8pMmuC8
Just as the laws of the universe separates the darkness and the light, so does the Creator who made you from the clay. The time the two can blend together is coming to an end. The form you hold will feel a pull that separates you inside. The darkness will bring uncertainty as you seek for Something Greater. Your physical form is merging with an unseen world. You know that it is there. You will hear it in the song or in the picture that holds the words. You feel a presence inside that yearns to figure all this out.

Your science tells you that there is no proof of this unseen world, “All you are is the part that turns back into the dust from which you came”. The theories of the Big Bang and how you grew into this day comes to you to give you clues of who you are today. Just as the universe expands, so does your thoughts of why you are here. The words must come together for you in only a way that you can hold.

Even on the stormiest of days as the darkness scatters throughout your mind, you will have to grab the thought that Something Greater brings you the light. You will have to take the thoughts that hold the light to blend them with the darkness that you hold. The thought of love will hold the key to shine into the darkness. Your Creator brings you knowledge as you separate the two. You will find a world inside that will speak within your thoughts. It will shine into the night and tell you that you are not alone. The words will come in a stranger’s smile as you go about your day. You will turn the darkest thoughts into the light of love. Each time you grab the light of love a change will come to you. Just as the universe expands, so shall you. You will grow within each thought that separates within your mind.

 The thoughts will come with two different views as you search for more.  The thought of love will echo inside as you wonder, “How?. Does the love bring more fear or do you seek for Something Greater? You will reach into the air and seek within your world. Then you will find that it is inside of you and all that you believe. The darkness and the light inside will turn into a battle. Do you surrender all you are to a world that cannot be seen? Do you become a vessel for this world right within your thoughts? How do you love a world that will turn you inside out? Others will not understand as you find this world inside. They will say there is nothing that can be found unless you see it first.

If you listen close enough this world will come to you. You will not see anything as you hear it right inside your head. Those who turn toward what you see will not be able to find it. It only comes to those in need to pull you from the view. It only shows those in the darkness so they can see the light. It will be a glimmer inside that will show up in your day. The view will change the light only comes to you. This light will start inside your head and you will think you’re mad. It will become a voice that sounds just like a trumpet in your head. The sound will bring a peace inside as you go on to your knees.

The beauty of the sound you will hear releases the darkness that you hold. The light of hope will shine bright enough to bring you a love affair. The faith will come as a light right inside your thoughts.  It will show you there is more to be revealed. Once you hold the faith in this unseen world, it will show up in your day. Then the thoughts of what others say will bring a belief in what you feel. That is when the thoughts inside will appear within your view. All you think will turn upside down as you go about your way.

The chaos will show in those you love as you find the light. Your morals will turn you virtues into another world. The darkness that you held so long will then be seen within all your affairs. That will be the day you find the battle lies in you. How do you take the view you see and turn it into love? It will be like the change from the moon that turns into the light of day.



Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Wind

**While sitting outside writing "The Flow of Change" this morning the wind brought me words to share:
The flow of change will come to you like the wind that passes by. Each time you feel the desperation the humility will hit you first. This feeling will come so fast that it will bring you to your knees. The wind will bring you thoughts of love because of who you are. The hope will come and pick you up and make you search for more. The hope will show you that Something Greater is telling you there’s more. Once the wind has hit your skin and speaks to you inside, the faith will come because of what you feel. It will get you off your knees. Then the wind will show you that Something Greater is in your world. As your view shows you that what you feel is real, the belief will sit inside your thoughts and all your morals will change.

Like the wind that blows against your skin, so shall the belief inside. Your new found morals will take your virtues and make you want to share with the world. Your thoughts will make you want to share because of how you feel. With the intensions to share what you think and all that brings you love, the love will bring you knowledge that will bring you back to your knees. As the wind blows back and forth, so shall your desperation. Each time you search for Something Greater the wind will tell you more.



Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Darkness Needs to See the Stars

**Just had to share this thought from book II:
Those who reach for the desperation and are humbled by the knowledge that they are a part of Something Greater will begin to shine like the stars that shine the light into the dark sky. The stars need the darkness to see who they are just as the darkness needs to see the stars to know they sit in the darkness.

The Flow of Change--The Promises

The promises can be found in the laws of the universe. You are learning the rules as you study how energy works. The problems arise when you think that you have all the answers in your science. The basic components must be activated to allow the Source of All Creation to guide you on the path to enlightenment. If you forget where you come from, you forget the laws and the substance of who you are changes. Some of you think that you are God. You have forgotten where you come from with such thoughts.

You will get the type of energy that you project back to you. If you project the thought that you are God, you will lose the knowledge that comes from the Source of All Creation. Your words are recorded forever more. The magnitude of who you are in the creation of life is ever-evolving and you are to take what you learn for the whole of all. The day you keep it for yourself is the day the flow of energy some of you call grace stops. The spirit that some of you call Holy watches to see when you have desperation and humility to ensure the proper flow for change which brings you creation forever more. Each of you are promised a part as you cannot be anywhere else.

Your reality is what you are creating with the flow of change. Because you are a petal on the flower of life, you have the freewill to make it grow however you choose. If you forget that you are yet a piece of the whole, the promise of knowledge will stop. Those who seek material promises will learn that your environment will change with the desperation for love verse the fear you currently sit in. The age of desperation is upon you and the promises come from your intensions.

The day you stop sharing what you know and say you are God is the day you lose the connection to the Source of All Creation. Each of you have a part of this Source that comes to you through love. To activate this emotion is a process that will come through the 10 components. The spirit is your window to this connection and you can only find it inside of yourself.

Some of you ask why you need this unseen world. You may think that you are not in need of the spirit.  Your physical form is created through the spirit. You cannot ignite your fire inside for growth without the spirit. As you choose the group of love or destruction, you choose the spirit that walks with you either consciously or subconsciously. The presence that presents to others is who walks with you. The Source of All Creation lies inside of you and some of you choose to cast it aside and not let it shine to the world. This time is written and all choose the God of their understanding that echoes in their virtues. Your desperation leads you to the knowledge and the flow becomes like the wave in the ocean. With the knowledge, you have to grab onto the wave of desperation and the cycle continues forever more.