Sunday, February 28, 2021

How To Find Gratitude


To get rid of negative thinking and turn it into love for your life, starts with gratitude. How do you find gratitude when you are filled with anxiety, fear or depression? Look towards the people, places, and things that make you think of joy. Think of the person that makes you feel love for yourself. The thing that you look at to find inspirations for your own creativity. The place that you sit and connect with the beauty this world holds. To know that we are all in human form to learn together and that you are never alone. To sit and breathe in life and release all doubt that makes you feel less than. Reach for the part inside of you that connects you with the knowing that you are an extension of the ever-growing power of creation. The power that tells you the possibilities are endless, and you are here to expand your own powers for the betterment of all.

Even in the worst of times, we can look towards the part where miracles are made, where life is created, where love is formed and where each small thing makes the big things. Take all this gratitude to fill you up with over-flowing joy for being alive and know that it is enough. To look at the body you are in and see the miracle of the awareness that you are not the body and the body is a gift for the soul’s growth. Find the gratitude in just being in this moment. To see the feet, the hands, the body, and to feel the breath go into the lungs that brings forth the spirit of life. To know you are right here and no where else matters and that you are an extension of the God that brings forth this awareness.

Reach for this knowing now and always that your consciousness is never ending and that you hold ever lasting life. That death is the new beginning and the last enemy to conquer. Just breath and know that you are enough. This is how to find the gratitude.