Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Bloodline

***I am trying to decide on a publisher for my next book. I have everything together and have a friend helping me make some final changes. As I work full time, have two children and seek to publish a second book within a year of publishing the first one, I have already started writing a third book <sign>. It looks like it is going to be about the end of days. It is beyond my ability at this point to understand why I am writing this type of book but the words are incredible. Here is something I wrote a couple of days ago that I was told by my God to share with you tonight:

The bloodline that you hold goes back to the beginning of your creation. God cleansed the earth and started the blood line over with Noah and his family. As Lucifer comes through your blood which is the life-line in this dimension, you will need to have the cleansing of Jesus blood to ensure that he does not enter. That will mean that all the blood back to your entire family’s blood line will need to be looked at as needing cleansing. You will need to ask for the forgiveness of your entire blood line or Lucifer will lie in the parts of your blood from your ancestors. The spirit can only enter you with permission. If your ancestors gave this permission, it will be up to you to rebuke what your ancestors have done. Parts of the darkness your family line holds can even end up in your DNA. That type of mixture with Satan’s darkness will attract a dark type of energy consciously or unconsciously. Most of you have a blood line of some darkness. Those who become violent in a well-rounded family have the darkness that can trail all the way back to your family’s first encounter with darkness. When you go into this darkness to relieve yourself of this path, there will be much chaos all around you.

When you have been touched by the Holy Spirit, all this darkness will leave for a time period that only you will experience. When you realize that power outside of yourself is real, you will have many thoughts. You will know that something very powerful lies inside of you like a hungry bear that wakes up from a long winter’s nap. You will know you are forever changed and can never go back into the darkness that you carry from within your blood line. How do you release all this darkness you ask?

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