Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Preface for The Flow of Change

My writings are controversial for those who look to see where my words come from. All I know is that the voice I hear is full of love and helped me heal myself from the inside-out. I look back on who I was before this world came to me and I never want to go back into the darkness I once held in my thoughts. I have found that the more I share what I receive, the better I feel.

I share my story with anyone who will listen so I can receive more knowledge and ultimately heal all my wounds that go all the way back to my beginning. I go back to when I only knew fear so I can heal for all those who search for ways to heal themselves.

The Flow of Change is my interpretation of how I changed from the inside-out. This book can be viewed as a manual for those seeking for Something Greater. If used properly, you can heal yourself through the 10 components that are identified and placed into several diagrams throughout the book to show the process in picture formats. The diagrams would flood my thoughts and I could not draw them fast enough. As I wrote, the pictures would just be there on the paper and I would look in disbelief at what I would draw. At one point as I wrote, I saw the words already typed into a book. The more I write, the better I feel. I read the words written and look in awe as I continue to seek every day for a stronger relationship with the God of my understanding. Some days the information flows through me so strongly, I have to put it into a video format because the urgency to share overwhelms me.

The videos and my blog have been the fastest way for me to share and my blog alone has been viewed in 15 different countries and still counting within the year that I created it to date (1/11/14). Over 10,000 views have been recorded on my blog and I feel satisfaction in fulfilling my promise to the God of my understanding that I would attempt to spread the words given to me to the entire world.

The first day I heard the voice speak to me was a life altering event. I was told that I would be given words to write that have never been written before. Little did I know that I would find not only words but a view into a world that I continue to seek answers from every day. For those skeptics out there who do not believe in the world I write about, all I can say is that I have been changed and healed by the belief that this world is there. My lupus is in remission and physicians involved in my care say it is a result of the chemotherapy I took when I went through treatment for cancer. I know this treatment could not have healed me in an instant, but that is what happened to me. Those who watched the change in me would ask what I was doing as they said I looked better than they have ever seen me look. My answer was and still is:

“I found God” and “God found me”

I listen inside my thoughts and God or someone from God speaks to me to tell me what to write. You may ask how I know it is God and my answer is that creation is a part of God and as I look back on what I was before I knew there was a God, I see how the God of my understanding has taken a broken and miserable person and created a whole new mind, body and spirit. How can I know God without knowing what God is not?


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