Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Purpose


**This is the intro to The Flow of Change.  I would love some feed back........
This book is to help prepare the ones who believe in Something Greater.  As the masses build into the two groups of love and destruction, the two groups will explode into the war of all history. It will build in the individual thoughts that will separate even the mother from her child. The anguish that the masses are building into will enter into everyone’s thoughts as planned. It is important to remember that you planned this time period to experience this occasion.  As you process this knowledge, look into your eyes so you can say it to yourself. These words written will one day be your saving grace for the masses that play this planned event out. As the thought of this seeps into your mind, remember you have this book in your hands for a reason. From the beginning the thoughts have been building to this time period as it will always be.
These words are to activate the warrior inside of you on the quest for Greatness ever more. Each of you came here to give this time period the part of Greatness you hold. Do not look into the world until you understand what you hold. If you go within yourself to see who you are, it will trail all the way back to the beginning thought. Once you grasp onto this task, the knowledge will seep into your mind so you can understand what is to happen next. Do not look for others to hold your answers. They will be trying to do the same thing. The planets are aligning to bring to you the energy that you need to get the answers you seek. You feel it now yet look away in hopes that it will not show up another day. You will one day be forced to reach inside your desperation to find this Source of All Knowing. Those who are in this desperation will open up the part inside of them that will pour so much knowledge in that they will have to compose their self so others do not think they have stepped into insanity.

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