Saturday, June 6, 2015


**Some parts of The Flow of Change even scares me. This chapter came to me after interviewing a Catholic priest who has done "lots" of exorcisms.............
Time is irrelevant in the spirit world and this force, that is what you call evil, can cross all boundaries the universal laws establish if you do not become knowledgeable in preparation for what is to come. This force has latched on to the very essence of the masses. It does not discriminate on gender, race or status in society. The purpose of this source is to turn all loving thoughts into hate, jealousy and fear. It has great power on your planet as it sits in the very air you breathe. It has been formed into people that hold great power in the masses. It will guide your blind into the snake pits as it reassures you that you are supposed to do so. It can form into those you love or the stranger who kills those you love.

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