Monday, June 15, 2015

The View Within The Light..

** This if for the front flap of the book The Flow of Change. It is a section from the last few entries in the back of the book:

There is no other person or thing that can replace the space that you hold. Your body that connects to your mind combines to bring forth a specific energy source that the spirit gives you because you are you. No one else will ever receive what you get from the spirit because of your unique mind and body. You are truly forming your body through how much of the spirit you allow into your mind and body. It is continuously flowing through you and the day is coming that you will know it is there as the sparkles will be seen like flashes of colors with forms that may even look like snowflakes for some of you. The knowledge will pour into you as you feel the connection with this source. The times you do not see it or feel it or hear it or smell it, you must visualize this light source that connects you like a web.

 The flow of change is here right within the air, you will begin to remember all you have locked inside your mind. The time has come to open the window into this unseen world. You will begin to see the change within the air you breathe. You will begin to see the colors sparkle in your day.

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