Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Web

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.
Hidden behind the scenes and behind the night far away, is a place that lies inside our thoughts, a web within our mind.  We weave this web between our thoughts, which emerge into our life.  There will be days that we will see this thread within someone else’s eyes. There will be days when the spirit attaches the string from their eyes to ours.  It will go inside our thoughts for the voice that will speak from afar.  The view will be different all around as you look within the space between that lies within the unseen.  A world like none other that may seem veiled but will be woven inside.  You will see a sparkle from that which is hidden across the ground.  Only a few will understand.   Only a few will find the strand.  It will show you the spirit behind those far and wide.  All will look back with wonderment as all will feel the bond.  You will see behind their eyes and the spirit will gleam inside. You may see the darkness instead of the light that shines from everyone.  A day will come when you will comprehend their thoughts that will weave into the night.  You will reach out for all to see as you pull it into your life.  The further you look around the world, the web will cover the sky.  It will move in and out of your realm with the thoughts that will turn into sound.  The sound will be from the thoughts that you speak as the words intertwine in the web.  With each one that sees inside the tangled web we weave, more will be revealed, more will be seen. You will become a messenger for all to understand.  The thread that connects this weave to all will sparkle for those who seek across the land..  These are the ones who will find the web that lies behind the eyes. For those of you who understand the day will be full of awe, You will crawl around the sides of the web until the day you are in the middle.  You will look out and see the world and the strands will connect to all.  The center will hold Something Greater that gave you the gift to see.

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