Thursday, February 27, 2014

To Create

As our awareness expands, we will seek for understanding of what lies behind the sun and the moon.  Where does our existence come from?  With no time and no space that holds the Source of All Creation what does that mean to us?  Where do we fit in with something that holds the power behind the creation of the water and the wind?  If we are made in the image of our creator, why are we here if creation is not even in our time?  If we are from the Source of All Creation then what does that mean about us?  We are here to further creation and with each time we allow fear to prevent us from creating, we lose a piece of our connection with Something Greater.  Some of us take this thought one step further and look at it as if each time we give up the piece that connects us to Something Greater a piece of us dies as we separate inside of our mind.  The longer we keep negative thoughts in our mind, the larger this separation becomes.  The negative parts within our thoughts are like the parts of us that have died and need cleaned out to make room for something new.  The parts we want to keep that are from our past will then blend with the new.  We will then make choices as to what we want to create on a conscious level as we take control of what we want in our mind.  As we make the decision to release any thoughts that are negative, we gain knowledge from Something Greater.  We have a purpose with our connection to Something Greater and if we do not use it, we will become the dying as we lose the nourishment that keeps us alive from the inside out. Many of us have stopped creating.  Many of us do not even know that we have allowed the demonic forces to enter our thoughts as we go about our day.  Some of us are asleep as we walk through our life with only thoughts of what we are suppose to do next.  We have been given freewill to allow the creation of anything we so chose to come through as the vessel for the spirit world.  Even when we do not think we are part of anything, that is the choice as we sit inside of our mind.  We have the opportunity to create our heaven while in these bodies. As we seek for this reality, it begins by looking into our world from a different perspective.  We are made in the image of our creator who also made our universe.  The times we forget the significance of this knowledge are the times to look towards the sky and remind our self that the power behind all creation brought us to this moment.  There is a separation that is happening inside of our thoughts and the illusion that we are alone results in the disconnection from Something Greater that will ultimately lead us into a hell that has been written about all through history.  So, as we separate the thoughts in our mind, what do you choose?  To create for your heaven on earth or to slowly cause your life force to disintegrate right before your eyes?

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