Monday, February 10, 2014

The Volcano

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission. 

With your emotions that form into desperation, you will begin to surrender to the acceptance that you are not alone.  I will first speak to you in the bird flying overhead or in the stranger that smiles as passing by.  There will come a time when you will open the window to Me and become like the lava that spews from the volcano as your thoughts and emotions seep into the land around you.  As you begin to change your thinking, your emotions will follow.  Like the lava from the volcano, your thoughts and emotions will come out into the world.  Depending upon how much strength you have within these thoughts and emotions is how much power the lava will have inside of you.  Depending upon the mixture of the thought and the emotion is how the lava will look when it pours out into the world.  You can take certain elements to change the lava and even stop the far edges of it from spreading into the world if needed.  Just like the lava from the volcano, you determine how far you go into the world around you by your thoughts and emotions.  Depending upon what you think, the emotion will form for the world to see.  If you have no strength behind this mixture, nothing will spread out into others.  If you lie dormant with these type of thoughts and emotions, they will build inside until they have nowhere to go and they will internalize in the body.  Just like the lava that lies in the volcano, the thoughts and emotions will lie inside.  Physical ailments will emerge as this mixture with no strength tries to pour out in attempts to find relief.  With My strength, you will build the foundation to bring this mixture out into your world so you can see if it is like the lava.  You will then know when you need help to stop anything from seeping into the parts of you that may be harmful.  You may need someone else to put the water on your thoughts to stop those that can turn into a fire that may explode in your mind.  There may be thoughts that you are uncertain about and someone else will point out the beauty behind them once you have verbalize them.  With each time you take your thoughts and add the emotion for all to see, you will begin to find the mixture of truth that brings the beauty from within.  The mixture of confusion will bring two separate paths to choose.  Each mixture will bring you different results.  You will find that if you take the thought of seeking for Me, the emotions of love, joy and happiness emerge.  Each time you take the mixture from Me, you will go further and further into the world as you share this for all those around you.  You will then find the strength to take what you have learned and help others who still sit in the corners of their mind ready to explode like the volcano.  With each one of you who take your knowledge to help another, the thoughts and emotions will build across all the world touching each and every one of you.  Like the lava from the volcano, you will form the land around you into a new world full of the mixture from Me.

 All the universe rejoices with each one of you who find Me.  The awareness of this knowledge will be at first overwhelming as you begin to see Me everywhere.  My gifts will turn into the knowledge to guide your path to Me.  The feelings of acceptance and gratitude will give you the strength to seek more of Me as the truth of who you really are in your mind and body emerges.  I gave you freewill to allow as much of Me into your life that you want to experience.  I will come in your thoughts and emotions just like the lava in the volcano full of love. 

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