Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Playground

There are times in our life that we will find the need to stand up for our self in situations that we identify are wrong on our behalf.  As we become stronger and begin to walk with authority in our day, we will find that the way we use to allow others to treat us is no longer acceptable.  As we find the power of love in our life, we will begin to like our self and will want to be treated with respect by others.  With the voice of truth, we will begin to speak out when injustice is done to us. The thoughts in our head that bring us fear or confusion are not from the voice of love.  When we get a strong feeling or thought about something someone did to us and feel the need to vocalize our truth in the situation, we must first ask our self what our intensions are with this person.  Knowing there is a bigger picture that we cannot see helps us release any doubts of fears about what is happening and about speaking our truth. We must accept that no matter what we say to others, they have their own journey to travel and we do not have any control over what they think or feel in the situation.  What we have control over is how we feel and what we think about in situations that cause us fear or confusion.  As we learn that emotions such as anger, jealousy and hatred are fear based emotions, we can then identify these energy sources within our mind.  We may even feel as though we have no power over thoughts within our mind and lash out at others as a result.  We may reflect back later on what occurred and wonder how we even thought some of the things we said. The day will come when all thoughts will have a purpose for us and we will understand that we have control over what we think and how we feel about what happens to us.  As we become more aware of these thoughts, we will be able to separate them within our mind.  They will be able to be put into two categories; love or fear based thoughts.  Knowing that the voice of love brings power, strength, healing, forgiveness and knowledge, we will want to seek for this voice and cast aside the voice of fear that brings hatred, jealousy and anger. 

The days we cannot find the voice of love and we are consumed with fear base thoughts are the days when we must remember that we are part of Something Greater and the thoughts of fear are not .  Some of us take it one step further. As awareness grows, we begin to understand that thoughts come from the unseen world and we are the vessel.  We have control over which spirits we allow into our mind when we become aware of this ability.  We can call to these energy sources for more thoughts as we seek them.  Those of us who choose to explore these energy sources have found a whole new world on our planet.  Some of us are stuck in the fear base sources that cause a dark reality.  Some of us have chosen a path that leads to the magic of the day.  We find that the world is like a playground and when something complicates things for us, we must remind our self that there is a bigger picture at work that we just do not understand at this time.

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