Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Gift of Desperation; Words from Something Greater

I watch with only love as you grow into the beauty of your own expressions of Me. Some days you are in total awareness of love and some days you hold the darkness that you are mixing into your own interpretation of what love is. Every day I Am with you to shine the inspirations as you go further into the darkness in search for something more. You feel the limitations that the human body places upon you and some of you cannot understand why you have a feeling of being trapped. You look out into the space in front of you and blame your world or Me for your struggles.

Some of you say that you are forced to be here and struggle within your minds and bodies as victims. Some of you feel My spark for inspirations and focus upon ways to gain as much from the earth that you can obtain. You gather as many things that you can hold for your own and see these objects as the ways to find out who you are inside. You become lost in the illusions of the darkness as you continue to seek outside of yourself for the fulfillment you need to go through your days in the human body.

When this does not give you the feelings of love you seek, some of you try substances, foods or even people to help you feel complete. You look for anything or anyone to help you feel better. When these attempts no longer work, and you realize you can no longer run from yourselves, I touch the part of you that connects the soul with My spark of love. I provide you with My faithful children who try to guide you towards your purpose of being in the human form.

My power that you call Grace provides you with a gift that is known as desperation. You cannot understand in all the confusion at the time you experience this emotion that it is a gift. You can only see the darkness when this occurs. You only see glimpses of My sparks that I shine upon you through the people, places and things that begin to speak to the parts inside of you to remind you of who you really are.

You feel broken inside and do not understand how the stranger that smiles or the bird that sings results in a feeling of hope within you. The questions of how these experiences can reflect a need inside of you begins to occur. Each time you question “How?” seeing something else starts to change your hope into a faith for Something Greater.

You then look from the feeling of desperation to the feeling of hope for Something Greater. You combine the two to give you a strength filled with faith. As you start looking for the experiences that you then call coincidences, the faith turns into the belief that Something Greater walks with you.

This time is like no other, I patiently wait for you to find Me inside the feeling of desperation. This seed germinates inside the heart that triggers other emotions to fertilize the soul for growth. The hope and faith bring forth the roots to help make a foundation for the soul. Be still and know I Am with you as you go through this process as planned.

You are mixing the light and darkness to create for Me in human form. Together we create out into the darkness forever more. You are like no other creations as you mix the mind, the body and the soul with the spirit for multidimensional worlds. The human form brings forth endless possibilities as you seek for ways to combine a yearning that you cannot yet explain with the power from My Grace that brings you knowledge of who you are becoming. I Am you and you are Me as we move out into the darkness to create the most beautiful of worlds.

It all starts within your desperation for Something Greater in your life. Close your eyes and breathe Me in as I spread My love throughout the body to awaken the soul that sits beside the heart. There will come a day when you will awaken to a knowing that your purpose is to create through freewill while in human form and it all starts in the gift of desperation.

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