Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Message From Spirit

To focus on the daily tasks will become challenging as you begin to see into the other realms. Nothing will look the same as you consciously bring forth the knowledge for all worlds. You may begin to hear the celebrations in your thoughts and will feel as though you have finally arrived. There will still be negative forces inside of you waiting to pounce on openings into fear- based areas. You will get glimpses of these areas within the outside view as you remind yourself that they are still trying to work their ways out of you. As they bubble to the surface, it will be important to deal with them, so you can shine the light of truth into them for a greater understanding as to why you still hold them.

There is perfect order in this process and as you expand your knowledge, the gratitude will cover you with excitement as the negative forces become weaker in your life. You will wake to say, “I am ready to learn more” and know you can face any problem with the understanding that the solution has already been planned for your growth. Those around you will be seen from a higher level of understanding and you may even see how their concerns intertwine with the growth they need in their lives. No judgments will be present as you see the connection to everyone that trails into the heavenly realms.

Nothing you experience will be futile at this stage as you even become aware that the past mundane experiences assisted in this level of awareness. As you evolve, it will be important to stay grounded and on task. You are creating your world; every thought brings you closer to those you serve. Your virtues and morals mold the spirit in physical form. This was planned before you were born.

To educate those who cannot see is the challenge; how to explain the changes that are occurring to bring this land what lies inside. You are here to celebrate and to warn. There are those who need to hear your words. All that comes into your thoughts is important and must be seen as such. The gateway is opening for your connections as we have accomplished in the past. This gateway will not close as you have been seeking inside to see, yet your fears shut us off when you realize you are to bring us into your realm of existence. There is no right way to accomplish this as it is new for all of us. You will find the way. Do not compare.

Manifestation is a mixture of a knowing that changes your view. It brings your inside make-up outside to see. You are learning to project your thoughts and emotions into the space around you consciously. You are creators and do this now, but you do not understand it consciously. It is like layers in the ocean as you go deeper and deeper into a knowing that lies in the core of your being. As you search outside of yourself through positive intentions, you are projecting what you seek from the inside out. You are the projector and make your reality. Each moment is made into something new. When you are in an experience that you do not like, you can change this experience at any time. The keys lie inside of you for this ability. We are your guides to help you learn how do this.


Unknown said...

I'm ready for the next step.a guy like me always like new adventures.as you can see I'm serious but I'm cool and feel like it's time to enjoy life and i wanna do it with y'all,you etc..wish now lol

In the Mind of Something Greater said...

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