Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Light of Truth in Physical Form

The light of truth came in physical form to show you the love and mercy so you can remember who you are. You had to see this event as the ultimate love to redeem your own fears. The barrier was broken through the sacrifice of the body because of your fears of what this Source means to you. When you understand that you need to forgive yourself for all the darkness you hold, the light of truth will shine forever more.
The knowledge of who you are in this body will have to be a gradual process as you attempt to understand it in a way that only you will be able to articulate. As your fears subside, you will accept this knowledge little by little. The knowledge comes from your Creator and depending upon which source you hold is what you will create in this dimension. If you are full of fear all the emotions that trail along with this source will enter your world. When you learn how to turn the fear-based thoughts into loving thoughts, your world will change and the source you get your knowledge from, or lack thereof, will change.
Knowing love is full of light brings forth many possibilities. Love makes things new as it brings forth healing. When you realize that love heals everything, your outside world changes as you seek for loving thoughts. If you are physically sick, you will gradually see changes in your appearance with each time you are able to hold on to a positive thought. It will take great effort on your behalf at the beginning of this stage as you seek for this connection. You will have to start with one thing to be grateful for that you can focus on to bring forth loving thoughts. Some people start with a prayer or by just looking at the foot in front of them to remind them that they only have the moment. Everyone will obtain the feeling of love differently. As you go through this process, remind yourself that the spirit lies within the moment and the past events or the future events have no meaning during this stage of development. The moment will connect you with gratitude for being here and with this feeling, love will not be far behind. The more love you obtain, the more changes you will see in your outside world.
When you experience the feeling of love, this is a sign that you have connected all the components that can activate knowledge from the Source of All Creation. As the mind, the body and the spirit connect, more knowledge will come from the process that grace brings. Healing will occur as the laws of the universe work for the promises that love brings.

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