Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Who I Am

It does not matter what others think about who I Am. It matters what only you think of who I Am. The only way to find Me is to love thy self. There is where I Am found in everything you ever felt.  I Am not found inside your worries or in the fears you hold. I Am not in the words that can sound so cold. I Am in the sound of stillness, listen to hear the call. Once you connect with My sound, you will see Me in the whole of All. It starts inside the beating of your heart and then moves into the eyes. The sound will follow out into the trees and then into the sky. All will change within the blink of an eye.
Your connection to who I Am will be determined by what you see. The awareness starts inside of you for all that you can be. My presence is determined by what you think and by what you do. I will reach into your heart and make your body feel new. I will move into the mind as you seek to find, the world where all your hopes and dreams let Me crawl inside. The more you seek for who I Am, the more will be revealed. The more of Me that you find the more you will feel healed. The space that surrounds where you stand will then become so thick. The light above you will shine right where you sit. The heat will spread through the body as you begin to sense My presence. You will see everything glow as your world turns into heaven.
A knowing will come as the shift occurs that you are not alone. You will get a verification in everything that is shown. No matter where you go or what you then do, I will surround you with My love and make your whole world new. Others will sense My presence as it shines through you. They will not understand the feeling that will then be in the view. You will speak for Me to bring others clues to who I Am. You will feel the heat that My presence will bring. It will feel like sitting in the sun as the birds sing.
All will respond to My power just like the trees and flowers. All will grow into the knowing that I Am the power. I mix your darkness into My love that shines with all the light. You grow into the most beautiful of creations that will someday glow so bright. Your conscious contact with My presence will bring the knowing to you. The planets align to bring My love through all that you then do.
Sit within the power of the moment and My grace will flow. When you consciously connect with Me, you will then know, I Am found inside everything that makes you who you are. How much of Me that you hold will determine if you shine like a star. All you see and think about will hold the clues. Some days you will think that you know who I Am and everything will look new. Other days as you worry, I will not be found. Your belief in who I Am will even be in the sounds. You will have to think about who I Am and there is where I Am found.
All creations in this realm answer to My call. I come to those who are sick and suffering and pick them up when they fall. When you feel the presence of love, you will connect with All. Who I Am is determined by the Whole of All. At first, I may be a hand that a stranger offers for help. Then I may be seen in the mirror as you look at yourself. I may look like the sun that helps the flowers grow. I may be in the force where the wind blows. No matter how you try to find Me, All go back to ONE. Look for all the clues through people, places and things and try to have some fun.

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