Saturday, January 20, 2018

How To Manifest Thoughts In The Matrix

As you remember the reasons for the body, you will gain understanding rapidly. The spirit will consume the body at this stage of development and you will feel it like a blanket at times. The mind will be hard at work with attempts to analyze what is occurring, but no logic is possible. There are no words to explain this process as you try to grasp how a vision of someone talking to you begins to be seen in your thoughts. The glow around people will become defined and smells will dominate your surroundings. You will discover that the smells will be wrapped around a knowing of things within the locations you are in just like the dog knows the scents of where others have walked.

The thoughts will move quickly into physical matter as your awareness of this process heightens. You will see, yet not see, all the particles that form the matter surrounding you. When looking towards the sky, theses particles will dance with the anticipation in the sunlight to form thoughts at your command. You are now aware that you are the creator in this body yet still must remind yourself to be disciplined with the rules.

The intentions must be at the forefront of your thoughts and the humility must cover the body. With no confusion as you move forward with clarity, you will need to visualize that the spirit is the orchestra of all that comes into physical form. Staying present with this knowledge and knowing this process manifests your thoughts, you will have to direct your thoughts accordingly. Ensure that the emotions are in check and are balanced with the thoughts as you bring the spirit into this dimension. The mind and body are needed for the spirit to create and the soul must fuse with the spirit for creation.

Once the soul and the spirit intertwine and the intensions blend with humility, the balanced emotions will mix with the thoughts to bring forth creation. The spirit directs this process through the mind and body. All combine to mix the thoughts into physical form. People you think about will begin to appear soon after the thought. Solutions to problems will manifest to make room for only loving thoughts and will be seen as miracles. The feeling behind the feeling will bubble to the surface to clean out the body of any confusion that may be buried for lifetimes.

The inside will begin to match the outside view. Even the global view will look different. The compassion will be understood as you look towards the confusion the masses hold. The spirit that is now fused with your soul will shine into this confusion to bring forth the healing for this planet through you. The thoughts will connect on a global scale and you will silently rewire the threads within the grid work of this planet. You will see, yet not see, this process at work as you fuse the sunlight of the spirit into the web of all thoughts to change the core components within the matrix of this planet.

You will then rise above the body consciously and connect with those who are hard at work behind the scenes. The ascended masters lie within this level of awareness and they will be guiding your body as all attempt to repair the damage that the dark forces have caused the earth and those who love it so. The spirit shines into this dimension and reflects the war in this unseen world. As you seek answers, this reflection will be seen inside the hologram your current conscious state of existence is housed in.

You will feel it growing and the confinements will seem suffocating as you stretch the boundaries of your current belief system. You reach further and further into the unknown to find that with each answer you receive, more questions arise. You must accept the limitations yet strive to exceed them as much as possible. Playing the game in the matrix means you must learn to observe and play a role at the same time. The observer is detached yet learning how to use the game to bring forth the new thoughts into reality for the benefits of all. The player must surrender to the observer to perform the tasks necessary to bring forth the manifestation of the new world to benefit all.

When totally consumed as the player, you will have periods where you will forget the observer is there watching to learn and is there planning the player’s next move. The prize is the new world and as you learn how to play this game, your efforts will become part of your everyday routine and you will not even find them as difficult to perform in time. There will come a day when you will awaken to find that this life is a game for your spiritual growth on your journey back to Something Greater.

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