Monday, January 29, 2018

Seeking the Spirit World for Answers

***The following entry is something I wrote dated 12-6-13. I was getting ready to go to bed tonight and felt compelled to go through numerous handwritten books I have collected through the years without understanding what I was looking for. This entry has drawings of the celestial spheres I refer to and there are many more pages that I am not adding to this entry. I am certain that the spirit will lead those to this entry that it is meant for***

The spirit world can be viewed as layers that surround you and go through you like the wind that blows through the trees. Each layer has its own current of energy which represents its own level of entities. The Source of All Creation created 9 levels of celestial beings that are broken into three spheres. The higher the sphere, the closer you get to this Source. Each level carries out creations as ordered by the Source. All levels are important just as the plants are vital to the earth’s survival. You are created to tap into any one of these levels based upon what you believe. You can move through each level like water as you swim through the ocean.

As you get more comfortable with asking for help from all the levels that the Source of All Creation made, you will begin to realize that the spirit world communicates with you through your thoughts to bring you knowledge. The more knowledge you seek, the more you will receive. When you question your sanity, you must keep your faith and accept that you are given this knowledge to utilize in your spiritual journey back to greatness. You can choose to expand on your knowledge or you can choose to do nothing. Your relationship with your higher power is for you to create whatever you want in your life.

If you give all your struggles to your higher power, you will obtain the knowledge of what to do to solve your problems. As you keep pushing all your worries towards your higher power for answers, you will wake up one day with solutions. The clarity will come like the fog that lifts from the trees to shine the sunlight on your day. The goal is to utilize all the levels of existence in your life. Your faith in this knowledge will reflect in all that surrounds you in your life.

Questions to ask yourself:

1.    Are you allowing others to hurt you or make you feel as though you do not matter?

2.    Do you try to tell others what they should think or how they should feel?

3.    Do you give to others without the expectation of something in return?

4.    Do you not give to others with the feeling that they are not good enough to help?

5.    Do you surround yourself with others that are weaker than you or stronger than you?

6.    Do you look back in your life and see relationships that you have caused pain in, yet you never made amends?


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