Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Feeling of Urgency

**Please read this passage out loud three times and feel the spirit moving through the body as the mind comprehends the words.

Many life times brought you to where you sit at this moment. With each life you have lived, you bring more knowledge into the body. The planets are aligned to bring you the frequency to activate the knowing of all lives lived. As the walking library for the universe, you are opening corridors inside of you to rooms of knowledge that have not been used for many life times.

The information is inside of you waiting to become conscious. Everything you see, hear, touch, smell and taste brings more light inside the rooms of information you hold. The lights in the rooms are switching on quickly now. Some of you will want to switch the lights off as you attempt to align to this new awareness of who you really are. The anxiety may come in waves. Know the growing pains in the body will be brief.

The feeling of urgency may overwhelm you. Know that those who live in the light are here to support you as the body opens to this mission that you came here to complete. The universe waits with anticipation as you open these rooms full of information that hold the knowledge for all the universe. No one can do this for you.

You have accepted this mission for all the universe. As these rooms of information open inside of you, the outside view will become confusing. Those who do not want you to have access to this information will present many illusions to you. Those of the light family will send messages like these to you in attempts to deflect these illusions.

It will be your responsibility to feel your way through the illusions with discernment. The urgency is felt because the body you are in has limitations due to these illusions that have been building for many life times. Once you activate the knowing that you are the library to all knowledge, the body will become lighter. Your view of death will be one of the first illusions to overcome so you can relax during this transition. The feeling of urgency will subside for a time as you realign your mind and body with the spirit.

The spirit will begin to be viewed as the part of this process that holds the power to unlock the doors of information. The body will then surrender as the spirit permeates all corridors within the body with the keys to unlock each door to the rooms holding the information for knowledge.

Each room will open when the body and the mind are aligned properly with the spirit. Some rooms will need to be cleaned out due to the life times you have lived full of fear. You have stored the fears in these rooms mixed with the information and this causes confusion. Your fears need to be removed as you face each one, feel each one and then free each one.

Once these rooms are cleaned of all illusions, the clarity will come as you see the light shining brightly and as you awaken to your purpose while here. Now is the time, not tomorrow or next week. Feel the urgency of your mission guiding your every thought. Do not let those around you sway your thoughts. You are not going insane, you are feeling the urgency because the time is NOW. Be still and know you are not alone. Know you are held in the mind of Something Greater and you are protected and loved.

The spirit called holy surrounds you now and activates the knowing inside of you. The sound of your voice is heard as the feel of your heart wraps around the words. You are no longer asleep and feel the knowing that rises you above the gravity where the negative frequency holds you hostage.

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