Friday, January 19, 2018

The Walls of Darkness Are Breaking

As the information pours into the mind, the body will have to cipher through what can be held and what needs to be placed within the energy sources outside of the body. As you become consciously aware of this process, it will take effort to understand these experiences. You will have to live this process. It is not something that you can say you understand until you live it. All you obtain will have to go into different storage units within the body, so the information can be experienced.

If it is too much for the body, the information will be properly placed within the units outside of the body until the body is ready to hold the information for the needed experiences. When you become aware of the patterns that you are experiencing, you are ready for more information. These storage unit are called the chakras.

They connect you to the universe and ultimately to the Source of All Creation. Your level of understanding in this process will determine how much you accept into the body at any given time. Events will unfold as you need the information and you will be placed into higher positions of authority pending how much humility you maintain.

Staying with the understanding that you are allowing this process to work through you is vital for the spiritual growth. When you find yourself with thoughts that you are the reason for this information, it will be important to become humbled with the knowledge that the body is the vessel and the spirit can choose your body or not.

Your willingness and your open mind will make your body appealing for this process. All will become aware of this ability but not all will choose to allow the spirit to enter this level of understanding. The masses choose to believe that the spirit lies outside of the body and that their God is separate from them. Only a few yearn to grasp the awareness that the spirit is YOU and the universe is using the body for further creation.

With each experience you encounter through the day, you walk with this level of energy that spreads through all people, places and things you encounter. The light may pierce those that lie in the darkness and they may react through anger or fear when they try to even look at you. They may not even be capable of seeing you at all. With discernment, you will have the knowing of why this is occurring. You will respond through compassion. As you break out of the patterns you connect with consciously in your every day life, time will become irrelevant. You will begin to see this dimension from a higher level of understanding. Those you love will be as ONE with you and those that surround the outside view will be seen with the need to shine this newfound light of knowledge into the darkness of this land.

You will see the truth of what is occurring on a global scale and the masses will be viewed from this level of understanding. The darkness will be hiding but you will see in the corners and as you gain understanding of this process, you will then anxiously wait for what is coming. You will hold the knowing that the walls within this unknown darkness are breaking. You will see the vision of what is coming like the dam that bursts at the foundation for all the darkness to pour out into the light for change. The time is irrelevant, but the events are certain. The earth is shining the light into the dark corners and breaking the walls for the sunlight of the spirit to make the changes needed for the new world.

Do you want to know the events to come? Do you want to see the visions of the chaos that must occur, so the spirit can go through the debris like the aftermath of a hurricane to shine the light of knowledge for everyone’s spiritual growth whether they are ready or not? Time is irrelevant in this process as the spirit does not know your time. The walls of darkness are breaking, and the time is NOW.

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