Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Knowing in Human Form

You are in the process of remembering who you are and why you are here. The knowing is being activated and the clarity is coming like the mist in the morning sun. Each day upon awakening, a little more understanding is sprinkled throughout your daily tasks. It has always laid within you and is now waking-up like a hungry bear. The heaviness is leaving as those who have controlled you can no longer consume your thoughts. As the peace enters, so shall the knowing of your purpose in human form.

We planned this experience together for the creation of All. The messages will be within your daily tasks as you prepare this world for what is coming. The chaos is like the preparation for a celebration. As you open the body up for the light of knowledge, you are experiencing many sensations that may cause fear. Do not fear the openings for consciousness of who you have always been. The veil that has been laid over you is now lifting.

The initial feelings will be like looking at the sun that moves quickly from behind the clouds. The brightness will make you feel as though you are going blind until you adjust to the new level of understanding. You will adjust quickly now as the body realigns with the Prime Creator’s purpose for your creation in human form.

Do not listen to all the chatter that surrounds you. Stay within your inner knowing and the sounds will come to guide you for the tasks that are activating the body. All prepare for the shift that has been anticipated since your beginning. Everyone is experiencing the sensations that are many. No one is vocalizing what is happening because there are no words for this experience. The body is changing as the spirit enters the human form. Many are attempting to explain what this process consists of but very few understand what is really happening.

Stay still and observe this glorious occasion. Many life-times have brought you to this moment. When you feel the growing pains, visualize the light from your creator shining the healing energies into the areas that are expanding through the pain. Try to not put labels on the sensations and keep open to the changes with gratitude. The body will need lots of breathing and lots of water as the transformation occurs. Those in the darkness will be seen as such. The light bringers will shine so bright that those in the dark will not be able to see them or will not be capable of looking at them without experiencing anger, fear, anxiety or shame.  The body is forming into the shape of the spirit that fills the thoughts. All worlds are being consciously experienced in the body. Sights and wonders are within every breath that is inhaled and every thought that is exhaled. Embrace this awareness that has never occurred before. It is time for the knowing in human form.

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