Wednesday, January 17, 2018

You Are Not Replaceable

Just as your Creator took the word to create, we take our words to create. The more we bring our consciousness out into the space in front of us, the more we can create. We all go back to ONE and as we move forward out into the darkness of our thoughts, we play out the words spoken. The words spoken that go all the way back to our creation bring forth the beginning words, “Let there be light”. As we take that light out into the darkness of our thoughts and create, we form into the matter of those thoughts that become words. We will one day speak the words that bring all we believe out into the view in front of us. Just as the masters foretold of their coming and all the written documents revealed, we will form the words into our reality. The masses believe in the prophesies written in Revelation and this energy source becomes stronger as it forms the planet into that which was spoken.

The clay you are made from also makes the earth, you are in this crystal ball to form further into the darkness. As you obtain more knowledge, more of the Source of All Knowledge flows through you. As you become more connected to this Source, the faster the matter will change in front of you. The phrase, “seek and ye shall find” will echo in your thoughts and you will reach for more understanding of how this works in your everyday life. As you balance the need to find more of this source of power, the realization will come that as you sit inside your thoughts, you are creating with each breath you take. The mission then becomes the daily task of bringing the spirit out into the space in front of you.

The world is now your playground with rules that will hold consequences when not followed. If you continue thinking the same thoughts over and over, you will inevitably get the same results. If you change the thoughts, the space in front of you changes as well. As you learn the rules, you will try to live within those confinements as you learn what your Creator expects from you. As you awaken, you will look out into the edges of the light that the Source of All Knowledge shines and you will see the darkness of uncertainty. It will be a challenge to form this darkness into the confinements that the rules of the universal laws hold. With each new generation this planet seeks to form the ONE consciousness for peace and harmony.

This planet is at a crossroads in attempts to evolve spiritually. You should remember that the darkness is conscious and strives to destroy any of the light you hold. If you take this darkness and shine the light of love into this source, only truth will be seen. If the darkness reflects fear when love shines, you must acknowledge such emotions to see what your fears mean to you. As you learn the universal laws that you will receive what you give to others and you have a purpose in all this chaos, you will seek for a way to balance the fear with the attempt to find love. On your search to enlightenment, you take what beliefs you can hold as you own and leave the fear at your feet. Some days you may feel as though you are walking in quicksand but as you pray for light, love and healing, you will remind yourself that you are right where you are supposed to be as you hold on the faith of what God promises.

All religions hold the belief in a source that created humans. All religions acknowledge that there is Something Greater unless they are atheists or agnostic. During the dying process even those who don’t believe in Something Greater question if they could be wrong. There are who do not believe in reincarnation. Each religion believes that their way is the way to find the Source of All Creation. As we grow in our conscious state of existence, we will find that regardless of our beliefs, we can agree of the possibilities with the faith in Something Greater. Each should find their own truth of what Something Greater means to them. The light of the way to enlightenment comes through love only.

Fear only traps you and will confide you until you suffocate with the inability to learn why you are here. Even if you think this is your one chance to “get it right”, if you live in the fear of what is right, you are limiting your knowledge by allowing what you believe to sit inside and turn into the darkness of your thoughts. How can you know if what you believe is right unless you explore these beliefs to find that is right for you?

Through the guidance for the masters, you will find the rules that God had place on humans as you seek for enlightenment. You can be guided by the inner voice to know what is right for you. The times you hold doubts, look towards the teachings that the masters gave during their time on this planet. As the masses separate into the darkness and the light, know you are the vessel for this time. What you think will be your strength or your destruction forever more. Even on the days you feel like a hamster running on a wheel to nowhere, if you remind yourself that you are right where you are supposed to be, you will receive the knowledge that this moment is a gift. You can look inside the space that surrounds you and you can know that your mind, body and spirit is not replaceable and your presence is needed during this moment.







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