Monday, January 1, 2018


Chapter 26

As your awareness grows, you will have periods where it will feel as though you are going nowhere. You may not even feel anything and the feeling of emptiness will occur. Your thoughts will tell you that there is Something Greater yet you will not feel anything inside. The mixture you hold on these days will bring questions of why you cannot feel a connection to the Source of All Creation. The thoughts that you are not worthy will seep into the mix. Prayer is needed every day and when you do not feel worthy are the times you must vocalize what you are thinking. Prayer will be your connection and your words will mix into the air as you speak. Your faith in this process will bring forth your true intentions. You will need to take the prayers that you speak and internalize the words to light the fire in your soul. Visualizing this process will help you when you feel empty inside.
If you say the prayer over and over with continuous praying, the words will seep into your heart that will light the fire in your soul. The fire in your soul will ignite all the components that will bring forth the connection to Something Greater.
The words you speak in the prayer are vital to this process. You will need to understand and believe what you are saying in the prayer as you visualize the words going straight to your heart.              
If you consciously understand the words, they will impact the soul so the process for a connection to Something Greater can began. The gift all humans have is the conscious awareness of what they speak. If you cannot speak or you cannot hear, your thoughts hold the meaning behind your unspoken words that will go straight to your heart. Your intentions will bring forth the energy as the thoughts, words or unspoken words of your prayer go straight to your heart. The heart is the messenger to the entire body. What you hold in your blood brings forth the feelings. The feelings ignite the soul. If your heart is full of sadness, your body will eventually become slow with very little energy. If you feel angry, the heart will begin to beat faster with great force. If you feel love, your heart will beat steady or almost feel as though it will flutter. Your feelings will go straight to your thoughts. The feelings will blend with the soul that ignites all 10 components and will bring forth the energy from the Source of All Creation.

Depending upon the level of fear you hold will determine the amount of the connection you have with Something Greater. The amount of fear-based feelings will blend with the mixture of the amount of the connection to Something Greater you hold at any given time. It will be your responsibility to maintain the connection within your body and mind. The spirit will flow into you as you maintain the components within yourself. You will pull this source into the space around you to give off a glow that some of you can see and call auras.

Your colors shine in the space around you that even if it cannot be seen, it will be felt by others. They will respond to this field of energy that you project outward regardless of what you may say and do during your time with them. As you gain knowledge of this process, you will learn how to manipulate the responses others will have during their time with you. If you put forth the spirit of love, the entire space around you will react accordingly. The laws of the universe ensure that this energy is carried out as there is perfect order in this process. The Source of All Creation created the laws that are received though out history. The amount of love you project must carry out as it is the emotion for creation.  Any darkness will shine into the love and as the light shines into the darkness so all can see, so shall your loving feelings that bring forth the spirit of love that blends with your thoughts to project out to your world.

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