Sunday, January 7, 2018

Living Between Two Worlds

To come into the awareness of a world that cannot be seen is like living in two worlds and you are in between. Everything will echo as you walk through the day. You will become aware of sensations that seem to swirl just outside of what you can say. The intensity of your view will bring the light onto certain objects that will cause everything else to seem shaded. It will seem as though you are looking through a tunnel as everything becomes faded. At times the effect will bring clarity as you seem to swirl around with an awareness that cannot be articulated. You will even feel light-headed or even dizzy as you sense the change where nothing is formulated.

In crowds of people the echo will be heard, as you try to focus on all the spoken words. You will feel as though you are floating just above the room as you watch every one and no one has a clue. You know you are different as the sparkles of light shine around the edges of the people in delight. Your skin will feel a change even in the air and you will smell an aroma that is not really there. You will begin to find the peace within your mind as you sense the effect the two worlds help you find. It may start as you listen to the whispers in your head that tells you the spirit is mixing into what you just said.

You will sense a change as the temperature rises, then the chills will come as the senses bring you prizes. Did you feel a touch that stroked the top of your head? Did you see a shadow within the corner that spreads? Then the love will come as the spirit blends inside. The more you are in the moment, the two worlds collide. You will find the clues within the people, places and things. You will search for more within everything. The wind will speak inside the trees. You will find a love that brings you to your knees. You may reach a level within the feelings you have that will pull your body towards the ground and the mind towards the sky. You may even feel the urge to want to fly. This feeling will make you want to reach for the air as the spirit seems to mix inside the wind in your hair. That will be the day the memories will come that you are in this dark land to activate a change within the heart and the mind. The two worlds you seem to be inside will echo the question of “Why?”. Why do you have to be in two worlds where one does not recognize that the other is real?

Your daily life will become the clues as you walk in both worlds and question all that you do. Your life will hold new meaning as you even see, the darkness as a clue into all that you say and do. The sounds and the sights will make the two worlds seem like a playground inside your mind. As the everyday world you live is on one end of your thoughts and the spirit world is on the other, you will float in the center anticipating the day when both worlds will meet. You will try to stay centered and just look at your feet.

Then the day knowledge will pour straight into your thoughts. One world is like a dream as you know there is more. You may even find an answer behind a word that is spoken by someone who opens up a door. Your body will tire of the feelings you hold as the mind cannot comprehend what is being told. You will know that the spirit lies around the edges of your everyday life. It will feel as though it keeps you enclosed as you search for the center of the web you now see just as a spider crawls towards your feet.

Living between two worlds will make you become aware of all you see and do. The knowledge pours into your thoughts, you will begin to understand that this life is just a reflection of a bigger plan. Your thoughts will travel through this life into the spirit world. You then connect to Something Greater as your thoughts swirl. A piece of all that is will lie in the spirit world. The world your body holds has been foretold. You will travel back and forth between the two worlds. You will begin to remember what has always been told. The spirit projects inside of you and out into the whole of all. You are here to bring the world together for the creation of all.

Living between two worlds makes it difficult to stay focused in your day. The rays of the will make you want to play. The colors will sparkle and glow from above as you experience nothing but pure love. You will see behind the people that come into your day. You will hear the spirits in all that they do and say. You will want to shine the spirit out into this dark land for those who do not understand. With one foot in the spirit and one foot on the ground, you will be the change within every sound. You will then understand that you are the bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world as you live between two worlds.

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